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Abstract Coastal Designs

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Abstract Coastal Design for your Living Space

Nothing feels more rejuvenating than the cool soothing waves on a sunny day. Abstract Coastal Designs are the perfect choices for that kind of feeling.

If you are also a wild ocean lover like me, abstract coastal designs can be an excellent addition to your decor. Decorating a coastal-inspired living room allows you to relive the beauty and serenity of the ocean every moment just from the comfort and cosiness of your home. 

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Abstract Coastal Design for your Living Space

1. Understand the vibes of your space

Before choosing any art piece or design for your home, think about the style of your existing decor. If your house is designed in a coastal or California-inspired style, then coastal-themed pieces in shades of blue, white, and neutrals with beachy effects would look lovely. However, playful geometry goes well for electric or mid-century-styled homes.

You can add a series of botanical prints if your house has a more traditional decor. 

To create an awe-struck abstract coastal design, pick soft, neutral tones to elicit a sense of calmness in your house. If you have neutral walls and furniture, bright, colorful abstract art can add a pop of color and energy to your space. But a more subdued and minimalist piece will look appealing if your coastal living room already has bright colors and patterns. 

For your modern coastal bedroom styles, pick abstract art with soothing tones to create a sense of calmness, whereas a black-and-white photo or an interesting landscape goes well for We believe an abstract in soothing tones will help create a sense of calm in a bedroom, and an interesting landscape or series of black and white photos will suit a living or natural coastal dining room where connection and conversation are the focus. At the same time, bright and colorful artwork will work well in a busy kitchen or family room.

Understand the vibes of your space

2. Color Palette and Mood

One of the key elements of coastal interior design is colors: they can make or break the entire deal. Therefore, you must ensure that your artwork’s colors complement its surrounding tones. Consider the colors of your walls, floors, furnishing, and everything around. If your room has neutral tones, go for brighter artwork; if your room has bold colors, then go for artwork with subdued colors. 

If your room already has overwhelming features of soothing blues and greens, it’s time to add artwork of rich terracotta or some accents of black.

Choosing pieces with at least one or two accent colors creates a seamless design flow. In contrast, a subtle touch of some shades and tones enhances the depth of your decorative design.

Color Palette and Mood

3. Consider the scale

The size of your artwork helps you create a more balanced coastal style around the house. If you have a plain wall with no furniture, you need something that will take up to 50-70% of the wall space. Whereas if an artwork is to be placed above a sofa or a console in the coastal entryway, then make sure the art piece is not bigger than the length of that furniture. 

If you plan to hang a piece above a bed, make sure to keep their sizes similar. Moreover, also consider the shape of your wall. On a long slender wall, go for a portrait-style piece, and on a wide wall, use a landscaped or a trio of frames arranged horizontally. 

Ensure the piece you choose is proportional to where you will hang it. Because a small artwork frame on a large wall will look petty, and a large frame on a small wall will look highly overwhelming.

Consider the scale

4. Frame the artwork correctly

No matter how exquisite your design is, if you are not framing it rightly, your place won’t reflect that charm and sophistication. Take a cue from art galleries; they always opt for a simple minimal frame. 

Designers suggest using frame colors that match the color of the furniture. Therefore timber photo frames in white, black, or neutral oaks work well with all types of interiors and don’t detract attention from the artwork. To ensure your frames have the right color, match them with the floor’s color – go for lighter shades of timber for frames if you have pale timber flooring in the coastal-inspired beach house.

Frame the artwork correctly

5. Create a well-defined focal point

You must pick an art piece that pulls the entire look together without overpowering the other aspects of the room’s design elements. Incorporate a large scale with colorful abstract art that is eye-catching and makes the look richer and elegant. When you look for abstract art, you can go for geometric shapes, lines, and fluidic curves that go perfectly well with your nautical coastal decorative space. Pick a contemporary piece in a traditional-styled room that can automatically make your room look chic and sophisticated.

Create a well-defined focal point

6. Try a Gallery Abstract Design

Abstract artworks look exotic in all types of genres, whether you go for coastal landscapes, portraits, or figurative art. So, it’s safe to incorporate any coastal abstract design into your gallery wall. Stick with cool tones or black-and-white shades for a cohesive outlook. Keep a balance between a mix of sizes and mediums for interests. 

Abstract art gallery walls look perfect for large walls, making a little powder room feel special and appreciated.

Try a Gallery Abstract Design

7. Pair with complementary mediums

Another great idea to make your coastal abstract art look impressive is to surround it with other artworks complimenting mediums and designs. You can pick coastal photography of beaches, waves, and trees or minimal sketches and classic portraits that go well together. It adds an awe-inspiring effect to the room.

Pair with complementary mediums

Why Abstract Art?

Abstract art offers endless modes to enhance the room decor without making it too overwhelming or irritating. Whether you have a modern, rustic, or traditional style, abstract coastal art can magnificently create the presence of ocean waves and tides.

  • Reflects the ocean’s movement: The sense of movement and fluidity depicted through abstract art cannot be achieved through other means. 
  • Calm and soothing effect: A coastal style of abstract art creates a sense of calmness and serenity in the ocean, which is the key element of a coastal theme. 
  • Enhances the color palette: Coastal art usually comprises shades of blues and whites, but abstract art lets you add depth and texture with bright and bold colors complimenting the neutral tones of coastal themes making the space more vibrant. 
  • Statement piece: A large abstract painting creates a statement and leaves a lasting effect.
Abstract Coastal Designs

Final Words: A whole new world of wonders

Incorporating abstract art in your coastal-themed lake house can create wonders. It can transform your home and add balanced shades and colors to your space. Combining abstract art with coastal elements alongside the coastal tips and trends, you can create mesmerizing and rejuvenating Mediterranean or tropical coastal spaces whether you live near or far from the ocean. 

From colorful prints to subtle seashell accents, there are endless options you can explore. So, why not take a bold step and transform your living space into a coastal haven with Abstract Coastal Designs?


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