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Our expertly guided tour takes you to the coolest home design stores in New York City. The design tour is great way to visit a city, so be sure to print out the maps and take them with you.

There are so many wonderful stores in New York, it's near impossible to list them all, so we've chosen to highlight our favorites — some brand new, some tried and true.

Click a number on the map or choose a neighborhood to find out about the locations.


78. Fishs Eddy 77. ABC Carpet & Home 76. Maison Gerard 75. O'Sullivan 74. Reymer Jourdan 73. Cap-Sud 72. John Derian 71. Zao 70. Joe's Fabrics and trimming 69. Bar Souv 68. Shelia's Decorating 67. Shi 66. Daily 2.3.5 65. Michael Anchin Glass Co. 64. Lisbeth & Co. 63. Capitol Furnishings 62. Pearl River Trading 61. Bouley Bakery 60. Duane Park Patisserie 59. Second Hand Rose 58. J. H. Design 57. Duane 56. Burden & Izett 55. Room 54. Interieur 53. Urban Archaelogy 52. Antik 51. Totem Design Group 50. Donzella 49. Folly 48. Shack Inc. 47. Lafayette Street 46. Spring Street 45. Astor Place 44. French General 43. The Apartment 42. Historical Materialism 41. Ingo Maurer 40. Pastec 39. Gray Gardens 38. Jonathan Adler 37. Waterworks 36. Broadway Panhandler 35. Kate's Paperie 34. Dean and DeLuca 33. Jaques Carcanagues Inc. 32. Aero 31. Wyeth 30. Paula Rubenstein Ltd. 29. Le Gamin Maison 28. Kartell 27.Jack Spade 26. Craft Caravan 25. Shabby Chic 24. Kelly & Pink 23. Coconut Company 22. Troy 21. Moss 20. C.I.T.E. 19. Cappelini Modern Age 18. Terra Verde 17. Ad Hoc Softwares 16. Global Table 15. Niall Smith Antiques & Decoration 14. The End of History 13. Susan Parrish 12. Le Fanion 11. Mxyplyxic 10. Auto 9. Furniture Co. 8. Breukelen 7. Gansevoort Gallery 6. Jeffrey 5. Tucker Robbins 4. The Housing Working Thrift Shop 3. Apartment 48 2. Pucci International 1. Sonrisa 80. Takashimaya 81. Bergdorf Goodman 79. The Terence Conran Shop 83. Calvin Klein 82. Chelsea Passage at Barneys 84. Tender Buttons 85. Dimson Homma 86. Mackenzie-Childs

Chelsea is a hot spot with shops and galleries opening fast and furious. After you've checked out some of our favorites, keep heading downtown for neighborhoods filled with shops devoted to home.
22 W 21st Street
(212) 627-7474

One of the first resources to introduce vintage steel office furniture from the '40s and '50s, this New York outpost of the original Sonrisa store in L.A. is still a leading source.
Pucci International
44 W 18th Street
(212) 633-0452

Make an appointment to visit this showroom featuring furniture and accessories from hip designers like Spencer Fung and Paul Mathieu.
Apartment 48
48 W 17th Street
(212) 807-1391

The first time we visited Apartment 48, we thought we had stumbled into owner Raymond Bowser's apartment rather than his shop. As you might have guessed, this charming store is arranged according to rooms of the house.
The Housing Works Thrift Shop
143 W 17th Street
(212) 366-0820

The proceeds from this terrific vintage shop go to help homeless people who are living with AIDS.
Tucker Robbins
366 W 15th Street
(212) 366-4427

When the doors of the freight elevator open on the 5th floor of this warehouse building, you are transported. Tucker Robbin's collection of Asian and African recycled hardwood furniture and antique pieces is truly wonderful. If that weren't enough, Robbins is a treat to meet.
449 W 14th Street
(212) 206-1272

Okay, it's not a home store, but this downtown department store is so jam-packed with the latest fashion it's worth a detour.
Gansevoort Gallery
72 Gansevoort Street
(212) 633-0555

