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Succulent varieties that grow bi

How Big Do Succulents Get? Know the Facts

Facts about how big do succulents get

Are you planning to grow succulents at home but are confused about the size of pot you should choose for the plant? If you need an answer to the question as to how big do succulents get, then we are here to provide you with facts about succulent growth and the factors that influence the growth of succulents. We will also provide you with tips on how to grow succulents big if you need a large succulent display and ways you can restrict the growth of succulents if you are making a green wall or an indoor display.

How Big Do Succulents Get In General?

It is not easy to estimate the size of your succulent unless you know what specific specie of succulent you are growing. Some species may stay as small as 1 inch or grow big to several feet tall and wide.

Succulent varieties that grow big

Succulent varieties that grow big

Succulents may grow from 8 inches to over 5 feet tall. Most people prefer small and miniature succulents for indoor gardens and green walls. But if you are looking for succulent varieties that grow big, then consider the following varieties:

Succulent Varieties That Stay Small

Most succulent varieties stay smaller than 6 inches; the following varieties are tiny or miniature succulents:

  • Gasteria
  • Haworthia

Factors that determine how big do succulents get

If you are pondering over the question that how big do succulents get and what factors affect their size and growth, then here we tell you about the most important factors:

1. Pot Size

If you grow succulents in a small pot, then they can be more sensitive to the conditions you provide them, e.g., if you overwater them, then it can result in root rot quickly and kill the plant. On the contrary, succulents can even grow too large for their pot and lack space for further growth, thus restricting the roots and hindering growth. You should never transfer a mature plant into a smaller container as it can stop or alter its growth drastically.

2. Watering routine and technique

Watering routine and technique

Although, indeed, succulents don’t need much water to grow healthily, the place you put them in such as a shaded patio or a sunny window, and the humidity levels determine how frequently you should water them.

The rule for watering succulents is once every week or two.  But if you are living in a hot and dry place or the indoor air gets dry or hot due to the heating and cooling systems, then you will have to water the plant more often.

Never water the plant if the soil feels wet and moist, even if you did not water it for the past couple of weeks. Some potting mix may retain moisture even after many days of not watering the plant, so check whether the soil feels dry and then water the plant.

3. Sunlight conditions

Most succulents grow well in a bright sunny window having a southern exposure, but some may suffer from low light conditions. You need to provide the plant with sunlight, but protect it from getting sunburn and excessive heat as direct sunlight exposure for a long time can kill the plants. Changing the location of plants from time to time also ensures that all parts of the plant receive equal amounts of sunlight.

Thats Not All : More Facts Are Bellow

4. Temperature needs

How big do succulents get depends on the care you provide the plant and what fluctuations there are between the night and day temperatures. The bigger the succulents grow; it is more likely that the plant will bear lower drops in nighttime temperature. The smaller varieties may not be able to survive colder nights, so consider moving the plant indoors or providing a source of light nearby.

5. Fertilizer

Most succulents adapt well to conditions when you don’t fertilize them as the roots get their required nutrients from the rainfall.

But if your succulent doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, then you have to fertilize it otherwise it can result in slow and reduced growth.

6. Soil


Succulents grow big in well-draining soil and containers if you use a good substrate to grow them. Desert succulents usually grow well in a cactus mix as it has a coarse texture that enables good water draining.

You should use a soil mix that drains well as the plant roots can rot if they stand in water for too long.

7. Repotting


You have to repot the succulents depending on how big succulents get and outgrow their container. You should shift the plants to a bigger pot if they feel cramped in their current container. Succulents usually are slow-growers and they may need repotting after a long time.

Tips to keep succulents small

If you grow succulents in large containers or outdoors, you may want to grow them big. But if you are creating a work of art with your succulents, such as a living wall, or a fairy garden, then restricting their growth is necessary. How big do succulents get depends on the variety of succulents you get and how well you restrict their growth.

