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how to remove stains from bed sheets

How To Remove Stains From Bed Sheets: 8 Proven Methods (2023)

Remove Stains from Bed Sheets With 8 Proven Methods (2023)

After a long, tiring day, there’s no place you’d rather be than lying on your bed and feeling its soft cottony sheet. There’s more to do there than just sleeping, of course. To keep this comfort certainly you need to know how to remove stains from bed sheets.

But, when it comes to bed, activities like eating, working, and movie dates can result in dirty linens and bed sheets. The worst-case situation is that you panic because you don’t know what to do and end up ruining your bed linens by using questionable stain removal methods.

No need to worry because in addition to using bleach and magic washing powder, you have a ton of alternative DIY options on how to remove stains from bed sheets. Below we’ll give you the eight most effective ones in this article. Keep reading to find out!

8 Proven Methods to Effectively Remove Bed Sheet Stains

Bed sheet stains caused by both oil-based and non-oil-based stains can spoil your favorite bed sheet if not handled properly. While you may think that there’s no hope of getting them back to their pristine condition, there are actually several options you can try. 

In reality, the majority of these methods can be prepared with items already in your home and fridge. And, since the stain is already there, there isn’t much to lose by giving one of these methods a shot!

1. Act as Quickly as Possible!

Act as Quickly as Possible

We are all clumsy at times, which might lead to dropping something on our bed sheets and causing stains. Act out as soon as possible to avoid more complications. Get a paper towel or tissue to prevent the spill from causing additional stains. 

Also, you must begin working on eliminating the stain as soon as you discover it. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to remove the stains. Acting out as soon as possible will end the fun for a while, but it will save your bed sheets from being permanently ruined. 

Stop wasting time by getting furious about how your bed sheet has been stained. Instead, act quickly and find the nearest material in your reach that would save your bed sheet from greater damage.

2. Use Cold Water for Non-Oil Stains

Use Cold Water for Non-Oil Stains

We often fail to be cautious and check to see if the things we bring will stain our bed sheets. We’re typically overly excited to go to bed with something in our hands, whether it’s snacks, drinks, or anything else we have before bed. 

Blood, coffee, chocolate drinks, ice cream, and other dairy products are examples of non-oil-based stains. To remove such non-oil-based stains, use cold water. 

The stain will be removed more effectively and quickly by soaking the bed sheet in a solution of cold water and gentle detergent. Using your hands, gently rub the affected area before washing it off. 

Hot water should not be used as it will only set the stain. If the stain has dried, remove any crustier pieces with a brush or scraper. Moreover, never allow the stain on your bed sheet to dry. 

Also, if the bedsheet is not colored, this process can be used to remove blood, grease, or oil stains. With a colored bed sheet, do not attempt to use this procedure as you will simply fade the color.

3. Treat Oil-Based Stains With Hot or Warm Water

how to remove stains from bed sheets

Contrary to popular belief, oil-based stains are actually among the simplest to remove. Hot or warm water is more efficient than cold water for removing oil-based stains. 

Depending on the level of the stain, various methods could be applied to remove an oil-based stain in addition to soaking it in hot water. Scrape away any lingering food or product residue with a spoon or the edge of a bread knife before pretreating with your preferred stain remover and washing. 

Pretreat light stains with a liquid detergent booster, liquid laundry detergent, or prewash stain remover. Use the warmest water possible while washing fabrics. 

Place thick stains face-down on fresh paper towels for best results. Apply the cleaning solution to the stain’s back. Regularly swap out the paper towels underneath the stains. 

Dry after rinsing. Use the warmest water possible while washing fabrics. For older stains, soak for at least 30 minutes or several hours then wash the bed sheet.

4. Do Not Use Soap Bars and Detergents With Natural Soaps on Stains Caused by Fruit and Juices

Do Not Use Soap Bars and Detergents

To wash the discolored bedsheet, use the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. Never use a soap bar, soap flakes, or detergents containing natural soap because they will permanently stain the sheets.

