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10 Creative Storage Living Room Furniture Ideas For Tiny Homes

Small spaces can feel cluttered and chaotic–that’s why it’s so important to find storage solutions that work for you. Maximising the functionality of the storage in your space will make it feel bigger and more organised–and therefore better for you and your home!  If you want to make your small space feel more open, bright, and airy, then look into storage living room furniture solutions.

In this article, we have gathered some creative and practical ideas of storage furniture for small living rooms. So let’s get started.

What Storage Should Every Small Living Room Have?

In living rooms in particular, storage can be tricky. Often full of furniture they are usually in need of a storage solution that allows them to feel spacious without sacrificing style. The key to getting your living room ideas to spot on is choosing pieces that offer as much storage potential as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that combine practicality with aesthetic appeal, from concealed storage to streamlined shelving.

Think of a coffee table with storage such as a shelf and drawers, built-in shelving solutions, or box cabinets that can be wall-mounted. Look out for storage ideas for living rooms that fit in with your lounge design to keep the room feel cohesive, too. 

According to Interior designer Natalia Miyar , Don’t shy away from making a big statement in a small space. Striking furniture will make an impact and hard-working pieces that conceal storage or double up on function will maximise your home’s efficiency. 

You just need to choose carefully. Buy a few large, impactful pieces rather than cluttering a space with lots of small items. It makes a space seem bigger and more luxurious.  Bespoke or standalone shelving is a simple way of creating storage, as well as acting as a room divider or Open living room shelving ideas can also inject a sense of spaciousness in compact rooms.

1.  Storage ottomans

Storage ottomans

Ottomans are multi-functional pieces of furniture. They can act as a footrest, provide extra seating, or take the place of a coffee table. Storage ottomans add one more function to the list, storage. You can stow blankets, board games, or seasonal home decor in their hidden storage compartment.

A small storage ottoman, like the Cube-Shaped Storage Ottoman, works well in a small space or in a room that already has a coffee table. A larger ottoman, like the Tufted Storage Ottoman With Turned legs, can take the place of a coffee table.

2. Lean on wall shelves

Wall shelves are easily the most versatile type of living room storage there is. Stack a few for a minimalist bookshelf or hang a single shelf above the sofa as an art shelf. Floating shelves are great for a modern look, while wall shelves on brackets can provide a rustic charm. No matter your taste, there is bound to be a wall shelf that fits your style and budget.

3. Add Built-Ins

Add Built-Ins

If you already have built-ins in your living room or any other room, you’re one step ahead to utilise it for storage. If not, it’s fairly easy to DIY, or hire a carpenter, to add lovely space-saving shelves that blend into the rest of your room. Built-in bookcases are the perfect spot for knick-knacks, too, but be sure to keep the items minimal so the room doesn’t look cluttered.

3. Have fun with furniture

storage living room furniture

Who said dressers were only for bedrooms? If you find that your living room storage is in need of a few extra drawers, look for a furniture piece that can fulfil your needs and add a lot of character to a space. Low and warm mid-century credenzas are great for under a TV, while a tall dresser or hutch could fit nicely in that niche next to your fireplace. If you want to keep things sleek, look for wall-mounted options with minimal hardware.

4. Use Your Nooks and Crannies

storage living room furniture

When it comes to keeping clutter at bay, every little nook and cranny can serve a purpose. Fill in those awkward gaps and unused spaces with floating shelves for a little extra storage. You can even have custom shelving made to fit nice and snug into whatever alcove you have to spare. No strange corners in your home? Utilise your window sills to display objects and stacks of books or lean art on your mantel to add a touch of easy elegance.

10 Creative Storage Living Room Furniture Ideas For Tiny Homes

5. Storage media wall

 Storage media wall

Media wall and some storage near the television. It is an absolute necessity as it keep all your media accessories and other belongings organised as well as hiding necessary wires and cables.  Floating or wall-hung media units are the perfect storage solution for a modern living room because of their streamlined design 

6. Max-out Hidden Storage with a Lift-top Coffee Table

storage living room furniture

A coffee table with a lift top can serve double duty as a place to store items and can act as a desk or workstation when lifted. Its Features include hidden storage space and a lift-up tabletop with an adjustable height. The bottom open shelf below offers adequate displaying/storage space for your handicrafts, flower pots, and magazines.

7. Go Modular to get a bespoke feel

Modular, open shelving provides a great way to fit storage into small living rooms. You can customise its size, layout, or how much open and closed storage you have. Plus they look super chic too, perfect for a modern living room look. Its flexible shelving idea enables you to add and take away sections as and when you need to.

There are only two things you need to consider. The first is making sure your shelving is deep and tall enough to store your belongings, but narrow enough that it doesn’t compromise your precious square footage. The second is making sure you use a mix of open shelving and cabinet styles to create a display unit that is flexible enough to hide the things you don’t want on show.

8. Incorporate a Ladder

storage living room furniture

Ladders work well for hanging throws, blankets, and a cosy sweatshirt, while also adding style and flair to your decor. Use a simple farm ladder, or opt for a ladder with shelves to showcase books, plants, and storage baskets that act as catch-alls for keys, watches, and notepads.

9. Add storage under Stairs

storage under Stairs storage living room furniture

Many living rooms contain stairs to access the second floor, and this space often goes overlooked when thinking about the floor plan. Under-stair storage can consist of built-in shelving, hidden storage drawers, and even roll-out closets for coats and shoes. You can utilise this space for a small home office, a book reading nook or a dining area if the stairs are near your kitchen.

10, Add a Window Seat

Window Seat storage living room furniture

While windows bring natural light into your living room, they can also act as a cosy reading nook. Opt for a window bench seat with comfy pillows and storage underneath. Tuck away books, laptops, cords, and chargers. You can even store toys and your kid’s favourite stuffed animals inside.

So, whether you prefer a maximalist or a minimalist design approach for your living room, with these inspiring ideas you will definitely find the perfect storage living room furniture strategy for your space.


1. How can you make your  living room clutter-free ?

Maximise living room storage with a tiered coffee table, and use the bottom shelf for books, board games, photo albums, or other small items. Stash away coasters, remotes, and other items in coffee tables with drawers, so you don’t clutter the surface

2. I have no room in my living room for storage, where can I hide the clutter?

 This is where multifunctional furniture comes into its own. A corner sofa can suit smaller rooms as it uses every inch of space, no empty corners – and some of these have hidden storage in the chaise end. You could also buy an ottoman footstool that could serve as extra seating, storage and even a coffee table when needed (using a tray of course). Equally, if you can squeeze one in, consider a trunk coffee table or a coffee table with drawers – a great place to hide all those bits and pieces.

3. What’s best, storage furniture or fitted storage?

 Both are good, it depends on what makes most sense for your home. There’s a lot to be said for built-in furniture, but the advantage of storage living room furniture is that it can move home with you, or can be moved to another room if you decide to change things around (children grow up and families often change the uses of rooms over time). The advantage of semi-fitted wardrobes is that they have the appearance and space-saving properties of fitted wardrobes, but can be sold, or taken with you if you move


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