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A Black And White Disc Display

2023 Trend Alert: How To Hang Records On Wall For A Unique Look

Another buzzing trend in 2023 and a frequently asked question is how to hang records on wall for a unique look. Decorating walls with vinyl records can be a dream come true for many music lovers. Wall-hanged records not only create innovative decor, but they are also a brilliant idea to add pops of colour to any decor theme. 

Decorating the walls with records is not rocket science; in various fun and easy ways, one can achieve a chic and trendy display. Whether you want to use your old records or create a stylish exhibit of your collection of records, our effortless and dapper ideas will transform your space into an aesthetic and lively place, decorated with vinyl records.

~ Let us take you on a fun roller coaster ride of how to hang records on the walls, tips and ideas.

1: Ceiling To Flooring Super-Chic Show:

Flooring Super-Chic Show

Another brilliant idea for a futuristic decor with records is to design a backlit geometric grid with wood strips. Create the repeated squares pattern and place one vinyl record in each square, fabricating an eye-catching display from ceiling to flooring.

How to hang: wall mount the thin strips of wood, creating a grid. Border each box with a rope light attached to the battery. Stick the records on the wall with double tape.   

2: Opt for Openable Disc Frames:

Opt for Openable Disc Frames

Here is a clever idea to keep your vinyl discs usable and also to create a chic accent wall with records. Go for these beautiful black openable disc frames, and design a creative black-and-white display of your favourite records and their covers.

How to hang: drill the strong wall nails in the wall and hang the front openable frames.

3: Sixtie’s Vibes:

Sixtie’s Vibes

Get inspired by the era of the sixties and mix the nostalgic vibe with your modern decor. Fix a few floating wall racks and top them off with vintage posters of your favourite bands, vinyl records, old magazines, and record covers for a romantic, period look.

How to hang: purchase sleek floating racks and install them following the instructions mentioned in the user manual. Fix a concealed light behind each shelf for an enhanced chic look.

4: Versatile Wall Frames:

Versatile Wall Frames

Look at these innovative wall frames with the option to easily remove discs or record covers. Create an artistic display of horizontal or vertical rows and wall mount the frames, insert the covers of your favourite records, or directly put in the vinyl disc the choice is yours. 

How to hang: measure your required height and put a pencil mark on the wall. Hang the frames with the help of nails.

5: A Black And White Display:

Black And White Display

Frame your black discs in white wooden frames with black borders and glass. Hang them on the wall creating a black-and-white geometric pattern. Keep the coloured labels of the records to add punchy bits of several colours. 

How to hang: take professional help to frame the vinyl records and hang them with strong wall nails. 

6: Create The Vibes Of A Music Studio:

Vibes Of A Music Studio

Here is a fun idea to decorate your place with vinyl records while creating the vibe of an upbeat music studio. First, make a quirky display of record covers, covering almost half of the wall. Then stick the discs to their respective cover, hanging a bit low to keep the cover in full view.

How to hang: if you don’t want to leave a permanent mark on the wall, then the safest option is to go for a double-sided tape for the album covers as well as for the discs.

7: Turn your Vinyls Records Into Artwork:

Vinyls Records Into Artwork

Add some artistic appeal to your records while drawing on them the caricatures of the artist. To take the artistic game to the next level, design a backdrop for your innovative piece of art by adding many aesthetic layers. 

How to hang: fix the layers on top of each other, place the vinyl record at the top, and stick the whole piece directly to the wall with sticky double tape.

8: Convert The Old Records Into Wall Hooks:

Records Into Wall Hooks

Be creative, create a quirky use of your old records and remodel them into artistic wall hooks. Vinyl record wall hooks are a brilliant idea to add utility in a fun way.

How to hang: pick out the wall hooks with the round base. Place the records between the wall and the base of the hook, and screw the hooks to the wall.

9: Design A Retro Drama:

Design A Retro Drama

This room is an epic example of retro-style decor with a vinyl record. Say you are a DIY kind of person, then paint the cover of your favourite record, taking inspiration from some retro abstract painting and wall mounting both the cover and the disc. 

How to hang: place a nice wallpaper on the featured wall and directly paste your artwork and the disc with the help of the double tape. 

10: A Fusion Of Records And The Picture Wall:

Fusion Of Records And The Picture Wall

Design an eye-catching picture wall documenting all of your fun trips. Enhance the beautiful memories of your trips by bringing in the recollections of music which were on repeat non-stop throughout the trips. Make an artistic collage by sticking the records of your favourite music and your best pictures from your memorable trips.

How to hang: use a similar technique to stick your vinyl records and the pictures on the wall.

11: A Macrame Hanging:

how to hang records on wall

Opt for a boho chic with a macrame record wall hanging. Here is an atypical way to wall-hang your records on the wall. Get a custom-made macrame hanging designed to carry the records with long tassels attached at the bottom. Hand the ornamented wall hanging for a fun display. Get numerous hangings and make a bold statement and a bizarre show of vinyl records.

How to hang: hand the macrame hanging with a hook or a wall nail.

12: Design An Accent Wall: 

how to hang records on wall

Design an accent wall with old records and make it a replacement for the headboard. Hang a quirky black-and-white poster of the last concert you attended. Also, frame it with the rows of old vinyl discs making a gripping arrangement.

How to hang: hang the poster with hooks and wire and stick the records to the wall with sticky double tape. 

13: Blueprint A Wall Journal Of Your Most-Loved Records:  

Blueprint A Wall Journal

This thoughtfully designed wall display of records and their cover and other album details whiffs off the vibes of an artistic wall journal. Mount jointly various discs of a single album, with pictures of the artist. Add fun written details at the bottom to design a true music lover’s decorative wall.

How to hang: apart from the quirky wooden border at the bottom, which requires professional guidance, it is easy to wall-hang the framed records with the wall nails and concealed fish wire. 

14: A Chic Corner For The Musician In The House:

how to hang records on wall

Have a look at this chic corner depicting a music lover’s personality. Two identical, fancy golden frames, one with the poster of the album while the other with the vinyl record, hung on the wall. To highlight the frames, you can simply place a pair of spotlights. Also, a rustic guitar is wall-mounted next to the wall frames to complete the look.

How to hang: a straightforward technique of hooks and wall nails is used to create the whole display. 

15: Sandwiched Between Double-Glass:

how to hang records on wall

Create a posh show of various artworks and vinyl records mixed together. Opt for the double-glass frames to place the discs, art prints and posters to make an extravagant display. Put the glass frame on the wall following an asymmetrical pattern. 

How to hang: fix the frames to the wall with steel wall bolts. It is advisable to get some professional help to wall-hang the glass mounts.

After Thoughts:

There is a never-ending list when it comes to how to hang the records on the walls ideas. But it is important to remember your space and the specific room where you will hang the vinyl records. Because you should think deep before opting for any ideas for an enhanced decorative look. 

Another factor to consider is the type and quality of the wall surface to choose the proper method to hang the records on the wall.


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