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Guest Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2023

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Are you ready to discover the latest guest bathroom remodeling trends? Read on and find out more!

A guest bathroom is there for pure functionality. But this doesn’t have to mean you shouldn’t style it. When the space appears outdated, it is time for a guest bathroom remodeling. With so many options available, you can find an idea for any budget and bathroom size. This post shares excellent guest bathroom remodeling ideas that are current with the latest trends. Once you go through them, you will be ready to tackle this project!

guest bathroom remodeling

Update your tiles 

The tiles take up a considerable part of your bathroom, so updating them would make a significant difference. The outdated tiles with worn-out grout won’t do much to elevate your bathroom style. Therefore it is time to go for a sleek tile combination that complements your style. 

The tile layout is a crowd-pleaser that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. The traditional white subway tile is suitable if you’re looking for a classic tile that appeals to everyone. You can keep it subtle or pick a black grout to make the tiles stand out. 

Replicas of natural stones are another popular choice for the guest bathroom remodeling. With its subtle look and natural veining, marble is a top pick for adding luxury vibes. When the genuine material goes over your budget, feel free to go with faux marble. It brings the modern feel you are after without sacrificing your budget. 

Geometric styles are another option to consider for contemporary bathrooms. The intriguing shapes bring visual appeal and the modern vibe you are after. Hexagon tiles make a remarkable statement with their appealing layout. You can go with large or small hexagon tiles spending on the look you want. 

If you wish to add a touch of warmth to your bathroom design, go for faux wood tiles. They resemble the natural texture of wood if this is your style. 

If you’re the type of person that likes colors, then you will be surprised to find out that vibrance is back in fashion. Bold tile colors will take the designer world as a way to introduce personality to a space designed for pure functionality. 

Lastly, creating a mix of tiles is another trend for your guest bathroom remodeling. White subway tiles for walls and hexagon tiles for flooring are excellent for modern styles. 

Update your tiles

Walk in shower

A walk-in shower is part of the latest trends in guest bathroom remodeling. Forget about those bulky built-in showers; let the minimalist designs overcome your space. It is a sleek update with a modern look, making your bathroom feel like a spa. 

What exactly is a walk-in shower? A walk-in shower features a continuous design with a door separating the shower area. You don’t have a basin at the base like the traditional showers. The doors are mounted on the walls and the shower floor is tiled. You can use the same tiles as your bathroom flooring to make the space feel continuous. Or, you can choose distinctive tiles and make a bold statement. The main idea of a walk-in shower is to provide a streamlined design that doesn’t overwhelm the space with too much hardware. 

Walk in shower guest bathroom remodeling

Update the faucets

This is an excellent pick if you’re up for some budget-friendly guest bathroom remodeling ideas. Changing the old rusty hardware will make a difference in style. On the other hand, you can reduce your water bill by replacing the leaking faucet. 

guest bathroom remodeling

There are a few trends when it comes to bathroom faucets. Mixing different metal finishes is one of them. You don’t need to match your faucet to the other hardware in your bathroom, as a mix-and-match look is now trending. 

Every bathroom could use a pop of color to cheer up the atmosphere. If you want to make a statement, you will be so happy to find out that colored faucets are back in trend. A sleek design in vibrant color makes your bathroom design unique and authentic to your signature style. 

Wall-mounted faucets are another trend to consider for your guest bathroom remodeling. Their streamlined design and clean aesthetic make them perfect for modern bathrooms. In addition, the wall-mounted faucets won’t take up countertop space.

When it comes to finishes, there are a few trends to consider for your guest bathroom remodeling. Black matte faucets are one of the hottest trends in design. There is something special about the sleek look that this finish brings to the space. Whether you prefer modern minimalist or retro artisan faucets, the matte black brings a contemporary feel. Brass is another excellent choice for an elegant vibe, as it will stand out nicely against marble countertops.

When discussing the faucet design, remember that retro looks are back in fashion. They bring charm to an otherwise blank space while compatible with traditional and contemporary styles. 

Waterfall faucets are another trending design to consider. The brilliant design comes in a modern and classic look, so you can choose the one that fits your bathroom. The fixture has a wide opening, so the water flows nicely and produces a soothing sound. 

The ones willing to bring the high-end feel can go for high-technology faucets. A touchless design is quite convenient as detecting motion turns the water on. 

Shower niche

A guest bathroom is compact, so you must use every inch wisely. Choose a shower niche when you need storage space but want to cramp the bathroom. A niche is a recessed shelf built into the wall that provides storage space for your toiletries. It is a sleek and stylish option for storing shampoo bottles that don’t occupy your precious space. However, you aren’t limited solely to the shower area regarding recessed shelving. A niche next to the sink is perfect for keeping fresh towels handy. 

Doorless shower

A guest bathroom is too small for you to fit a tub. But this doesn’t have to mean you should give up the idea of a luxury shower area. Low-profile wet areas with minimalist features will take over the trends. 

If you’re looking for ways to make your bathroom look more modern, the doorless shower might be what you’re looking for. A doorless shower doesn’t have any type of barrier that makes it completely closed. The shower area can be fully opened to the bathroom, or separated with a panel or wall. The main idea is to make the shower area feel connected without any visual interruptions. The doors make the bathroom feel visually larger as it has no borders. In addition, cleaning is much easier. However, the design can be tricky to execute in small spaces. When planning your guest bathroom remodeling, it is crucial to implement sloped flooring to direct the water flow. Since there are no borders to prevent the water from flooding the bathroom, you need flooring with a steeper slope than usual. 

guest bathroom remodeling

Countertop sink

When adding a decorative touch in a small bathroom seems complicated, go for stylish choices for the traditional elements. A countertop sink is a sleek addition that elevates the bathroom style and enhances functionality. Being available in various shapes and sizes, you can always find the countertop sink that fits your vibe. 

The new trends dictate flowy shapes and round silhouettes to make the bathroom feel softer. Curvy and ellipse sinks add a delicate touch to the design, while asymmetrical shapes bring visual interest.

Round shapes soften the design features and bring an elegant look, while rectangular sinks with crisp lines suit contemporary styles. Sinks with concealed drainage feature a minimalist look and streamlined aesthetics for an ultra-modern bathroom. 

Countertop sink

Bespoke vanity

Updating your bathroom with a new unique vanity is a huge trend. A stylish vanity choice strengthens the interior theme while providing extra storage space. With so many options, you can choose the one that matches your budget. 

Custom-made vanities that look more like furniture will be a huge trend. Homeowners will look for ways to add personality to small bathrooms, so a bespoke vanity is a great way to make a statement. 

Repurposed vanities are another way to bring a stylish touch without spending too much money. Antique finds will make their way to the bathroom in the form of a functional vanity that brings a retro look. 

Wall hung basins

While countertop sinks are pretty popular, this doesn’t have to mean that others types are out. The wall-hung basins are another trending feature perfect for a small space like a guest bathroom. The stylish addition becomes the main focal point in a compact space. You can choose whether to incorporate storage cabinets or let the beauty of the basin’s silhouette become the main point of interest. 


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