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20 Hipster Bedrooms Ideas: For A Futuristic Lifestyle

Hipster bedrooms ideas are celebrated for their clutter core approach, where more is more and unique is fun. But, the hipster bedroom decor doesn’t mean an over-cluttered and messy space; instead, the style gives the liberty to make an extravagant display of passions and flaunt the true colours of one’s personality while still keeping it minimalist. 

The bedroom is a place where we look forward to unwinding and relaxing after a long day, so our bedrooms should be the place that best matches our personalities. Whilst the salient rule is to stick to akin decorating style throughout the house, our bedrooms can be and should be an exception to design for a personalised kink. 

The hipster bedrooms ideas whirl around creativity, popular culture, and everything unconventional. Say you have a wild free spirit sleeping inside a trendy personality, then our hipster bedroom ideas for a futuristic lifestyle are for you to relish and get inspired.

What Are The Favourite Colours For A Modern Hipster Bedroom?

Modern Hipster Bedrooms Ideas

A hipster bedroom decor is all about bold statements, uncanny layouts, and a fearless display of personality. 

On the other hand, the conventional hipster bedroom colour palette involves earthy tones, rustic materials and bold dark accents. 

For a modern hipster bedroom, undoubtedly, opt for a vivid black-and-white colour scheme with bold splashes of colours. 

~ Let us introduce you to a bunch of innovative hipster bedroom ideas.

1: Frame A Shaggy Rug

Frame A Shaggy Rug with Hipster Bedrooms Ideas

Design an arty extension of the headboard with a textured shaggy rug famed inside the headboard niche. Opt for a warm ocher-coloured rug, making a contrast to the cool charcoal black colour palette of the bedroom. 

2: Pick Out A Knitted Extended Headboard

Hipster Bedrooms Ideas with Knitted Extended Headboard

Extended headboards are currently at the top of the list of rising interior design trends. Make a hippie statement with a machine-knitted stylish extended headboard. Place a coordinated woven area rug to carry on the hipster theme. 

3: Lay Bare Construction Materials:

Lay Bare Construction Materials

Rough, unfinished surfaces and reclaimed pieces are the tokens of indie interior style. Make an accent wall with untreated exposed bricks and place a vintage box as a footstool. 

Top off the look with a ladder bookshelf and quirky wall art

4: Design A Flamboyant Backdrop: 

Design A Flamboyant Backdrop

Design an ultra-chic hippie place with a bold, backlit feathery, and eye-catching backdrop. So, take inspiration from hippie street artists and replicate the sculpted artwork, keeping the rest of the room painted dark, the flooring and the furniture matte beige. 

Bring a pair of contrasting modern, white nightstands to complete the futuristic hippie bedroom look. 

5: Hang A Scruffy Canopy: 

Hang A Scruffy Canopy to Hipster Bedrooms Ideas

Create a shabby yet dreamlike bedroom with bold floral wallpaper and a heavily draped canopy curtain. Keep the colour palette complementing in pale grey and the palest pink. 

Make the sleeping area snug with lots of comfy cushions, tasselled throw blankets, dangling charms, and a soft woven area rug.

6: Colour Block A Hippie Life:

Colour Block A Hippie Life

Say you love energetic pop-art-inspired spaces with lots of bright colours infused together, then this colour-blocked bedroom is your dream room.

Coordinate a daring geometric patterned wallpaper in vibrant colours with an oversized and equally loud area rug, keeping the bed undertone in light-coloured wood.  

7: Padded Flaked Accent Wall:

hipster bedrooms ideas

How about an offbeat padded accent wall? 

Therefore, take inspiration from this stylish hipster bedroom. An unusual padded wall with rows of cushioned scales with a concealed light is the focal point of this bedroom. 

Besides, a rustic front of the wardrobe and a pair of low-hanging gigantic ceiling lights add to the hippie drama.

8: Lodge the Swinging Dreams:

Lodge the Swinging Dreams

A swinging bed can be a dream come true for many.

Design a shiplap ceiling in white and hang a white bed with thick rustic ropes and hooks. Tassel the ends of the woven cord to enhance the bohemian vibe, keeping the rest of the bedroom sleek and modern. 

9: Put Up Glamorous Boho Accessories:

Put Up Glamorous Boho Accessories

A chunky piece of statement accessory can transform the entire vibe of any bedroom decor. 