If it's 20th-century furniture and objects you're looking for, stop into Mark McDonald's Gansevoort Gallery.
68 Gansevoort Street
(212) 645-2216

This hip, friendly shop is filled with carefully edited pieces of furniture and accessories. The merchandise changes frequently, and the point of view is very personal, making this a very special stop. Another shop is located at 369 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.
Furniture Co.
818 Greenwich Street
(212) 352-2010

Nine designers are represented in this shop that specializes in carefully designed furniture and accessories. The atmosphere in this shop is like the pieces — elegant and refined.
805 Washington Street
(866) 222-6722

A cool, new design store. Of special note are the toss cushions fashioned out of '60s and '70s Vera prints.
125 Greenwich Avenue
(212) 989-4300

Long a stop for cool furnishings and accessories, this is great place to buy a gift for a friend or for yourself.
Le Fanion
299 W 4th Street
(212) 643- 8760

This charming shop at the corner of Banks Street is filled with antique furniture and earthenware as well as traditional pottery from the South of France.
Susan Parrish
390 Bleecker Street
(212) 645-5020

If American folk art and crafts are what you're looking for, don't miss this shop.
The End of History
5481/2 Hudson Street
(212) 647-7598

This shop has an exceptional collection of glass from the '50s and '60s. Of special note is the large assortment of glass vases in all imaginable sizes and shapes, displayed by color against boldly colored walls.
Niall Smith Antiques and Decoration
344 Bleecker Street
(212) 941-7354

If you love order and symmetry, this shop specializing in neoclassical furniture is a great stop.
Wandering around New York neighborhoods on a crisp fall afternoon is one of life's little pleasures. Soho is no exception. Not only is the shopping good, the people look great as well. Start at Sullivan Street and wend your way through Soho until you get to Crosby.
Global Table
107/9 Sullivan Street
(212) 431-5839

Whether you're serving sushi or sandwiches, you're sure to find the perfect plate in this small but well-stocked shop.
Ad Hoc Softwares
136 Wooster Street
(212) 925-2652

This shop, a fixture in Soho since the '80s, is a great resource for everything for the home, from bed linens to bathroom accessories, kitchenware, and home office supplies.
Terra Verde
120 Wooster Street
(212) 925-4533

A pioneer in the green movement, Terra Verde stocks all manner of all-natural home goods.
Cappelini Modern Age
102 Wooster Street
(212) 966-0669

As the name suggests, Cappelini Modern Age is the spot for up-to-the-minute contemporary furniture.
100 Wooster Street
(212) 431-7272

This idiosyncratic, industrial chic shop stocks everything from first aid kits to felt ottomans.
146 Greene Street
(212) 226-2190

If there is a high priest of modern design, it must surely be Murray Moss. This store with its museum-like displays of the very best of modern design is a treat. From Alvar Aalto to Gaetano Pesce, from drinking glasses to shelving systems, each choice has been carefully considered.
138 Greene Street
(212) 941-4777

Right next door to Moss is another shop of well-edited selections of furnishings and accessories. Owner Troy Halderman has assembled a refined collection of new and vintage pieces for the home in his open, airy two-story shop.
Coconut Company
131 Greene Street
(212) 539-1940

This lovely shop has a great selection of French antiques, Asian-inspired furnishings, and Ian Makin fabrics. The merchandise changes frequently, the staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and when you're looking for "just the right piece," this is a good stop.
Kelly and Ping
127 Greene Street

One of our favorite lunch spots, this stylish cafeteria features Asian cuisine that is delicious and quick. There is a tea bar with a wide selection of black and green teas. Though Kelly and Ping looks like it's been in this spot forever, it hasn't.
Shabby Chic
93 Greene Street
(212) 274-9842

An outpost of the original in Santa Monica, Shabby Chic's founder Rachel Ashwell brings her line of upholstery, fabrics, and accessories to Soho. Though there have been many imitators of her washed linen, rumpled slipcover look there's nothing like the real thing.
Craft Caravan
63 Greene Street
(212) 431-6669

