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Crystal Display Ideas for a Stunning Home

Crystal Display Ideas for a Stunning Home in 2023

One question often arises how to display crystals in the home. These are not only associated with healing powers and the supernatural, but they’re also quite beautiful too. Whether you have a small or large collection, it would be great to display these! While you get to decide how you want to decorate your space with crystals, as it’s all up to your personal preference, it never hearts to get ideas. So, while there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to display them, here are some fun ideas on what you could do for your crystals in your home!

how to display crystals

How do They Bring Positive Energy into Your Home?

Crystals are an ancient form of healing used for centuries to bring positive energy into a home and one’s life for better well-being. They can be used to create beautiful displays, and they can also be used in crystal healing. Crystals have the power to balance energy. Plus, crystals are believed to absorb and transform negative energies, allowing us to create an environment of peace and tranquility. Using crystals in your home, you can create a positive energy and calm space. But how you display them will impact the crystals and your home too!

Bring Positive Energy By Crystal

What are the Best Places and How to Display Crystals for Maximum Effect?

Crystals are a popular choice for home décor and are believed to bring positive energy into the house. They can be used in many different ways, from placing them in specific areas of your home to wearing them as jewelry. Placing crystals in specific places in your home can help you create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Knowing the best places and rooms to put crystals in for maximum effect can help you make the most of their healing properties.

So, are there any rooms or areas of the home where crystals are best suited? While it’s truly up to personal preference, you’re going to want to display your crystals in an area where they will not only get natural light but can be seen. So areas like a closet or a basement may not be ideal; areas like a living room, home office, or bedroom would be better suited for the healing powers crystals offer. Also, if you love your living room decors and spend most of the time there, then it can the one.

The Importance of Strategically Placing Crystals in Your Home

Placing crystals in strategic places can have a positive effect on your home. There are many crystals to choose from. Some have energizing properties, while others may have soothing ones. Each one has its own magical properties, so having them in your home can boost your emotional and physical well-being. But there needs to be some strategizing about where to place them. Remember, it’s not only about displaying them just to show them off, but it’s also important to place them somewhere that they can truly maximize their powers. For instance,

Citrine is a powerful stone that’s praised for its ability to help one concentrate better on tasks. So for something like this, you’ll want to set it in a space (preferably around you) where you can enjoy these healing properties. A great example would be displayed on a desk or a shelf within the area where you frequently need concentration (a home office is a great example).

Display ideas of Placing Crystals

How to Display Your Crystals in Your Home

Crystals can be used to add a touch of beauty and elegance to any home. Whether you prefer the classic look or something, a more modern look is entirely up to you. Crystals can bring extra sparkle and warmth to any room. While you may find that many influencers online will place their crystals on the window sill or set them on the shelf, you can get creative with this. So, get ready for some inspiration!

Why go boring when you can go bold with your crystals? Crystal magnets can make a wonderful addition to your home. They are inexpensive and fun to add to the décor in your kitchen. This can even be a quick DIY craft project for you to do. It’s all about gluing magnets to the flat surface of your crystals. This way, you can give off fun boho vibes in your kitchen!

how to display crystals

Hang crystal prisms

What will add a lot of glitz and glimmer to your space? A hanging crystal prism will, of course! Since crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer various properties, it means that you’re going to have nearly unlimited options for hanging them. Hanging them will provide a more sculptural look. Besides, depending on how you hang them, you can give off luxury vibes or even something more boho. This is one of the best things about hanging crystal prisms; it’s all about how it’s being hung and where this immediately impacts the style.

While you can buy these immediately ready for hanging, you can also find the materials at your local craft store. Once you have the pieces, you can use wiring to make the shape and the length you want. If you want to go for a dramatic look, then be sure to hang these around your windows. Depending on the crystal, you can achieve gorgeous lighting, such as a rainbow.

Hang crystal prisms

Display boxes

Display boxes are a great way to organize your crystals. You can use these to display individual stones or to showcase your entire collection. This is especially helpful when you have many crystals to display. When choosing display boxes, you will need to consider your preferences and the size of your crystals. It’s also important to ensure you have enough room for the box.

The best type of box is transparent, allowing light to pass through. If you have small crystals, you can find a small glass jar with a lid to protect them from dust. Display boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Certainly, you’ll want to make sure that these match your aesthetic and the sizing of the room itself.

Standing displays

For some people, crystals are like their trophies, so why not display these as such? Going hand-in-hand with display boxes, if you have a large collection, you could instead consider standing displays. Avid collectors commonly do this to protect their collection from the elements, so it would be a great way to keep your crystals lasting longer. Similar to a shelf, you can place these anywhere, but they look best in the corner of a room such as a bedroom, living room, or home office.


For most people who collect crystals tend to have small pieces, but don’t worry, if you have larger pieces, you can easily decorate with those too! If you have crystals that are around six inches in diameter or more, these would be perfect for placing on a pedestal. Beautiful vases and busts go on pedestals, so why not a gorgeous crystal? This is the perfect way to add elegance and a hint of luxury to your home while still reaping the benefits the gorgeous crystal provides.


Inside a terrarium

If you’re a lover of plants and all things nature, then you’ll love this idea! You can try it out with an old fashion terrarium or anything with glass. Add some plants and crystals, and you’re done! But if you want an easier approach, then some crystals and air plants are more than enough to give you still that touch of nature while displaying your crystals in the prettiest manner.

Command center

If you’re a big fan of DIY and crafts, then you’re going to love this! Most homes have a command center or at least need one. This area allows you to hang extra items such as coats, bags, keys, scarves, and so much more. Basically, any home can benefit from these, and any room can get them too. 

These don’t need to be in your entryway but can instead be placed in a bathroom for robes, a kitchen for aprons, or even a bedroom for additional clothes. So, if you want to add some additional glam while still using your crystals, this is the way to go! All you need to do is choose your favorite crystals for the job. It should be big enough so items can be easily hung on them. Then get a board, and glue the crystals on it!

Command center

How to Best Cleanse and Care for How to Display Crystals

Taking proper care of your crystals is important by regularly cleansing and energizing them. This will ensure that they remain powerful and effective in helping you achieve your goals and keep your home looking beautiful and purified. One of the best ways to recharge and cleanse your crystals would be through sunlight or moonlight (known as a moon bath). Ideally, you’re going to want to cleanse and recharge your crystals monthly, so a good dusting and a touch of natural light would be perfect!


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