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How long does chalk paint last for

2023 Interior Design Trend: Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas

According to just-out trend alerts for 2023 interior design trends, chalk paint bedroom furniture ideas positions at a high podium. Also, bold colour palette, accompanying the soft pastel hues, natural stone surfaces, and sway of the 60s and 70s designs, especially in furniture design, rule the trend-setting stratagem for 2023 interior design.

The matte chalky finish and rustic ornamental characteristics, make chalk-paint furniture an ideal way out for shabby chic and vintage charms in a bedroom. After being admired for the farmhouse and rustic country style, chalk paint furniture has come back with a twisted modern grandeur. Besides, matte chalky appearance in bold colours is the key trend to go after for bedroom furniture in 2023. 

How long does chalk paint last for?

Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas

A chalk-painted piece of furniture will stand by you through thick and thin and for a long time. In fact, Chalk paint has nothing to do with the chalkboard surface, which is used to write on with chalk, rather a chalk paint is a particularised type of mineral-based paint which is highly absorbent and can be applied on any surface such as wood, glass, metal, concrete and even fabric. 

On the other hand, the most enjoyable part associated with chalk paint is that it doesn’t require any priming or the pre-preparation of the surface. So, to add extra protection and to make your chalk paint furniture last longer, apply the top coat to seal the surface. If the top coat is wax-based then the furniture item might need to be rewaxed after every few years.

~ Savour upon our 20+ voguish ideas to integrate chalk paint furniture into your bedroom.

1: Follow the extended Headboard Trend:

Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Extended headboards are the most cherished trend amongst interior designers these days. In Fact, Chalk paint your low-height shiplap wall and turn it into an extended headboard while skipping the actual headboard. 

Paint the headboard in bright colours and a floral pattern to make it look distinguished. Besides, Paint the top border in a contracting chalk paint and add a few accessories to top off the look. 

2: Fashion A Posh Look:

Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas

For an elegant and posh-looking bedroom, pick out an off-white chalk-painted bed in wood and woven cane. Place a coordinated nightstand and a footstool. 

Enhance the ambience and the appearance of the bed by painting the back wall in grey chalk paint and lush off-white bedding. 

3: Day-Dream The Posh Dreams:

Day-Dream The Posh Dreams

Adding a comfy chalk-painted daybed, once more in wood and cane similar to the bed, into your posh bedroom is a brilliant idea. 

Opt for a similar off-white chalk paint as the bed. Complete the look of the daybed with snug cushions and a warm throw blanket. Add a fancy coffee table and a chalk-painted wall mirror to conclude the look.

4: Place A Statement Console With A Classic Mirror:

Console With A Classic Mirror

Design a stylish corner in your bedroom by placing a sleek greyish-white console escorted by a vintage mirror against a similar chalk-painted wall. 

For an elegantly finished look, go for the wooden flooring and place a pair of chunky voguish lampshades and a few books at the top of the console.

5: Opt For A Classic Look Of Royal Blue And Gold:

Classic Look Of Royal Blue And Gold

Create a chic, dramatic look with a bold royal blue and golden colour palette. 

Chalk-paint the walls deep blue while the furniture in royal blue with accents of dusted gold. Match a few wall accessories with the furniture items for an added oomph factor. 

6: Featured Chalk-Painted Window Shutters:

Featured Chalk-Painted Window Shutters

Get inspired by this contemporary bedroom and infuse rustic chalk-painted elements with modern vocabulary. 

Replace the wardrobe’s front doors with old rustic chalk-painted window shutters to create an accent wall and define the mood of your bedroom.

7: A Comfy Pair Of Bedroom Chairs:

Comfy Pair Of Bedroom Chairs

Bring in a stylish pair of chalk-painted bedroom chairs escorted by a matching chalk-painted coffee table. 

Mix and match the upholstery of the chairs in blue and beige and geometric patterns. Fix rustic chalk-painted flooring to complete the look.

8: An Eccentric Chalk Painted Poster Bed:

Eccentric Chalk Painted Poster Bed

Design a stylish and glittering girls’ room with one of a kind chalk-painted poster bed and a matching chest of drawers. 

Follow a glittery gold and chalk white colour scheme with sparking featured accessories for a glitz and glamorous look. 

9: Infuse A Rustic Vibe In A Voguish Ambience:

Infuse A Rustic Vibe In A Voguish Ambience

Paint the entire room in a warm chocolate brown colour palette for a contemporary look, keeping the furniture matte and straight-lined. 

