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How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets And Flooring? | Tips From The Pros!

The kitchen’s foundation is the cabinets. Make the most of your kitchen’s size and layout by organizing the cabinetry. Think about various designs and arrangements about Kitchen Cabinets and Flooring. In selecting flooring for the kitchen, you should go toward a style and color that will produce a unified aesthetic and enhance the overall design of the room. The correct flooring texture and color scheme can create a warm, fashionable atmosphere in the kitchen. In some circumstances, the kitchen can appear larger with the proper colors. 

Flooring and cabinetry are the key design elements of a kitchen renovation. Once you’ve chosen these components, the space will come together, but be sure to take your time when making your decisions.

You’re in excellent hands if you’re unsure of how to choose kitchen cabinets that complement the flooring. The frequently asked questions are answered below, along with useful tips and best practices from some flooring and design professionals.



Many people are curious as to whether their flooring should match their cabinetry. Even if the colors of these objects don’t need to match exactly, choose complementary options, which means one enhances the other, rather than matching products. 

How people view the space will depend on the types of kitchen wood you use for your new kitchen cabinets. For instance, light-colored cabinets might give the impression of space and airiness in your kitchen. On the other side, dark cabinetry offers your kitchen a more opulent, refined feel. You can get advice from a cabinet designer and build a firm on how to choose kitchen cabinet colors that you’ll love for years to come.

Which Color Scheme Should I Choose?

Picking on two complementary primary colors is a fantastic first step when choosing the colors for your kitchen. You’ll have more opportunities to change your kitchen in the future if you stick to two hues. The room can be given some personality by adding a third accent color that unifies the entire space.

Should the Flooring Match the Cabinets?

There are two typical methods for choosing a kitchen floor:

  1. Choose a floor color that complements your countertops’ and cabinets’ secondary hues. These auxiliary hues will aid in separating your flooring from your countertops and cabinetry. 
  2. The second choice is to coordinate your cabinetry and countertops while using the flooring as a focal point. For instance, a kitchen with white cabinets, black worktops, and dark wood flooring is a typical traditional design. The dark wood flooring serves as an accent color between the cabinets and counters, with black and white serving as the other two dominant colors.

If you are planning a wood floor in your kitchen and have stained cabinets, the stain colors should be complementary but not identical.

Should the Flooring Match the Cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Colors Selection

There are different kitchen cabinet designs and styles, ranging from modern to traditional. Given the numerous factors that go into a cabinet door, selecting the appropriate cabinetry style can be challenging. The first step in choosing your cabinetry is deciding on your budget. Understanding your spending limit can help you decide on the design, kind of wood, stain or paint color, and hardware for your cabinets. The usefulness of your cabinetry is a further consideration that will help you choose your cabinets and where will you install your cabinets. For instance, the cabinets in your kitchen will serve a different purpose than the ones in your bathrooms or basement.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles and Colors Selection

What flooring compliments dark wood cabinets well?

If you have your heart set on dark types of kitchen wood cabinets, you should balance the richer colors with paler ones. This can take the form of waterproof imitation hardwoods, limestone tile flooring, natural sandstone, or both.

You can employ a variety of wood species in one area despite popular belief. For instance, we adore the contrast between light oak floors and dark maple cabinets—the greater the contrast, the better.

What flooring compliments dark wood cabinets well?

What flooring suits light wood cabinets?

Light cabinets are typically simpler to match than darker cabinets, whether they are painted a solid color or have a natural wood finish. With traditional black-and-white tile floors, we like white cabinetry. White oak, birch, and bamboo planks go well with off-white and ivory cabinets as well. Dark stone tiles or water-resistant imitation mahogany boards can also be used to contrast a paler color.

For a kitchen, should you get stock or custom cabinets?

Cabinets are one of the largest showpieces in your kitchen, whether you’re designing a brand-new house or remodeling your existing one. You’ll have to decide between custom vs. stock cabinets as you’re organizing your remodel.

Compared to custom cabinets, stock cabinets are more economical since they are mass-produced, but they are only offered in a limited range of sizes and styles and frequently need to be assembled. 

For straightforward usage or circumstances where time is a critical element, the main benefits of stock cabinets are the cost and convenience. You can easily obtain the cabinets. Quality and constraints on design, aesthetics and fit are the biggest compromises.

Custom cabinets are more expensive than stock cabinets but can be customized in any size and style, with added features, and to meet specific specifications. They are often made of plywood. When you receive them, they are completely ready. With the use of dovetail, dowel, or mortise and craftsmanship, joints are accurate and secure. 

If you desire comfort when you renovate or move into a new home, the kitchen needs all the attention it can get as the focal point of your home. Don’t shortchange it by not providing what it needs. Make your ideas and ambitions a reality by drawing on the experience and knowledge of our professionals. Rest assured that you reside in a home that makes you happy to get up every day.


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