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21 Modern Apartment Small Living Room Ideas

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If you have a small space, there are tons of ways to make it look roomier, and that is by implementing the right small living room ideas that still look modern and chic. Here are 21 ways to make your apartment appear bigger and classier! Start with apartment small living room ideas.

1. Keeping it more minimal

apartment small living room ideas

When it comes to a small living area, keeping it minimal will avoid overcrowding the already small space. If you decide to have furniture, let it be minimal with simple shapes. Nothing is annoying like keeping big furniture in a small room, mostly because you won’t have an easy time when passing or bending. Living rooms are meant for relaxation while having a chat with a friend or a family member, therefore try to keep a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t make the space look busy, at all costs. If you choose to add décor, don’t overwhelm the space. No worries, there are more apartment small living room ideas.

2. Choose multipurpose furniture

apartment small living room ideas

By going for multipurpose pieces of furniture, you then don’t have to buy two pieces for two different functions which would obviously help you save more space. Especially if the dual or multi-purpose function involves storage, that will help you make the space look even bigger and cleaner as you get to have a place for hiding the knick knacks that would otherwise add clutter– and clutter would make the room look crowded and smaller than it actually is. So, one of the apartment small living room ideas is to add furniture that suits.

3. Wall-mounted shelves

apartment small living room ideas

Wall-mounted shelves are a perfect way of minimizing the use of floor space. You can design them in a cozy way that will display your magazines well to get the attention of a visitor. If you love the display, you can also use the shelves to showcase decorative objects, artwork, or books. TV remotes or car keys can also be kept inside the shelves. This is how you can use apartment small living room ideas.

With a proper arrangement of the shelves, you are assured of having a focal point in your living room.

4. Layered lighting

apartment small living room ideas

A proper lighting system in your house will make the environment feel heavenly, welcoming, and warm. Layered lighting is one of the great ways that you can create ambiance in your space. The space will feel relaxed enough for working or reading.

The best way to put layered lighting is by combining floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead lamps to give your room a balanced lighting effect. You can further control the mood of the room by installing dimmer switches.

5. Complement with some greenery

apartment small living room ideas

Did you know that plants have a way of adding life to your living area? With their colors and biological aspect, they make the room feel vibrant and fresh all day and night. 

A hanging plant or a potted plant is a perfect way of adding color and freshness to your room. They will draw the eye up or create an illusion of height. Best apartment small living room ideas come with plants.

6. Quirky setups

apartment small living room ideas

Are you afraid of how the arrangement of a living room will look like if you have a machine that should have been in another room? You should not. The idea is to make your basic equipment integrate well with the area. However, you need to be creative about how well you will blend it with the area.

For instance, a washing machine can be located in the living area, especially in the corner. It will blend well if its color matches the colors of the wall. Sometimes you can even match its color with that of your sofas.

7. Don’t be afraid to leverage the power of color

apartment small living room ideas

In living areas, color is a vital element that will determine how the space will look like. For instance, color blocking can be used to differentiate the space. If you have a bed area in the living area, you can have a green color on the walls, while you use white color for the rest of the area.

The contrast in colors will create the perception of varying spaces which makes it look bigger.

8. Paint your walls white

Paint your walls white

The color white can help reflect light, create contrast, eliminate distractions, and create a sense of continuity throughout which all help make your space appear bigger. If you want your room to appear more open and inviting, you can never go wrong with the simple, classic white.

9. Merge your dining area with the living room

Merge your dining area with the living room

If you have the two next to each other, you can think of merging the space to create a more social and seamless flow feeling. The dividing space could be useful for adding a coffee table or a shelf.

Merging the two will create more space and also create a social atmosphere that can be used to entertain guests. If you want the area to look more spacious, paint it the same color and use similar designs to create a cohesive look that will connect the two.

10. Mirrored furniture

 Mirrored furniture
Photo by Seth Rolland- Creative Commons

Mirrors have reflective properties, and the light it bounces tricks our eyes and makes the space look bigger. A large mirror would particularly create the illusion of depth, so don’t hesitate to add in mirrored furniture to expand that sense of visual space in your room.

11. Cornered booth

Cornered booth

A cornered booth is a great idea that will maximize space. By creating a seating area at the corner of your room, you free up more space at the center of the room where other furniture or a large rug can be placed.