This shop is filled with a wonderful selection of fabrics, furnishings, and accessories from Africa.
Jack Spade
56 Greene Street
(212) 625-1820

Though not exactly a home store, indulge in a stop at Jack Spade to check out the slightly nostalgic but totally hip home environment of the store. The objects that give this shop its aura change frequently, but the feeling remains the same.
45 Greene Street
(212) 966-6665

Brightly colored plastic furnishings and accessories are the appeal here. Furnishings and accessories are well designed and very clever.
Le Gamin Maison
114 West Houston Street
(646) 654-6685

All the romance of a French bistro can be had at this charming shop. Everything for a French country kitchen — from white ceramic pitchers to footed bowls and antique farm tables — are for sale here. When you tire of shopping, stop for an espresso at the nearby Le Gamin cafe.
Paula Rubenstein Ltd.
65 Prince Street
(212) 966-8954

If you're in the market for bedcoverings, this shop has a wall of vintage blankets and quilts.
315 Spring Street
(212) 243-3661

Though this shop is by appointment only, it's worth planning ahead to visit its selection of 20th-century furnishings. The point of view is highly personal and very refined.
132 Spring Street
(212) 966-1500

Thomas O'Brien's ultra chic shop showcases accessories on the first floor and furnishings, both vintage and Aero designed, on the second. Of special note is the lighting collection, which is well proportioned and elegant.
Jaques Carcanagues Inc.
106 Spring Street
(212) 925-8110

Truly a global market featuring Asian objects, furnishings, and textiles.
Dean and DeLuca
560 Broadway
(212) 226-6800

This glorious food emporium is jam-packed with exotic fruits and vegetables, delectable sweets, and every conceivable pantry item you could want. The back of the store features a wide assortment of kitchenware — from linen dish towels to copper mixing bowls and well beyond.
Kate's Paperie
561 Broadway
(212) 941-9816

As the name suggests, all manner of paper can be found at Kate's Paperie. If you're in the market for stationery, this is the place.
Broadway Panhandler
477 Broome Street
(212) 966-3434

In business since 1976, this shop stocks a huge selection of cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and accessories.
475 Broome Street
(212) 274-8800

This is the stop for the most tasteful bathroom fittings, fixtures, and accessories. Even the tumblers and toothbrush holders are perfect.
Jonathan Adler
465 Broome Street
(212) 941-8950

Jonathan Adler's eponymous shop features the designer's prolific accessory collection, which includes vases, lighting, and toss cushions. The shop also features his couture line.
Gray Gardens
461 Broome Street
(212) 966-7116

You never know if you'll find a 17th-century armchair, an 18th-century chaise, or a 19th-century table in this romantic, garden-inspired shop. The fun is in the hunt.
459 Broome Street
(212) 219-3922

Though mainly a clothing shop, this store often offers a few special home accessories like the Italian placemats made from recycled paper and fabric. The shop itself is full of surprises and quite magical.
Ingo Maurer
89 Grand Street
(212) 965-8817

Now a place to see all of lighting designer Ingo Maurer's genius. Whether you're in the market for lighting or not, stop by — it's well worth it.
Historical Materialism
125 Crosby Street
(212) 431-3424

On our last visit there, we were particularly intrigued with the assortment of vintage chandeliers. There's always a treasure to uncover in this small shop.
The Apartment
101 Crosby Street
(212) 219-3661

As the name of this shop implies, The Apartment feels just like being inside someone's very cool living space (it just changes more frequently). Areas are clearly delineated by merchandise assortment — right down to the bathrobes in the lower-level bedroom. The Boffi kitchen is a standout. Enjoy having lunch at the kitchen's island.
French General
35 Crosby Street
(212) 343-74740

