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22 Minimalist Mid-Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Say you are inclining towards a minimalist mid-century living room, then your house surely portrays a classic spirit even if it agrees with the modern terms of styling. Minimalism is on trend and a brilliant idea to style for a spacious and airy living room. And if your minimalist approach is topped off with mid-century modern aesthetics, your living room will become distinctive.  

The minimalist mid-century modern living room follows a symmetrical layout with bold straight-line furniture in a tidy and orderly fashion. Mid-century reminds of the retro vibes with the blend of comfort and prominent display of design elements. Lots of polished wood, metal, and statement furniture pieces are the emblem of a mid-century flair. Shiny leather in tan, brown, mustard-yellow or black, with almost no interference of prints, is the most cherished furnishing choice of mid-century style. 

How do you arrange a mid-century modern living room?

arrange a mid-century modern living room

Mid-century modern living rooms have a very distinct identity and clearly defined style. With the rapid growth of technology from the mid-thirties to the late sixties, lots of new furniture materials started making an appearance, such as moulded plastic and metal. The mid-century furniture aesthetics stayed true to natural wood, mixed with tiny hints of technology. 

Thus a prominent use of polished wood in solid geometric forms is the token of modern mid-century living room furniture. Whilst the arrangement for a minimalist mid-century modern living room is straightforward, with a sleek leather upholstered sofa escorted by an identical pair of wooden chairs and a geometric wooden table in the centre. Bring another straight-line, rectangular wooden sofa for the additional sitting and a contemporary side table made of moulded plastic.    

1: Classic Tapered Legs:

minimalist mid century modern living room

Sitting solutions with tapered legs is one of the prominent features of mid-century furniture. Pick out the period furniture with tapered legs and arrange it in symmetrical order for a classic yet modern mid-century living room. 

2: Create The Mid-Century In Boho Style:

Create The Mid-Century In Boho Style

Blend two discrete styles, mid-century and minimalist modern boho, for an unconventional and artistic place. Choose classic mid-century furniture items and place them in a tastefully designed boho ambience in complementing colours, following modern and minimalist aesthetics.

3: Overdone With Wood And A Few Statement Pieces:

Overdone With Wood And A Few Statement Pieces

Another eminent element of mid-century styling is the excessive use of wood combined with futuristic materials such as metal and plastic. Design a featured wall in wood and glass and place a modern lounge chair with a matching footstool and a pair of coffee tables to design a minimalist mid-century living room corner. 

4: Opt For The Contrasting Mixed Palette:

Opt For The Contrasting Mixed Palette

If you want to create an ambience with colours in your minimalist mid-century modern living room, take inspiration from this pretty room. The furniture layout is straightforward and minimalist, escorted by chunky, modern furniture in solid contrasting colours.

5: Keep The Focus On Geometric Shapes:

Keep The Focus On Geometric Shapes

Straight lines and geometric forms furthermore define modern mid-century aesthetics. This gorgeous living room is a brilliant example of the use of straight lines and geometric shapes in a whole lot of furniture, furnishings, and artworks.

6: Match The Furniture With The Ceiling:

Match The Furniture With The Ceiling

Be bold and do experimentation, such as matching your living room furniture with the ceiling taking inspiration from the country living room style. A case in point is a chic and minimalist living room depicting all the prominent features of a modern mid-century living room. 

7: Enhance The Contemporary Features:

Enhance The Contemporary Features

Enhancing the contemporary architectural feature, such as the skylight in this particular living room, is a dazzling idea to insert modern elements into a classic mid-century living room. 

8: A Pastel Narrative:

A Pastel Narrative

Invent your delicious colour palette by selecting various pastel hues and bringing them together with upholstery and wall colours. This urban-looking yet country living room stands high on the standards of modern minimalist mid-century living rooms. 

9: Cool And Contemporary:

Cool And Contemporary minimalist mid century modern living room

Get influenced by this ultra-modern, minimalist space, depicting mid-century style taste in a subtle yet majestic way. 