The corner arrangement will provide a cozy vibe to the living areas which you can use while reading a book or watching a movie.

12. Make use of the built-in shelves

Make use of the built-in shelves

If your room has built-in shelve, you can use them to your advantage. You can use these shelves to store books, small keepsakes, or other decorative items.

A built-in shelf will save on floor space more than a free-standing shelf. While it might not be portable, it will eventually help you in planning your small living area.

13. L-shaped couch

L-shaped couch

L-shaped couches can provide you with ample seating where two or more people can sit, and also help you maximize on the floor space. 

You can use the corners of the room to set up the L-shaped sofa. Preferably, you can use a neutral color to create an airy feeling or use a bold color to add a statement to your living space.

14. A reading nook

reading nook

If you feel that your living area looks busy and makes you feel congested, you can create a reading nook in one of the corners to unwind. 

You can use a comfortable chair, a small bookshelf, and a rug to make this corner. You can always use this space whenever you want to relax.

Additionally, you can complement the space with a warm blanket and decorative pillows to make the area more inviting.

15. Vertical display of décor

 Vertical display of décor

When your living area seems too small to accommodate décor, you can create a vertical display to make it more spacious. 

Rather than cluttering the small space that you have with plenty of décor items, try hanging them on shelves or vertical units that will need less space. This will also help your eye to be drawn upwards and create an illusion of height, making the room larger than it actually is.

16. Choose a neutral color theme

Choose a neutral color theme

Neutral colors bear innate simplicity and then helps eliminate unnecessary distractions that make the space appear not only bigger but more inviting as well. Just like the color white, neutral colors also help reflect light. Also, it creates more depth and dimension.

17. An art of gallery

An art of gallery

You can use an art of gallery to add more personality to your small space. It will look good to hang a collection of small paintings or photographs on the wall.

You can also choose a mix of artwork or other decorative items. This will be a focal point in the room which will create a visual interest in your visitors. In some cases, it can be used as a conversational starter which will be enjoyed by the guests as they seek to know how you created the gallery.

18. Try out furniture with curved edges

Try out furniture with curved edges

 Furniture with curved edges can be used in a small living room to create a more organic flow. When your space is limited you can incorporate this idea to avoid bumping into sharp corners and edges of the furniture which could create harm to you.

Sharp-edged furniture will make your living space look cluttered and cramped, while a curved one will create an inviting appearance. For instance, a round coffee table can add visual interest and comfort to the living area.

19. Combine natural and artificial light

Combine natural and artificial light

In spaces where natural light can pave the way to your room, it could be a great addition that will complement your living space. A dark room usually looks cluttered and can make guests less comfortable. 

A mixture of natural and artificial light could make your guests welcome and comfortable while inside. You can also open up the curtains during day time and combine other forms of lighting to create a welcoming feeling.

20. Light curtains

Light curtains

To make your living room more airy and spacious, you can use easy breezy curtains which can be blown away by the wind.  This can create comfort for your guests who might even consider sitting near the window.

Dark-colored curtains will make the room feel gloomy and more closed, but light colored sheers will make the natural light have its way inside.

Choose a variety of colors and patterns to complement your décor. If this seems so hard to hack, consider going the minimalist route and simply put white or beige curtains.

21. Hanging some storage baskets on the wall

Hanging some storage baskets on the wall

If your space feels too crammed and crowded, you can free valuable floor space by having an addition of storage baskets on the wall. While the baskets might not carry heavy weights, they can be used to store small items such as remotes, keys, and small dolls.

Storage baskets come in a variety of styles and sizes and can also be used to store throw pillows, blankets, books, or magazines.

If you want to have a great addition, choose the baskets that match with your décor or add a pop color to your living space. The baskets will not only serve as a storage but also a decorative aspect which will be interesting to look at.

22. Textural pieces

 Textural pieces

It is vital to remove clutter from your living space, but textural pieces can make your living space feel warm and inviting. These include items such as rustic materials, plush fabrics, and natural fibers. 

For instance, you can choose a woven wall hanging, a fluffy rug, and a chunky throw in your living area to add a visual interest and coziness to it.

Parting shot

Hope you’ve picked up lots of tips and ideas from the list above. Enjoy decorating your space and maximize all the right strategies to make your place the kind of little haven it should be. Comment down below which tips you liked best and happy decorating!


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