You can easily restrict the growth of succulents, no matter which variety of succulents you are growing since succulents grow slowly when you grow them in less-than-ideal conditions.

  • The key to growing small succulents is neglecting them for a bit. If the plant requires watering every week for optimum growth, then water it after two or three weeks.
  • Don’t limit the amount of sunlight it receives, as this can distort the appearance of the plants and make them appear stretched.
  • To keep the succulents small, grow them in small containers. If there is no space for the plant to grow big, then it will limit its growth.
  • Try to get a miniature succulent if you need the plants to stay small. Since restricting the growth of other varieties of succulents may be a bit tricky and you may have to face some problems. For example, growing succulents in small containers may deplete the soil nutrients quickly or the plant may become root bound.
  • If your succulent eventually outgrows the pot, it is good to propagate it and start a new work of art.
Tips to keep succulents small

Tips to grow succulents big

Keeping the succulent in its ideal growing conditions is the tip to growing it bigger. You should carefully find out the best-growing conditions for every plant you have and provide those conditions to the plant.

  • Use proper watering techniques, well-draining soil and pots, adequate sunlight, and protect your plant from pests. It is good to keep your leafy friends safe and sound as any tiny insects can cause a detrimental effect on the plant’s growth.
  • Provide your plant with nutrients from time to time to ensure that it grows properly. Adding plant food, or soil additives such as worm castings may make the plant grow bigger and faster.
  • The plant may use its energy to produce blooms, so cutting off blooms is also a way to make the plant grow big. The plant will put more effort into growth rather than into reproduction.
  • The plants should have enough space to grow big. When growing outdoors in soil, leave enough space between the plants for them to grow, and choose an appropriate container when growing in a pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get bigger succulents, how good is growing them in a bigger pot?

If you grow succulents in big pots, then it retains more water and moisture. The succulent may survive in a large container, but it doesn’t necessarily promote healthy growth. The large pots have a lot of space so they don’t allow the roots of the succulent to fill up the container.

How big do succulents get if they are a mini variety?

The mini succulents grow, but their growth rate is very slow in the beginning. But when they reach a certain size, the growth speeds up and they may even outgrow their containers.

For how long do I need to wait for my succulent to grow to its full size?

Succulents are generally considered slow-growing plants. Most species of succulents grow to maturity in several months to a year and can keep growing for many years after that. For some succulents, the tie to become mature is up to three years.

get bigger succulents, how good is growing them in a bigger pot

For More Details

Do succulents grow better in sun or shade?

Succulents grow best in sunlight; most varieties need at least 4-6 hours of indirect sunlight exposure daily to live.

Do succulents grow well in deep pots?

The type of pot you should choose for your succulent depends on the variety of succulents you are growing. If the plant has hair roots, then a shallow pot will be good. But if the plant has taproots, then it will grow best in a deep pot with a wholesome and nourishing potting mix or ground.

How big do succulents get in pots?

The size of your succulent plant results from the variety of plants you have. Some varieties don’t grow much, but some are not recommended for indoor planting as they grow very big. You should get a pot for succulents that allow them to grow; generally, it should be twice the size of the plant. If you provide your succulent with the ideal growing conditions, then they may stay the same size all year.

When should I prune my succulents?

The right time to prune succulents is when they grow a lot of leaves. The leaves may start blocking light and the plant may not receive sunlight, thus retarding its growth. You can cut the succulent by a third or even half their original size to keep them short and bushy.

Wrapping Up

The growth rate and size of succulents depend upon the variety of succulents you are growing and the growing conditions you provide them. Most species reach their optimal size within two or three years and growing them outdoors and in a big pot is a way to let the plant spread out and enjoy the sunshine. Growing in a small pot may delay the time it takes for the plant to reach its full size. So, whether you need a big succulent or a tiny one, choose the variety accordingly and provide it with suitable growing conditions. If you want to know how big do succulents get, then read the details we provided and see the species of succulents you have.