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how to arrange a living room with a fireplace

10 Ways to Arrange a Living Room With a Fireplace

10 Ways to Arrange a Living Room With a Fireplace

Your living room space should be inviting and visually appealing. Since this is where your family and friends gather to relax and spend time together, it is only fair that you learn how to arrange a living room with a fireplace and make it the best. 

A great way to create a warm atmosphere in your living room is by adding a fireplace. I have found out that this not only adds a touch of elegance to my living area but also creates a welcoming environment.

However, you will find that arranging a living room with a fireplace can be challenging. This is mostly because you want to ensure that your furniture stays practical and the fireplace still finds an appealing position. 

The Right Ways to Set Up a Living Room with a Fireplace

You will find that there are numerous ways to arrange a living room with a fireplace. Each of these options provides a unique style. I have experimented with several living room fireplace layouts and my guests are always falling in love with every style.

Conversational Layout

How to arrange a living room with a fireplace

This is a perfect arrangement if your idea of a fireplace revolves around intimate conversations with your family and friends. With this arrangement, place some chairs and a sofa facing each right in front of the fireplace. You will come up with a cozy fireplace for holding long conversations with your family and friends.

L-shaped Sectional Layout

L-shaped Sectional Layout

An L-shaped sectional is an incredible way to make the most of your space. It conveniently creates an amazing seating area around your fireplace. This arrangement is mostly suitable for large living rooms. It is the best option if you have a big family or like to entertain numerous guests at once. You can even add additional chairs or tables to complement the L sofa and get a complete living room look.

Symmetrical Layout

How to arrange a living room with a fireplace

For this layout, place two similar chairs on either side of your fireplace. You should then have your sofa directly in front of the fireplace. This layout will create a balanced look that is visually appealing for both you and your guests.

If you are looking for a classic layout, place a sofa and a chair or two perpendiculars to your fireplace.

This will form a traditional seating arrangement. When blended with a fireplace, it forms a perfect area for intimate gatherings.

U-Shaped Seating

U-Shaped Seating

This layout is ideal for small living rooms because it maximizes the space you have in your living area. With this arrangement, you should have two chairs and a sofa that is seemingly U-shaped around your fireplace. 

This arrangement is great when you are holding a family gathering. Its biggest selling point is its unique ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for numerous people in a small area.

For a modern look, you can use a sofa and put a coffee table in front of your fireplace. This will create a perfect modern living room area with a fireplace.

Minimalist Approach

How to arrange a living room with a fireplace

If you are looking for a basic but lovely look, you should consider keeping the area around your fireplace open. However, you can fix a chair or a bench near the fireplace. This will be a good way to highlight the fireplace in your living room. 

If you have a large living room area, there are several options for you. Some good arrangement ideas are; placing a sofa facing the fireplace and creating an additional seating area on the opposite side. This will allow enough seating around the fireplace.

Corner Fireplace Layout

Corner Fireplace Layout

If your fireplace is around a corner, a good layout would be placing seats on either side of the fireplace. The corner fireplace arrangement gives you a balanced layout. To create balance in your living room, you should consider the different elements in your arrangement. 

Plan your layout with the aim of making it open and airy. To achieve this, you need to position the door, windows, fireplace, and furniture accordingly.

Generally, this layout makes for a great way to make the most of your space, even if you have a small living room. You can add chairs or a coffee table for a full living room with a fireplace outlook.

Double-Sided Fireplace

How to arrange a living room with a fireplace

If your living room has a double-sided fireplace, place a seat on either side of the fireplace. 

This arrangement will create two separate fireplace seating areas in your living room. You will find that it is a great way to create an inviting fireplace area in a large living room. 

A coffee table is a must-have for this layout. You will use your coffee table to hold books, magazines, and items. You can also use it to set drinks and snacks.

Built-In Bookcases

Built-In Bookcases

If you have built bookcases on the side of your fireplace, adding a sofa in front of this fireplace creates a functional relaxation space for you and your family. 

This layout is ideal for people who prefer to work from home. This is because this style gives a unique home-office feel. You can add chairs and a coffee table for the full living room with a fireplace layout.

To attain a warm living room atmosphere around your fireplace, use the right kind of lighting. It is advisable that you add classic lamps and some candles to create a truly relaxing space.

Built-ins around a fireplace, on the other hand, provide much-needed storage while maintaining style and your favored accessories at the forefront. 

And, built-ins within your fireplace can meet both requirements, whether you want closed storage to stash away your son’s gaming equipment, and electronics or open shelving to showcase your memorabilia collection.

If you are still about to add a built-in bookcase, here’s a great DIY idea using IKEA items:

Window Seat

How to arrange a living room with a fireplace

If you have a fireplace near a window, make a window seat on one side of your fireplace. You should also include chairs and a coffee table. 

This layout is definitely a great way to make the most of the natural light coming into your room through the window. You can enjoy the view and warmth outdoors as you sip coffee or your favorite drink from here. 

Some of the other things that you can add here are pillows and blankets for late evenings around the fireplace. Besides keeping you warm, they will add a touch of beauty to your layout. You can also include plants for a more welcoming look.

Sectional with Chaise

Sectional with Chaise

While it comes last on our list, this is one of the toughest layouts to pull off. Nevertheless, you will get a comfortable and stylish living room space if you get it right. 

The best way to go about it is to first determine your central fireplace point. This is because your fireplace will be your central position with the sectional with chaise layout. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to position your arrangement in a way that highlights the fireplace.

If you want to come up with a great seating area, add several accent chairs to your layout. You should place them in a way that makes for an appealing layout. 

The Takeaway

With the ten layout ideas above, now you know how to arrange a living room with a fireplace. The truth is that it does not have to be hard if you know exactly what you want. 

The style you choose will add to the elegance and comfort of your living room. When arranging your furniture around the fireplace, it’s important that you consider the exact shape and location of the fireplace. 

This is important if you hope to come up with something that is both functional and appealing.  And, whether you are looking for a classic, modern, or a bit traditional style, I believe there are numerous possibilities on how to arrange the furniture in your living room and highlight the fireplace appropriately.

By exploring different arrangement options, you will be able to effortlessly create an inviting space that reflects your personal style. For me, my process is quite easy. I first determine the kind of layout I’m looking for and then consider the area that I will be working with. 

It is important to remember that a well-designed living room with a fireplace will easily enhance the overall style of your home. I cannot understate how my living room fireplace area serves as a place for creating memories with my loved ones.


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