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Arched Niche and built ins

Functional And Aesthetic Living Room Storage Cabinet Ideas To Inspire You

The lack of storage space is a problem for many homes, regardless of size. Implementing a designated area to store your belongings doesn’t have to be complicated. A living room storage cabinet is integral to the design, providing plenty of space to keep your items neat. No matter your living room style or layout, you can always find a cabinet that suits your needs. This post reveals helpful tips and living room storage cabinet ideas to grab your inspiration from. Once you go through it, you will know how to add cabinets that work for your space. 

Arched niche and built-ins

The living room storage cabinet needs to be seamlessly integrated into the living room design. Otherwise, they might look odd. Implementing a combination of a niche and a built-in living room storage cabinet is a sleek addition to your space. The arched niche makes a remarkable statement in this living room. It is a primary point of interest, ornate with accessories for a stylish look. The base of the recessed shelving is perfect for adding custom cabinets. The wooden cabinets stand out against the white walls. The golden knobs ideally match the decorative accents in the shelving. The result is a gorgeous display with a storage option that fits the modern organic vibe of this space.

Arched niche and built-ins

Wooden living room storage cabinet

A freestanding cabinet will work for your needs if you don’t have enough space for built-ins. Go for a cabinet that fits your dimensions and provides plenty of storage space to keep your living room tidy. The wooden cabinet features slender legs and has a mic century-modern vibe. Its clean lines and stunning texture make it an intriguing piece that adds warmth to the space. 

However, you might find out that a single freestanding cabinet might look awkward. The bulky piece might not feel seamlessly integrated into the room design. It would help if you built up around it with decor to make it feel cohesive with style. Professional designers use this helpful trick to create aesthetic arrangements. When decorating around the living room storage cabinet, its position looks somewhat intentional. 

This example shows you how to execute the thing we already explained. When you place the living room storage cabinet next to the wall, it stands out in an odd way. And you can see how they created a cute corner with decor. The gallery wall is an excellent way to define the area and give it a purpose. The frames cover the whole wall, conveying this is a curated arrangement. 

The top of the cabinet is a perfect spot for displaying decor. You can notice how they visually divided the tp into three equal parts. Each part is individually decorated to create a stylish setting. The storage basket beside the cabinet tells us this arrangement has a purpose.

Wooden living room storage cabinet

Floating living room storage cabinet

The ones that prefer modern styles might believe cabinets don’t fit their aesthetic. But this isn’t the case. The living room storage cabinets are available in different styles and colors, so you can find the option that works for your space. 

The floating living room storage cabinets are an ideal fit for modern styles. They are mounted on the wall and don’t have any legs for support, making cleaning so much easier. The clean lines and the lack of knobs ideally fit minimalist styles. The sleek cabinet keeps the clutter from sight while not overpowering the space. The design is ideal for modern styles that favor minimalist furniture and a streamlined look. But you can use it in any room that already has another focal point. 

Floating living room storage cabinet

Floating shelves and built-in cabinets

If you’re looking for ideas on how to break down a large wall in your living room, this example is the right fit. The built-in cabinets provide plenty of hidden storage space for your needs. The open shelving helps create visual balance. On the other hand, it is ideal for displaying your precious memories and adding a personal touch to the space. Combining white cabinets and honey oak shelving is the secret formula for achieving a stylish and tasteful look.

Floating shelves and built-in cabinets

Two-toned cabinetry

When introducing visual interest to your living room, go for two-toned cabinetry. The clean line between the two colors is a subtle way to make a statement. The combination of white and wood-stained living room storage cabinets is ideal for a neutral space. The custom-made design perfectly complements this room and maximizes functionality. The designers broke the look with a dedicated working desk in the middle. The clever cabinetry design is perfect if you work from home and need a designated spot for completing your work tasks.

Two-toned cabinetry

Glass front cabinets in the living room

Cabinets with a glass front are another stylish addition to your living room. They are an ideal alternative for open shelving if you don’t like to clean dust frequently. At the same time, you will have your precious collectibles on display. Thanks to its innovative design, the sleek white cabinet provides storage and display space. The design features the classic Ikea kitchen cabinets executed in a way that favors storage. We love how they found another purpose for the cabinetry and did an excellent design that flatters the living room.


Small living room cabinets

Working with a small living room can be tricky, so you must prioritize storage and find creative ways to implement it. One of the best options for compact rooms is to introduce double-duty furniture. In this example, the cabinets double as a custom-made bench, providing storage and seating space in one. The corner bench and shelving create a cozy corner in your living room.

Small living room cabinets

Maximize storage

If storage is your top priority, maximize the storage space with tall cabinets. This example shows you how to use cheap Ikea furniture to create cabinets that look like they have been custom-made. If you are a DIY fanatic, you can quickly adapt the glass front bookcase and give it a distinctive look. They covered the glass front with paint to provide a concealed storage option for the living room. The result is a tall cabinet that includes plenty of storage space to keep the area tidy, complementing the style at the same time.

Cabinets around the TV

There might be no space for placing cabinets in some living room layouts. But this doesn’t have to mean you won’t manage to fit storage in. Start from the TV wall and find a way to incorporate cabinets. This fantastic design gathers functionality and great looks in one. The cabinets extend around the TV to maximize the storage space. The setting looks complete with a slatted wall and open shelving for displaying decor. 

Seamlessly integrated storage

Implementing storage can be challenging for modern spaces that focus on minimalism. It would be best to implement seamlessly integrated storage solutions for such interiors. This example showcases a perfect execution of sleek storage cabinets. The built-in cabinets extend from floor to ceiling, covering the entire wall width. With this, they don’t stand out much. The combination of enclosed cabinets and open shelves adds a visual touch to this corner of the living room. Organize the cabinets with plastic containers or boxes to keep everything tidy and easily accessible. 

How to maximize storage in the living room

Living room cabinets are an excellent way to provide storage in your living room. Whether you prefer built-ins or freestanding designs, you can always find an option that suits your space. 

If you wish to provide additional storage space despite the cabinets, there are a few more options to consider. They will complement the cabinetry and provide space for tucking away the clutter. One of the best options to keep your room tidy is to use double-duty furniture. Furniture with built-in storage space serves a double purpose in providing comfort and storage. Think of adding a pouf or ottoman with a hidden storage compartment. Coffee tables with built-in storage are another excellent option to consider. Also, you might find sofas with built-in storage compartments to enhance your possibilities. 

Don’t forget to consider the decorative options for storage. Think of adding wicker baskets for storing items, doubling as decor. Being available in various sizes, you can keep more than just small items. Decorative boxes with a lid are another interesting option to consider for your living room. They are available in various materials, textures, and colors, so you can always find the right fit for your interior style. 

While searching for the best living room storage options, don’t forget to declutter. Sometimes, you might not need additional storage to accommodate your stuff. All you need to do is eliminate the items you no longer need or use. 


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