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22 Country Living Room-Ideas With The Modern Twist

22 Country Living Room Ideas ~ With The Modern Twist

A living room is a versatile space in the entire house that serves many purposes. Whether we are looking for a relaxing, cosy nook to unwind, the living room is the place to go. Also, the living space is a casual spot to hang out with friends. So, only some modern Country Living Room Ideas can make you confident in front of guests.

The country living room style whiffs off the aroma of comfort and luxury. Whether your taste for home decor is minimalist or falls toward richly textured, bright spaces, this is your thing. Undoubtedly, a country-style living room can surely address your aesthetic needs. 

A country living room gives the freedom to be daring and go bold with patterns, colours and raw construction materials, creating a cosy and warm space. While at the same a mellow place with pale earthy tones, with a few staple elements such as antique furniture or the generous use of natural materials, can also depict a stylish picture of a country living room. 

Let us introduce you to 22 awe-inspiring country living room ideas to help transform your living room into a chic space. 

How Can I Make My Living Room Look Country?

make my living room look country

A country living room has a few staple elements that speak loudly of the style. Even though a country living room can go heavy on colours and patterns, a neutral white colour palette with splashes of earthy tones is the epitome of country style.

Shiplap and exposed beam ceilings, wall mouldings, chunky comfortable sofas with various loose cushions, wood floorings, and oversized earthen pots are a few prominent features of the country living rooms. Mixing layers of floral and geometric prints and featured walls with raw architectural materials are creative ways to bring a country vibe into a living room. 

Opt for barn lights and bring in heirloom furniture items to enhance the look of your country living room. 

1: Blend Rustic With Contemporary: 

Rustic With Contemporary

Create a fusion of modern and rustic for an awe-inspiring country living room. Like in this chic country living room, the straight-line sofas, metallic coffee tables and a modern crystal chandelier mingle beautifully with a pair of old cupboards, a few earthen pots, and the classic brick tiled fireplace.

2: Create A Suave Look:

Create A Suave Look

A muted colour palette for the walls and loud fabrics for the upholstery is another brilliant idea to create a charming country look in your living room. Paint your living room in pale grey and white and pick rustic brown leathers and moose green velvets to dress up the sofas.

3: Busy Patterns All-Around:

Busy Patterns All-Around

Pick a cool blue leafy patterned wallpaper and place it all around the living room, including the ceiling, creating a cosy country living room vibe. Break the monotony by contrasting upholstery, such as a plain moose-green couch and a beige animal print chair.

4: Combine Various Textures:

Combine Various Textures

Placing together various textures, such as polished wood and rustic bricks, is a prominent feature of the country living room style. Overlapping contrasting patterns and prints can also do the trick.

5: Pop Of Pastel Colours:

Pop Of Pastel Colours

Design a fresh country ambience in your living room by whisking numerous pastel colours together. Like in this gorgeous country living room, the palest hues of pastel pink on the walls, pistachio green on the couch, yellow on the chairs, and pastel blue floral print create the magic. 

6: Place The Club Chairs Near The Fireplace: 

The Club Chairs Near The Fireplace

A fireplace is one of the staple features of a country living room. A classic fireplace lined with bricks and a white painted mantelpiece, escorted by comfy club chairs, makes the most stylish country living room.

7: Create The Magic With Rustic Woods:

Magic With Rustic Woods

Design a glamorous country living room with exposed rustic wooden beams ceiling and a stylish pair of rattan chairs. Keep the windows naked if you have scenic outdoors, and place a few green plants in earthen pots to match the outdoors. 

8: Bring Outdoors Inside:

Outdoors Inside

Take inspiration from the French country living room style and pick out a bold green and white leafy print to stylishly wrap the chunky couch. Match the wall paint with the green printed upholstery and lift the window blinds to bring more green in from the outside. 

9: A Country Lounge Chair With Footstool:

Country Lounge Chair With Footstool

Bring a stylish chalk-painted country lounge chair with a matching footstool and a coordinated chalk-painted end table to create a slackening corner in your country living room. Keep the colour palette in beige and earthy tones to enhance the calming effect. 

