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French Country Living Room Ideas

French Country Living Room Ideas ~ 22 Ways to An Everlasting Charm:

The mere term ‘French instantly brings elegant and chic imagery to mind. A French country living room is the essence of extravagance mingled with cosy rustic charms. Think of a space that shows off the taste of generations with heirloom furniture, inherited country land peeking through the large French windows and handpicked ageing accessories, yet a super comfortable place; oh yes, we are talking about French country living room ideas.  

A French country living room is always rich in character and portrays the personalities of its inhabitants. Huge bare windows, bringing the outdoors inside, enhanced architectural features, and an eminent display of wealth are a few of the prominent features of French country living rooms. 

The French country style also brings in an aura of evolved taste and a mature approach towards styling. Excessive use of posh fabrics like velvets and leathers mixed with bold floral prints, walls lined up with classic oil paintings escorted by wall scones and elaborated crystal chandeliers are all the tokens of a French country living room. 

What Colours Are Used In French Country Living Room Ideas For Decor?

French country living room decor

Colours play an integral part in french country decor but make their appearance in a subtle way. The French country living rooms chiefly relish the love of soft, muted undertones of warm neutral colours.
A classic French country colour scheme comprises creamy whites and earthy wood tones as the base colour. And the most cherished colours in the french country palette are soft blues, pale greens, lilacs, pinks and undertones of red mixed with whites and creams.

In the French country style, colours are generally introduced through upholstery, tapestries, bold artworks and complementing accessories.

~ Let us open a beautiful catalogue of modern French country living room ideas.

1: Introduce A Mirror Wall:

Mirror Wall

For a contemporary French country look, fix the wall up to the ceiling height between the classic wall and ceiling moulding borders. To crown the look, go for posh period accessories, gold-dusted furniture and a chunky crystal chandelier.

2: Make A Statement With A Grand Piano:

Statement With A Grand Piano

Take the game of your French country styling to the next level by making a bold statement with a grand piano. Keep the colour palette subsided in creamy whites, keeping the focus on the black glossy piano and the classic accessories. Doesn’t it sound like one of the best french country living room ideas?

3: Frame The Period Pillars: 

The Period Pillars

Use the architectural features to your advantage, such as functional and decorative columns, making them a frame of the lounge sitting. Place an accent living room fireplace right in the middle but opposite the columns enhancing the frame-like appearance of the pillars. 

4: Go Green:

Go Green

Think out of the box and stretch a moose green velvet on the walls, escorted by a matching L-shaped upholstered couch. Bring a contrasting white marble fireplace and a blue upholstered lounge chair to create breathing pockets. 

5: A Posh Lilac Romance:

Lilac Romance

Create a satiny french country living room sitting with a pale lilac sofa and metallic silver footstool. Keep the large french windows barely dressed to bring in the natural light and accessories with freshly cut blue peonies.

6: Opt For A Classic French Window With Sitting:

French Window With Sitting

Here is a classic French country living room for our inspiration. The big french window with a cushioned window seat is the highlight, while a comfy lounge chair and an end table with books in front of the fireplace portray a typical cosy corner of a french country living room. 

7: Pretty Pastel Floral:

Pretty Pastel Floral

Design a pretty space with oversized abstract floral wall art. Pick out the colours from the artwork and spread them on the upholstery. Top off the look with bunches of colour-coordinated fresh flowers. 

8: An Artistic French Look:

Artistic French Look

Design an aesthetic monochromatic look by spreading the palest pastel green colour through the wall paint, the upholstery, and matching accessories. Spice up the look with metallic silver furniture, crystal accessories and an accent pale white and black wall art. 

9: Play With Deep Earthy Tones:

Deep Earthy Tones

Say you are not a pretty pastel colours kind of a person, then opt for the deep earthy tones for your french country living room decor. Keep the walls rustic and under-treated in white, and make a statement with a red marble fireplace mantelpiece, a brown leather chair and an eye-catching chalk-painted beige lounge chair. 

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10: Glamorously Hanging Crystals:

Glamorously Hanging Crystals

If your living room is blessed with a double-height ceiling, hang a multilayered gigantic crystal chandelier, and your french country-style living room needs nothing else to show off its glamorous design. 

11: Place A Classic French Lounge Chair:

Place A Classic French Lounge Chair

Books and reading nooks are prominent features of the French country living rooms. Place a classic french lounge chair in hot pink in front of a wall-mount book rack and match the wall paint with the chair’s upholstery, creating a dazzling reading corner in your living room. 

12: The Blues And The Whites:

The Blues And The Whites

Look at this super sophisticated blue and white french country living room. The palest tones of blue adore the walls infused with white ceiling mouldings. And a deep blue and white colour scheme prevails on the furnishing creating an avant-garde look.  

13: A French Ottoman With Wheels:

Ottoman With Wheels

In this chic French country living room, an upholstered ottoman placed in front of the fireplace matches the accent wall art hung at the top of the mantelpiece, creating an aesthetic ambience. The wheels attached to this glamorous ottoman make it a flexible piece of furniture. 

14: A Mixed Palette Of Pastels:

Mixed Palette Of Pastels

Design a picture out of a magazine-looking stylish french country living room by mixing various hues of pale mauves, greens, blues and pinks. To crown the look, bring in a few floral print loose cushions, a bunch of fresh flowers and an abstract floral wall art. 

15: An Overlay Of Vintage Patterns:

French country living room ideas

Create a quintessential French country look by bringing various classic patterns together. Place a moose-green patterned wallpaper around the room, matching the plain moose-green couch. Lay out an oversized floral printed Persian rug and a few coordinated printed loose cushions to conclude the look. 

16: Make A Display Of Epoch Accessories:

Display Of Epoch Accessories

Look at this pretty wall of a modern French country living room. A geometric wood pattern painted in white covers half of the wall’s height. A vintage console in wood and glass makes a classy appearance, escorted by French lounge chairs. The two rows of wall art and old stone lamps are the cherries at the top.

17: A Blue Fireplace:

French country living room ideas

Opt for a snug country living room decor with a hint of french flavour. A shiplap and exposed beam wooden ceiling continued as an accent wall at the back of the fireplace brings in the country vibes. And a soft pastel blue fireplace in an overall beige and white colour scheme stands for its French identity. 

18: A Hint Of Contemporary In Country Style: 

French country living room ideas

Combine modern accessories like this pair of acrylic tables with classic French furniture for up-to-date country decor. Crown the contemporary furniture with period crystal accessories, books and small plants.

19: Tapestries On The Walls:

French country living room ideas

Usher in the heirloom furniture for rustic french country living room vibes. Decorate the rough walls with statement vintage tapestries and place assertive handpicked accessories.

20: Bring In Rattan Baskets:

French country living room ideas

For a relaxed European style living room, place lots of rattan boxes and baskets. In this easy-going French country living room, a woven rattan is converted into a coffee table, a brilliant idea for a casual country living room.

21: White On White:

French country living room ideas

Design a country living room space by layering various textures in white. Paint the walls pale white, and place a greyish-white couch with a coordinated patterned area rug. Place a few white floral print loose cushions and chalk painted white centre table topped with a white earthen pot filled with fresh flowers.

22: Create A Picture Wall:

French country living room ideas

Boost up the glamorous side of your french country living room by creating an artistic picture wall. Keep the base colour of the wall pale blue, and hang blue wall art and picture frames in brighter hues of blue. Conclude the look with a deep blue couch.

After Thoughts:

Whether you opt for pale pastel tones or neutral earthy colours, the living room will look good. Also, vintage heirloom furniture or fashionable contemporary are both trendy. All you can do that have fun while designing your French country living room.


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