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boho coastal living room trends

Transform Your Living Space With Trending Boho Coastal Style

On hot summer days, people wish to have a living room that serves as a relaxing and cozy area where you can spend hours reading a book or just enjoy the calmness and serenity around the living room. Best thing would be following boho coastal living room trends.

Boho coastal style is gaining more and more popularity. It is a combo of a coastal look and a bohemian style. People simply get inspiration and love what this aesthetic look delivers. It is because of its earthy, neutral, white, and gray tones, combined with beautiful, charming Moroccan rugs that fit perfectly fine with the rattan furniture, completed with beautiful accessories. 

If you’re considering updating your living room, opting for the boho coastal style is a great choice. 

Transform Your Living Space With Trending Boho Coastal Style

Let’s dig into the below content and find unique and astonishing boho coastal-style ideas for living rooms that are in trend. 

Seating plan for living rooms 

To relax from the day’s hustle, try to maximize the seating space by asking your friends and family to come over. Having large seating is an intellectual idea of space utilization. Just like boho coastal living room trends.

Boho coastal living room tips can create an inviting, relaxing mode with beachy vibes. Neutral rattan furniture is the key. You can create comfy perch by placing a cozy built-in sofa with many pillows and throws. Placing spacious throws adds beauty and looks nice when placed on the sofas. It is recommended to have a sofa with soft curves and edges instead of hard and sharp corners and edges. 

Seating plan for living rooms 

You can also add a hanging swing, hammock chair, or floor cushions made up of rattan or bamboo material. This will improve the casual vibe that allows you to have a peaceful ambience. It also drive your mind from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Imagine sitting on a comfy hammock chair with a book in your hand with lots of pillows and some lighting; how much relaxation will you feel? 

For a mediterranean look you can place a Moroccan tile fireplace or wood Mantle to add warmth. These Moroccan rugs are forever favorites and quite in trend. You can pair your center table furniture with woven rattan Moroccan rugs to add final touches. Another option is to have a black-and-white striped patterned rug when incorporated with multicolored fabrics. 

As you know, boho coastal style is all about vintage or beachy looks; having white-washed furniture is key. The washed furniture is furniture with white or light-colored paint with nautical accent will offer a soothing and relaxing surrounding. It is also ideal for displaying white electric showpieces on top, which add beauty and attraction to your living room. 

attraction to your living room

Look into ethnic details 

Once you have decided upon the seating, you can focus on the ethnic details to give the place casual and appealing vibes. The living room should be airy. You can place a sparkly chandelier which further exposes the beam flowing from the ceiling. Planters have become old school. These days woven baskets filled with pottery or shells are more popular. But if you’re fond of flowers, you can still have a planter with fresh flowers that spread the refreshing smell all around.

Look into ethnic details 

To spend quality time, you can place books on your coffee table. Hanging textiles or baskets on the wall is also an incredible way.

As a boho coastal style idea, you can have a stunning living room by adding wooden flooring, furniture, and accessories, such as a wooden art piece with fascinating details on the walls. 

You can add macrame to your drapes, pillows, and cushion, giving your gorgeous living room a more boho coastal feel.

boho coastal feel.

Color palette 

The boho coastal style emphasizes a muted, earthy color palette to create a welcoming and approachable living room. 

It is characterized by light and airy colors, with more inclined toward lots of whites and grays. As said, the base is white, and you can incorporate other colors along the way. It is incorporated with blue, beige, green, and white hues. If you love a bright room, you can also go for turquoise and coral to give the living room a bright touch combined with natural light. 

Mix different textures and patterns with fantabulous color accents to achieve the perfect boho coastal look. The walls should be bright white, with white-washed or neutral furniture.

boho coastal living room trends

Natural light is always popular and in trend 

A room that is filled with natural light itself is a treat. It gives a coastal vibe that is refreshing and relaxing. 

A boho coastal style emphasizes nature. You can have immense natural sunlight in your living room. Having a wall-to-wall window that maximizes the outdoor sunlight in your living room is great. You should keep minimal window treatment. Imagine having a living room on a beach with a sea view front; the charm and attraction you can feel in your coastal boho living room is next level.

Natural light is always popular and in trend 

Why Should You Use Coastal Boho Décor In Your Home?

Creating a welcoming coastal living room with coastal boho elements can help bring a sense of calm and serenity to any room.

  • Boho coastal style offers an incredible interior by inculcating natural textures and soothing or warm hues.
  • With its airy and light color palette, you can bring warm vibes to your living room.
  • It emphasizes using natural materials such as rattan jute and woven, so it helps build a connection to nature. Such warmness enhances peacefulness. 
  • Boho coastal style is easily adaptable. You can use your intelligence, your distinct artwork, furniture, and accessories to create a personalized living room as per your choice. 
  • If you love traveling, choosing a boho coastal style is great. It comprises elements that can turn your space, awakening a sense of adventure and nostalgia.
Why Should You Use Coastal Boho Décor In Your Home


Boho Coastal style is a distinct style that allows you to enjoy many benefits and becomes one of the favorite choices of many. This trend is quirky and interesting. Now transform your living room into the one that you have always dreamt of using inspiration, creativity, and some effort. Boho coastal style allows you to relax. You can certainly try these boho coastal living room trends. So make up your mind and grab the most amazing, approachable ideas to make living rooms inviting and captivating.


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