10: A Toast For The Colours And Patterns:

The Colours And Patterns

Look at this urbane country living room in the prettiest colours. A fireplace as a focal point, layers of contrasting patterns and ceiling crown mouldings, and an heirloom chandelier, these bits whiff off the living room aroma.  

11: Make A Statement With Bricks:

Statement With Bricks

Design an accent wall with rustic untreated bricks, an integrated matching fireplace, and an exposed beams ceiling for a traditional-looking country living room. Top off the look with a comfy couch, a settee in front of the fireplace, and a pair of lounge chairs.  

12: Opt For A Classic White And Blue Combo:

Classic White And Blue Combo

Look at this super chic modern country living room. An overall white colour palette with prominent splashes of the colour blue in upholstery, doesn’t it look gorgeous? Also, classic china patterns set the tone of a modern country living room.  

13: Design The Fuss-Free Aesthetics:

Country Living Room Ideas

Go minimalist and let the classic country living room pieces do the talking. Like fireplace with a white mantelpiece, a log of wood centre table, ceiling crown moulding, and a polished wooden floor. Therefore, these speak here for a chic country living room. 

14: Go For Warm Earthy Tones:

Country Living Room Ideas Warm Earthy Tones

Nothing can beat the elegance of the warm earthy tones and the period country furniture infused together. In fact, paint your living room in the palest tint of warm red and usher in your grandmother’s antique furniture. Therefore, you will get a classic country living room ambience.

15: A Country Life Of An Artist:

A Country Life Of An Artist

Fabricate an aesthetic country living room with a modern aura. Also, mix and match two complementary colours, such as pale pastel pink and matte deep blue. Again, add the zesty flavour with hints of bright yellow and gold.

16: An L-Shaped Country Corner:

An L-Shaped Country Living Room Ideas

Visually divide your country living room into two spaces. One: by placing an L-shaped upholstered sofa with a high coffee table in one corner. Again, you can add a classic couch with a low-height centre table in the other. Mix and match various prints and patterns to create visual harmony.

17: Black, White And Wood:

Black, White And Wood Country Living Room Ideas

Here is an urbane-looking black-and-white country living room for you to relish. A black-painted brick fireplace and the large square raw wooden coffee table highlight this glamorous country living room. 

18: A Boho Country Vibe:

 A Boho Country Vibe Country Living Room Ideas

How about creating a bohemian-infused contemporary vibe in your Country Living Room Ideas? To do the magic, go for the exposed beam ceiling, under-treated wooden furniture, large earthen pots, rattan stools, modern black-and-white wall art, and matching floor and ceiling lamps. 

You could also opt in for a wooden table top or shelf with a pottery vase with daisies, wild flowers, over bohemian wooden living room in boho style and mediterranean interior design concept.

Country Living Room Ideas

19: Dream Of The Sunny Days:

Country Living Room Ideas

Think of warm sunny days in chilly winter evenings. Fabricate a bright and welcoming ambience in your country living room by imbricating various floral prints. Besides, zesty and soft pastel colours for a snug country living room is certainly a good choice.

20: Elegant Indoors, Lush Outdoors:

Elegant Indoors, Lush Outdoors

A posh-looking country living room with a glance of lush green lands outside is a dream for many. Opt for earthy tones with brown leather couches, rustic elements like stacks of dry logs for heating and farmland flavour with barn doors to create an avant-garde look in your country living room.  

21: Play With The Freshness Of Green:

Country Living Room Ideas

Stir together various shades of green to create a fresh farmland look. Opt for a pale leafy green for the walls, escorted by a deep moose green for the fireplace. Also, a muddy sage green for the velvets of upholstery is a great option.

22: Deem Stylish Cane Furniture:

Country Living Room Ideas

Weaved rattan and cane furniture pieces bring nostalgic country living room vibes. Transform your modern apartment living room into a country living room with a pale pastel colour palette. Also, you can add featured cane furniture. 

After Thoughts: 

There is an endless Country Living Room Ideas for designing with a glamorous contemporary touch. Prioritise comfort over style and yet be creative and bold. 


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