We fell completely head-over-heels for this shop of country antiques and found objects. Especially intriguing are the lots of merchandise that the owners Kaari Meng and her sister Molly uncover — old ribbons, vintage button boards, and milliner's flowers.
From Astor Place to Spring Street, Lafayette Street is chock full of design stores. Don't miss 1950 at 440 Lafayette or Alan Moss at 436 Lafayette. And, if you're hunting for French garden antiques, stop by Rooms and Gardens at number 290.
Head back to West Broadway and venture further south to check out the coolest shops around.
Shack Inc.
137 W Broadway
(212) 267-8004

Though not a home store, it's worth a stop at J. Morgan Puett's shop-cum-installation art exhibit to see her romantic linen and silk ready-to-wear. And be sure to check out the catalogued tools and artifacts found around New York.
42 White Street
(212) 925-2225

This shop is renowned for its collection of sophisticated antique garden furniture and accessories.
17 White Street
(212) 965-8919

Paul Donzella was an early advocate of mid-century modern. His shop features furniture, lighting, and the occasional accessory from designers like Robsjohn Gibbings, Tommi Parzinger, and Edward Wormley.
Totem Design Group
71 Franklin Street
(212) 925-5506

The owners of the hippest houses you visit must surely shop at Totem. This shop features the latest designs from the hottest designers. Whether you're looking for a clever storage solution for your bedroom or a hip mouse pad for your office, this is the place.
104 Franklin Street
(212) 343-0471

This shop specializes in mid-century Scandinavian furnishings and accessories. Take note of the beautiful collection of ceramics.
Urban Archaelogy
143 Franklin Street
(212) 431-4646

Whether you're looking for a vintage bathtub or a vintage-inspired bathroom fitting, Urban Archaelogy is the spot. After 20 years, the Tribeca store has expanded to the upper floor. Now it's possible to design the bathroom of your dreams.
151 Franklin Street
(212) 343-0800

Now that Interieur has moved from Soho to this newer, larger space, it's easier to appreciate the chic furnishings. Be sure to check out the two new lines of furniture designed by Interieur owners Laurence Kriegel and Francine Gardner.
182 Duane Street
(212) 226-1045

If you've been a devotee of Room's cool catalog, you'll be glad to know that now there's a store where you can see the merchandise in real life. You won't be disappointed.
Burden & Izett
180 Duane Street
(212) 941-8247

Large-scale antiques and paintings are the hallmark of this airy store.
176 Duane Street
(212) 965-1443

Partners Bruce Glickman and Wilson Henley have created an enticing shop that mixes antiques and new furnishings (from York Street Studio) with élan. Elegant and hip.
J.H. Design
174 Duane Street

James Hepner, the owner of J.H. Designs, mixes periods with great finesse. Recent sightings include a 1930s library table with a leather top, a murano glass chandelier, and Victorian dining chairs.
Second Hand Rose
138 Duane Street
(212) 393-9002

Besides being a great stop for 19th-century furniture, this is the place for vintage wallpaper — about 50,000 rolls are stocked.
Before you leave the neighborhood, stop into the charming Duane Park Patisserie (212-274-8447) at 179 Duane Street for a hand-decorated cookie. Or if you're looking for fancier fare, Bouley Bakery (212-964-2525) is at the other end of the block at 120 West Broadway. Either way your sweet tooth will be satisfied.

Walk east into Chinatown and make a stop at Pearl River Trading, 227 Canal at the corner of Broadway and Canal (212-431-4770). This two-story Chinese department store is packed with things that you never knew you needed but can't live without.

This three-block neighborhood bordered by Lafayette Street, The Bowery, Houston and Prince Streets, has a high concentration of small, wonderfully idiosyncratic shops.
Capitol Furnishings
259 Elizabeth Street
(212) 925-6760

Find beautiful Art Deco and Art Deco-inspired furniture, lamps, and accessories in this sophisticated, elegant little shop.
Lisbeth & Co.
259 Elizabeth Street
(212) 966-9559

Though the shop is tiny, it's loaded with style. Vintage Danish furnishings and accessories are mixed with pieces still in production.
Michael Anchin Glass Co.
250 Elizabeth Street