Place a vintage sideboard and chalk paint it in bright colours and floral patterns for a bit of rustic glamour. 

10: A Study Desk With A Swank:

Study Desk With A Swank

Give your study desk a rustic farmhouse look while keeping the rest of the bedroom modern. 

Revamp your study table and paint it with pale blue chalk paint. Pair it with a vintage study chair and a few quirky wall sculptures to create a unique rustic corner in your present-day bedroom.

11: Mix And Match Pastel Coloured Furniture:

Mix And Match Pastel Coloured Furniture

Create a delicious blend of numerous pastel colours on various surfaces. 

Chalk paint the rustic headboard palest pastel green and then introduce a bright pastel yellow nightstand right next to the bed for a zesty chick look.

12: Carry On With The Pastel Show:

Carry On With The Pastel Show

Usher in a vintage-looking yet glamorous chalk paint wardrobe in bright yellow to match the other pastel-coloured furniture in your bedroom. 

Add a few green plants and one or two rustic stone and wooden elements to highlight the pastel-yellow wardrobe. 

13: Black, White And Chalk Green:

Black, White And Chalk Green

Plan a black and white bedroom and put the spotlight on assertive bold-coloured furniture pieces. 

Look at this chunky avant-garde bedroom chair. The bright green chalk paint sandwiched between a black-and-white colour palette is the optimum idea for a glamorous bedroom.

14: Endeavour The Black Grace:

Endeavour The Black Grace

Nothing can beat the elegance of a chalk-painted black bed with snug and welcoming bedding. 

Plot a subdued ambience with a neutral-coloured wooden floor, a coordinated nightstool, and a muted grey wallpaper to make the matte chalk-painted bed do the talking.

15: A Fluorescent Affair Of Black:

Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Bring in an old matte black chalk-painted credenza and pop it out with fluorescent accessories. 

Plan an overall deep colour scheme for your bedroom and place a few glossy accessories in bright colours such as shocking pink to glamourise a black chalk-painted sideboard.

16: Create A Mint Green Sanctuary:

Mint Green Sanctuary

A metal bed in mint green chalk paint can never go wrong.

Make a jaw-dropping statement with a mint-green chalk-painted metal bed with a matching night lamp. Enhance the freshness of green with a similar leafy wallpaper and a green and white nightstand in chalk finish. 

17: Colour Blocking:

Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Following the latest interior design trends of 2023, use bold colours of fabrics for stylish bedroom chairs. 

Finish the chic pair of bedroom chairs with rustic golden and green chalk paint. Next, upholster them in solid contracting colours and rich fabrics for a vivid and trendy look.

18: A Fuss Free Sleek Bed:

Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Say you are not a funky and bold colours kind of person, then this sombre yet stylish chalk-painted bed is the brilliant choice for your bedroom. 

Bring in a sophisticated yet modish chalk-painted bed in straight lines with integrated carved blocks similar to the one in the picture. Top off the look of this stylish and welcoming bed with layers of comfy cushions and throw blankets. 

19: Pick Out A Matching Media Rack:

Pick Out A Matching Media Rack

Look for a contemporary chalk-painted media rack coordinated with the bed to conclude a sleek and modern vibe to your bedroom.

20: Interweave The Chalk Paint and Hand Painting:

Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas

For an aesthetic chalk-painted piece in your bedroom, mix various techniques, such as hand painting, to add artistry and enhance the look.

Look at this vintage yet super stylish chest of drawers. The chalk-painted base is topped off with an expertly done hand-painted floral pattern. 

21: Make A Combination Of Two Complementing Colours:

Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Bringing together two shades of chalk paint on a single piece of furniture is another upcoming design trend. 

Opt for a cool pale blue and a rustic, earthy brown colour palette and blend them close artistically on various surfaces. 

22: Embellish With Fashionable Accessories:

chalk paint bedroom furniture ideas

Chalk paint bedroom furniture ideas are huge. Therefore, a bedroom is not complete without a few statement accessories. 

Place a chunky chalk-painted floor mirror reflecting the image of a beautiful chalk-painted bed and the matching bedroom chair. 

After thoughts:

Take inspiration from our carefully selected latest Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture Ideas, styles and suggestions. Therefore, you can create an eye-catching ambience in your bedroom.


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