Put up a dramatic, modern yet bohemian wall accessory, such as this fringed wall mirror, making it a focal point and your bedroom needs nothing else to whiff off the contemporary hipster bedroom vibes.

10: Try The Dropout Lighting Plan:

Try The Dropout Lighting Plan

Lighting plays an integral part in defying the mood of your bedroom.

Opt for an outlandish lighting plan with diffused Yellow light with a dimmer to adjust the intensity and create an indie romance scene. Also, incorporating outdoors with indoors can amplify the mood. 

11: Dark And Dusted:

hipster bedrooms ideas

Paint the entire room matte black, and apply a similar, exposed brick wallpaper on the accent wall. 

Besides, bring in a rustic bench as a footstool escorted by a tiny ladder as an accessory rack, various rattan baskets, a caged hanging light and a pair of black and white wall art. Undoubtedly, these will complete the look of a hipster boho-chic bedroom. 

12: Create A Free-Spirited Rainbow:

Create A Free-Spirited Rainbow

Wake up the sleeping artist inside you and do some artistic activity to create the hipster vibe in your bedroom.

Take an oversized canvas to create black-and-white graffiti art. Transform an old sculpture into a lamp, while painting it in neon green and an old credenza into a multicoloured, quirky piece. 

And a personalised hipster corner is ready in no time in your bedroom. 

13: Make A Bold Bohemian Statement: 

Make A Bold Bohemian Statement

Pick out various country-style decorative items and exaggerate them in size and shape like a hippie. Like in this hipster bedroom, the big tasselled macrame piece provides the perfect back curtain for a gigantic rattan hanging night lamp.  

14: Colossal Glazed Night Lights:

Colossal Glazed Night Lights

The hipster bedrooms ideas don’t always mean rustic or vintage. 

Design a contemporary hipster bedroom with a pair of unique, extra-large glazed porcelain hanging night lamps.

15: Fabricate A Zesty Garden Vibe:

Fabricate A Zesty Garden Vibe

If you are not an earthy neutral tones kind of person, go for a contrasting colour palette of bright blue and zesty orange.

Paste a leafy patterned wallpaper in blue all over the room while painting the ceiling plain blue. Place an orange-coloured upholstered bed with a matching bedspread. Also, Crown the look with catchy artwork and a juicy fake tangerine cushion. 

16: Estival Hammock Love:

hipster bedrooms ideas

Envisage the lazy summer evenings and hang a voguish hammock in your bedroom. 

Usher in a few healthy green plants, a book rack filled with your favourite titles and various comfy cushions to plan the idle evening of daydreaming and future planning.  

17: Invent Bizarre Writings and Neon Signs:

hipster bedrooms ideas

Skip the headboard, try a black chalk wall, and then, make it your personalised journal. 

Place a gigantic wall art with a neon sign. Keep the rest of the room jaggy with numerous rustic stools of different sizes instead of nightstands, a rough wooden floor, open-wired hanging bulbs and shabby but comfy bedding.   

18: Infuse Rough Textures And Luminescent WallArt:

hipster bedrooms ideas

Keep the walls of your bedroom rough and undertreated, exposing the bricks but paint them white. 

So, Fame the canopy bed with embellished fluorescent art prints making a contrast with the rough texture of the bricks for a hippie affirmation.

19: Show Off Your Groovy Style:

Show Off Your Groovy Style

An earthy colour palette highlighted with natural material represents a true hippie soul. 

Design an aesthetic open closet with a wooden stick and twisted rope attached to the ceiling. Now, Place an old rusted metal sideboard with the stacks of boxes to make a scene of your hippie style. 

20: Paint A Vibrant Sky:

Paint A Vibrant Sky

Paint an abstract mural creating the illusion of a cloudy sky, making it the centre point of your hipster bedroom.   

Also, You can choose between a digital or a hand-painted mural depending on the size of your bedroom wall. 

10 Hipster Bedroom Ideas For A Futuristic Lifestyle


There is a never-ending list of a contemporary hipster bedrooms ideas. And there are also a few key factors to bear in mind before seriously considering any styling idea for your bedroom.

A bedroom is the most personalised area in the house; making it feel comfortable and matched to our personalities should be the priority while designing. A cosy and inviting bedroom is the basic need for a restful body and a peaceful mind. 


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