Most days you'll find Michael Anchin in his shop making the glass pieces that line the shelves of his small shop. His glass vessels come in a myriad of colors and shapes. Don't miss the top shelf with pieces that are part of Anchin's "permanent collection."
Daily 2.3.5
235 Elizabeth Street

Daily 2.3.5 is the ultra-cool equivalent of a 7-Eleven — everything you need for daily life — as long as you're really hip.
If you're in the market for fabrics, journey farther east to Orchard Street where there are three fabric stores worth visiting.
233 Elizabeth Street

Laurie McLendon, the owner of Shi, handpicks the accessories that are featured in her austere, serene shop. On a recent visit, even the boldly colored bejeweled cushions had a Zen-like quality befitting this shop's consistent point of view.
Sheila's Decorating
68 Orchard Street
(212) 777-3767
Bar Souv
91 Orchard Street
(212) 925-3400
Joe's Fabrics and Trimming
102 and 110 Orchard Street
(212) 674-7089
While on Orchard Street, stop at Zao at number 175 (212-505-0500) for all manner of cool accessories.
John Derian
6 E 2nd Street
(212) 677-3917

In his eponymous shop, the artist, known for his work with decoupage, not only features his tableware but also antiques and found objects. His unerring eye is evident in each of the carefully chosen objects.
50 Bond Street
(212) 260-9114

A mix of antiques, furnishings, and art with a French flair.
Before heading back uptown make two detours.
At 10th Street, around University Place, is a group of tiny stores packed with elegant antiques and high-quality antique reproductions. Our favorites include Reymer Jourdan at 29 E 10th (212-674-4470), O'Sullivan at 51 E 10th, and Maison Gerard at 53 E 10th (212-674-7611).
At 888 Broadway around 18th Street, be sure to visit ABC Carpet & Home (212-473-3000). For the inveterate shopper, the first floor is a fairyland. Be sure to turn your gaze on the myriad of sparkling chandeliers.
If you dream of dining aboard an ocean liner or in a private dining car on the Orient Express, stop at Fishs Eddy at 889 Broadway (212-420-9020).
Though Lexington and Madison Avenue are packed with interesting home stores, when we're uptown, we never miss these:
The Terence Conran Shop
407 E 59th Street
(212) 755-9079

Sir Terence has done it again. Another wonderful Conran shop that lets visitors outfit every room in the house — including the kitchen cabinets with Phillip Starck-designed food packaging.
693 Fifth Avenue
(212) 350-0100

Starting with the Christian Tortu-designed flower shop and boutique on the ground floor, and continuing all the way to the top, Takashimaya, the Japanese retailer, has combed the world for beautiful objects for the body, the soul, and the home. After you've tired of shopping, be sure to have a light lunch in the serene tearoom.
Bergdorf Goodman
754 Fifth Avenue
(212) 753 7300

What can you say about the venerable Bergdorf's 7th floor for home? From Kentshire Antiques to custom stationary to the artful table settings, there's no place quite like it.
Chelsea Passage at Barneys
660 Madison Avenue
(212) 339-7300

Modern and luxurious are the words that best define Barney's Chelsea Passage. There's more than you ever thought you needed here. And after you leave, there are still the window displays to consider. How satisfying.
Calvin Klein
654 Madison Avenue
(212) 292-9000

Take a moment to wander through John Pawson's store for Calvin Klein. This store is so pristine, you'll want to throw out anything unnecessary.
Tender Buttons
143 E 62nd Street
(212) 758-7004

A truly magical store. Who can resist a place filled with hundreds of thousands of buttons, artfully arranged?
Dimson Homma
20 E 67th Street
(212) 439-7950

The owners of this small shop, Rise Dimson and Robert Homma, both have a discerning eye for interesting, beautiful objects gathered from all over the world.
824 Madison Avenue
(212) 570-6050

For more than 15 years, Mackenzie-Childs has produced intricately detailed and highly decorated furnishings and accessories. To visit their shop is to understand this highly complex and magical sensibility.


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