Warm water and one teaspoon of a presoak enzyme solution should be used to soak the sheets for 30 minutes. If bleach is suitable for that particular product, it will be required to remove developed or existing stains. 

Scrap as much of the stained area as possible if it has been tainted by a sugar-based substance. If you do not remove all of the sugar granules, the sugar will caramelize and leave a brown stain on the garments when they are dried or ironed.

5. Apply Vinegar on Stains Caused by the Tomato Sauce and Barbecue Sauce

how to remove stains from bed sheets

Do you enjoy eating meals with sauce while watching movies while on your bed? You might have had some experience with tomato or barbeque sauce getting on your bedclothes. 

No more worries! Just combine a filthy bedsheet with one spoon of vinegar and a one-half spoon of liquid dishwashing soap in cold water to soak. Finally, rinse it! 

And, if the stain is still there, pre-treat the area with a pre-wash stain remover, water and powdered detergent, or liquid laundry detergent. After that, wash it in warm water and let it air dry.

6. Blot the Bedsheets With a Paper Towel for Wet Stains Like Sweat

Blot the Bedsheets With a Paper Towel

Sweat stains are another frequent bed sheet stain that we typically see. Use paper towels to swiftly wipe away perspiration if you are dealing with sweat. Well, we are aware that it isn’t the most glamorous method of removing sweat, but it will stop the fabric from becoming overly moist and getting damaged.

Sweat stains can also be removed using a prewash stain remover. When washing the garments, use hot water, oxygen bleach, and an enzyme detergent. But, if the stain is persistent, try pretreating with white vinegar, an enzyme cleaner, or oxygen bleach before washing the item at the warmest temperature that is safe for it (check the care label on your bedding sheet).

7. Use Baking Soda and/or Soak Your Bed Sheets

Use Baking Soda andor Soak Your Bed Sheets

Baking soda is one of the most common ingredients we have in our homes. But, did you know that baking soda works well as a cleaner? Because it is a mild alkali, it can make dirt and oil dissolve easily in water for efficient removal. It can also function as a cleaning agent. 

Baking soda, unlike many other home cleaners, is also non-toxic because it is a pure, natural product that is also a food ingredient. In that case, you might use baking soda instead of detergent to get rid of stains on your beloved bed sheets. 

Make a paste by combining one part baking soda with two parts water to remove stains from your bed sheet. Apply this mixture to the area that is afflicted. It is an excellent stain-removing substance. 

Baking soda is most effective at removing stains from clothing when combined with water to create a paste. The paste “traps” pigment and odor in the baking soda and helps in stain removal from clothing. As the paste dries, a greater portion of the stain is removed from the cloth. 

It’s also a good idea to soak your bed sheets before applying baking soda. The stain will dissolve much more quickly after soaking.

8. Once Soaked, Proceed to Machine Wash As Usual

how to remove stains from bed sheets

Soaking in either cool or warm water would always be our first line of defense against stains. But, simply soaking will not guarantee that hat stains are eliminated. 

You must then use other remedies, such as detergents, bleach, and other stain-removal products. After soaking in water, proceed with machine washing as usual.

Always remember that soaking your bed sheets for too long will destroy the fabrics of your favorite bed sheet. Everything excessive will always risk something more valuable. It is important to proceed to machine wash when the appropriate length of soaking time has passed.

Wrapping Up

We all have to deal with stained sheets at some point. No matter how careful you are, it’s impossible to learn how to remove stains from bed sheets and prevent your bed sheets from getting stained. 

Although stains on bed sheets might be annoying and ugly, they are frequently easily removable with the appropriate method. There are numerous ways to get rid of stains, depending on what kind they are. 

While each of these approaches serves a distinct objective, they all aim to achieve the same end result: getting stains out of your bed sheets. Overall, it is feasible to fight back using these tried-and-true strategies. This is how to remove stains from bed sheets.


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