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Kitchen Cabinet Pull Size

Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Pull Sizes

Cabinets pulls are an essential part of your kitchen cabinet. Getting right Kitchen Cabinet Pull Size helps complement your cabinet style and overall kitchen design. Cabinet pulls come in a wide range of sizes and designs, so how do you choose the right one for your kitchen cabinet?

Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Pull Sizes

A kitchen cabinet pull is one of your kitchen cabinet accessories that is attached to a kitchen cabinet door or drawer. Its main purpose is to facilitate the easy opening and closing of a kitchen cabinet door or drawer. Kitchen cabinet pulls come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. They are mostly made from metal, wood, or plastic.

Generally, kitchen cabinet pulls offer both functional and decorative purposes. Since they add a decorative touch to the kitchen by complementing your overall kitchen style, you must choose kitchen cabinet pull sizes that blend in with your design.

If you are wondering how to get the sizes of your kitchen cabinet pulls right, you have come to the right place.

In the sections below, you will find a guide with tips for choosing the right kitchen cabinet pull sizes. Whether it’s a DIY kitchen cabinet or you need a renovation on your kitchen cabinet, we have got you covered.

Common Types of Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

Common Types of Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

Before diving into how to choose the right size for your kitchen cabinet pulls, what are the common cabinet pulls in the market? There are different types of kitchen cabinet pulls. The most popular are bar pulls, cup pulls, finger pulls, and knob put on different kitchen cabinet designs.

Bar pulls are long and straight handles are used on large cabinets or drawers. Cup pulls resemble the shape of a small cup and are used on small drawers or cabinets. Finger pulls are small, rectangular handles that are merged into the cabinet or drawer. Knob pulls are cylindrical and are attached to the surface of the cabinet or drawer.

What Sizes of Kitchen Cabinet Pulls are Available in the Market?

What Sizes of Kitchen Cabinet Pulls are Available in the Market

If you know how to choose kitchen cabinets, then you will know that kitchen cabinet pulls come in a variety of sizes. As we will see, the specific size you choose will depend on the style and size of your cabinets. It also has a lot to do with your personal preferences. The common sizes of cabinet pulls available are.

Small Cabinet Pulls

Small kitchen cabinet pulls are 3-4 inches in length. They are used on smaller cabinets or drawers. They give a subtle and beautiful look.

Medium Cabinet Pulls

Medium cabinet pulls are 5-7 inches in length. They can be used on a variety of cabinet sizes and easily offer a balance between functionality and beauty.

Large Cabinet Pulls

Large cabinet pulls are 8-12 inches in length. They are used on larger cabinets or drawers. They provide a bold look to the kitchen.

Large Cabinet Pulls

Oversized Cabinet Pulls

Oversized Cabinet Pulls

Oversized cabinets are longer than 12 inches. They are used on very large cabinets or drawers. They make a strong statement in the kitchen. You can try this unique and modern look.

Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Pulls Size

Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Pulls Size

Now let us look at the tips you will need to know about to choose the right Kitchen Cabinet Pull Size. While choosing the right size of kitchen cabinet pulls seems like a daunting task, you will get it right if you know what to consider. Here are some tips to help you choose the right cabinet pulls sizes. Just like all other kitchen cabinet accessories, you need to pick something that suits your preferences and meets your needs.


The size of a cabinet pull impacts how easily you can use your cabinets. Large pulls provide more area for you to grip. This makes it easy to open and close the cabinets. Larger pulls are also more comfortable for people with large hands.


The size of a cabinet pull should be proportional in size to your cabinet. A small cabinet with a large pull or a large cabinet with a small pull will look and feel out of balance. You should go for a pull that is proportional to the size of the cabinet for a good look at the overall design.


The style of the cabinet influences the size of pull you choose and for a good reason. A contemporary kitchen goes well with sleek and linear pulls. They should be longer and narrower. A more traditional kitchen, on the other hand, needs shorter and rounder pulls. You have many options for a DIY kitchen cabinet because you can try out any kind of kitchen cabinet pull.


The size of the cabinet pull also impacts your accessibility. This is especially true for individuals with mobility issues. Large pulls are easier to grasp for those with limited hand strength.

The Size of Your Cabinets

The size of your cabinets is a primary consideration when choosing your cabinet pulls. Smaller cabinets require smaller pulls. On the other hand, larger cabinets go well with larger pulls.

Try Different Sizes

Before committing to a specific cabinet pull size, consider buying different sizes and determine which size looks and feels best. You should place the pulls on your cabinets to get a sense of how the pull will look and function.

Try Different Sizes

One Large Cabinet Pull or Two Small Pulls for a Large Drawer?

The decision of whether to use one large kitchen cabinet pull or two small pulls for a large drawer comes down to personal preference and the design of your kitchen. This decision will be easy for you if you know how to choose kitchen cabinets because your cabinet choice determines the drawers you get and ultimately the size of pulls. Nevertheless, these are the considerations to make when confronted by a choice between one large pull or two small ones.

1. The Functionality

Large drawers are heavy and difficult to pull open, so it is important that you choose pulls that are easy to grip and move.

2. Style

The style and design of your kitchen will also influence your decision. One large pull will provide a sleek and modern look. On the other hand, two small pulls create a classic look.

3. Proportion

The size and proportion of your drawer should also come into consideration. A large drawer may need two small pulls to maintain a good proportion. A smaller drawer will look better with a single large pull.

4. Cost

The cost of the cabinet is another factor for consideration. Two smaller pulls will cost more than one large pull. So, cost varies on Kitchen Cabinet Pull Size.

In conclusion, choosing the right size for your kitchen cabinet pulls is an important decision that impacts the overall design of your kitchen. If you are careful to follow the tips in this guide, choosing cabinet pulls of the right size will be very easy. While at it, remember that selecting the right cabinet pulls has a lot to do with finding a good balance between form and function.


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