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Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Increase Resale Value In 2023

If you’re looking for ways to increase the resale value of your home, you would consider kitchen remodeling. These spaces are designed for functionality, but you must consider aesthetics. 

However, not all remodeling projects are created equally. If you wish to create a home that suits your unique personality, feel free to experiment. But it would be best to think twice when the goal is to make the property competitive in the real estate market. Some remodeling projects make your home more appealing to potential buyers. This post shares the top remodeling ideas for increased resale value in 2023. We share large and inexpensive remodeling ideas so you can choose the right fit for your budget. Make sure to go through them all and find the thing that works for you!

Kitchen remodeling: things you need to know

Updating an outdated kitchen is the fastest way to increase resale value. When choosing the materials and finishes, don’t be led by your wishes and preferences. Instead, opt for the ones that work for increased resale value. If you wish to save money, do some cosmetic upgrades to your current kitchen layout. Keep the same layout and leave the shower and toilet where they are. Remember that you need to pay more if altering the layout and moving the plumbing fixtures to another spot. 

Firstly, you need to explore your market and determine desirable features. There is no point in spending money on kitchen remodeling if it doesn’t sell our home. Even though the requirements vary from market to market, you need to consider a few kitchen and bath upgrades for your project. Talk to a real estate agent specializing in your area to learn more about the buyer’s preferences. 

Depending on your design choices, a kitchen remodeling project can be costly. Therefore you need to determine your budget. When buying new cabinets is too expensive, paint your old ones for an updated look. Adding a new sink costs up to $400 but makes a massive difference in functionality. Be sure to define the budget you can dedicate to your remodeling project and choose the best option. 

Even if you might consider splurging on bold features, think twice. When remodeling a home to increase resale value, avoid the extremes. Stay out of the luxury budget range unless you live in an upscale neighborhood where this is the norm. The average buyer would appreciate medium prices and decent quality, so avoid cheap materials. Affordable fixes can make a massive difference in resale value if done correctly. 

Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling ideas 2023

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so no wonder potential buyers pay the most attention to it during viewings. A nicely planned and bright kitchen instantly brings a homey feel and is crucial in decision-making. 

Updating your kitchen’s functionality together with looks is your top priority. Simple updates such as replacing the sink or damaged hardware bring a modern look to the space. In addition, adding more storage options is highly appreciated by potential buyers. 

Kitchen island

If you’re thinking about making the kitchen more appealing for potential buyers, a custom kitchen island is always the answer. Thanks to its functionality, this feature has become a must-have in any kitchen style. The kitchen island provides ample work surface and storage options to simplify cooking. In addition, it is an excellent spot for enjoying coffee or breakfast. Hosting guests is more accessible as you have an extra place to set up a buffet table. But also it connects the family. A kitchen island overlooking the living room allows you to enjoy a conversation with the family while cooking. With so many possibilities, potential homeowners can envision how their everyday life will look like. 

A kitchen island can seamlessly transition between the kitchen and living room in open-plan spaces. No matter how big or small this feature is, it is always welcome to zone out the different areas. It is like a visual boundary that divides the space into two functional areas. 

Kitchen island Kitchen remodeling

Painting cabinets

Not everyone has the funds to undergo a significant renovation project. Replacing the kitchen cabinets is quite costly. The price depends on the size, materials, and labor. A custom-made and prefabricated kitchen won’t cost the same, as contractors would charge more for a tailor-made solution. 

Therefore painting the cabinets is an excellent kitchen remodeling that suits your budget. A fresh coat of paint gives your old kitchen a brand-new look without costing much. In addition, replacing worn-out hardware is another option to consider. Make sure to update the knobs and handles to get a brand-new look. Before painting, make sure to fill any cracks. Also, replace any broken or squeaking hinges.

When choosing the right paint color, stay away from anything too much. Make sure to avoid bold colors and go for neutrals that would appeal to any taste. You would want potential buyers to envision themselves as owners, which is difficult if the space already has personality. Their taste might differ from yours, so be sure to play it safely using neutral colors. White is a safe choice that appeals to everyone and never goes out of style. Generally, it is better to use light colors such as beige or light gray. If you still want a dark color, navy or black would be fine.

Painting cabinets

While you might think ditching the upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving is a good idea, think twice. Open kitchen shelving used to be a massive trend in design thanks to the relaxed feel. While you can show off your best dinnerware, this feature is impractical. The open shelving needs to be curated aesthetically; otherwise, it will look cluttered. Potential homeowners might not like that their open shelving will gather dust, so it is better to overlook this option. 

Light countertops

The countertop covers a large surface, so updating it will instantly elevate your kitchen design. While dark granite used to be a trend, it is better to update it with light colors. Also, focus on materials that are easy to maintain in a busy area such as the kitchen. 

Even though marble is a popular choice, avoid it if you want to increase the resale value. This natural stone is costly and doesn’t yield a high investment return. Manufacturing practices have evolved through the years, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on natural materials.

Kitchen remodeling

New appliances

Potential buyers find the kitchen to be a considerable decision-maker. Therefore the remodeling should focus on improving the functionality and looks. Updating your kitchen with modern appliances is one of the kitchen remodeling ideas for increased resale value. Despite achieving an updated look, the new appliances make cooking much more effortless. Modern devices come with convenient features but also cut down on electricity bills. If you want to save money, keep up to date with the discounts to get the best deal.

New light fixtures

Outdated light fixtures can be a huge deal breaker. Switch the old fixtures with modern ones for an instant update. Don’t forget that a well-lit space looks more attractive. Therefore add various lighting options to make the kitchen look more expensive. A LED strip below the cabinets provides a soft glow highlighting the backsplash and countertop, making cooking easier. 

New light fixtures Kitchen remodeling

Final thoughts and before you go…

Not all kitchen remodeling ideas are created the same. If you intend to increase the resale value, I shared the best ones with you. When you go through all the options, it is time to assess which suits your budget. If you have a really outdated kitchen that is an eyesore in the space, it would be the best to go for a complete remodeling. In other cases, minor fixes and updates would work just fine. 

Even inexpensive options such as repairing the cabinets, changing the hardware, and minor fixes will work great. Also, don’t consider the remodeling a cost; consider it an investment. As I explained, you can recoup the money through increased resale value. A nicely designed home has an advantage on the market. It is all about determining the real estate buyer’s preferences and undergoing a renovation to match them. Despite selling your house promptly, you will even earn money from it. 

I hope you find my tips and tricks helpful for your remodeling project. Check out our home improvement section for more ideas and inspiration!


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