10: Blend In Mid-Century And Ethnic Aesthetics:

Mid-Century And Ethnic Aesthetics

The best part of the mid-century decor is that the style blends effortlessly with many other design approaches. Place an oversized Moroccan rug in your minimalist modern mid-century living room and boost the zesty vibe.

11: Transform The Tricky Corners:

Transform The Tricky Corners

It’s not always about the whole place; sometimes, the small sections can make big statements. Design a little corner in neutral hues and spotlight classic mid-century furniture to set the tone of the entire living room.

12: Create The Classic Masculine Ambience:

Create The Classic Masculine Ambience

The mid-century style, by and large, whiffs of solid masculine vibes. Why not enhance the aura and design a masculine-looking minimalist mid-century living room for the blokes of the house to hang around?

13: Make It Double:

minimalist mid century modern living room

Say you have a spacious open-plan living room, design it in two sitting areas with different treatments but the same style. Opt for a comfy couch with a fair of mid-century lounge chairs for one zone and sleek statement leather upholstered chairs for the other.

14: Go For The Glamour:

Go For The Glamour minimalist mid century modern living room

A minimalist modern living room with a posh luxurious edge is a brilliant idea. Design a chic room similar to a french country living room but with mid-century aesthetics. Fabricate a sober yet gleaming colour palette with polished metallic furniture. 

15: Open The Windows:

Open The Windows

Frame those enormous windows of your living room and dress them up with sheer curtains to bring in lots of sunlight. Design a traditional yet relaxing furniture setup with classic mid-century pieces following a clear earthy colour palette.

16: Around The Fireplace:

Around The Fireplace minimalist mid century modern living room

Nothing can beat the cosiness of the living room fireplace. Plan a clutter-free minimalist furniture layout around the fireplace with a modern L-shaped couch and a pair of classic mid-century lounge chairs in brown leather. 

17: Fashion A Pretty Girlish Parlour:

minimalist mid century modern living room

If men can have their masculine dens, why can’t women? Design a pretty minimalist modern living room space with a lovely colour scheme of midnight blue and pale pastel pink. Bring in statement mid-century furniture and accessories. 

18: Go For The Gleaming Sixties Vibes:

Go For The Gleaming Sixties Vibes minimalist mid century modern living room

Fabricate a sixties story with quirky, antique accessories, straight-line leather and suede sofas. Also, Keep the colour palette warm to enhance the wooden elements. Moreover, bring in a few indoor plants to top off the look. 

19: Make A Display Of Varying Materials:

minimalist mid century modern living room

The modern mid-century style is all about particular materials, such as wood, metal, and leather, along with others and straight lines and geometric shapes. Place all these elements together, like in the picture above, to design a stunning living room with a personalised touch.  

20: A Tasfull Infusion Of Period And Contemporary: 

minimalist mid century modern living room

Here is another brilliant living room space designed in period mid-century and voguish contemporary style. The beautiful dominant colour palette of taupe, tan and white with hints of sky blue creates magic. 

21: Enhance With Black-And-White:

Enhance With Black-And-White minimalist mid century modern living room

Since wooden accents and tan leather are the key elements of mid-century styling, enhance the modern side of your living room with statement black and white colours. Like in this minimalist living room, the oversized black-and-white check-patterned area rug is the featured modern accessory.

22: Bring Outdoor Inside:

minimalist mid century modern living room

Say you have a high ceiling and tall windows in your living room. So, incorporate your interior with the outside view for an elegant contemporary vibe. Besides, keep the layout minimalist with a few classic mid-century furniture pieces. And if you have a greener outside, place a chunky green area rug to match the view. 

After Thoughts:

Talking about minimalist mid-century living room aesthetics is not about some bygone era. The style is still very much a part of the latest decor trends. A minimalist mid-century modern living room is the epitome of class and luxury. Also, you can say depicts the tasteful aesthetics of its inhabitants.


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