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25 Living Room Fireplace Ideas For Stylish Living Room

25 Living Room Fireplace Ideas ~ For Stylish Living Room

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A modern living room fireplace can not only make a frigid wintry living room snug but also transform it aesthetically. Living rooms are conventionally the nucleus of most households. From everyday family tweetups to semi-formal gatherings of close family and friends happen in the comfort of living rooms. And nothing can beat the contempt of a cosy living room escorted by a  stylish fireplace as a centrepiece. Therefore, some stylish living room fireplace ideas can ring the bell.

At times a fireplace is an architectural feature, while at other times, we add it intentionally as an elaborated aesthetic element. No matter what’s the story behind our charming living room fireplace, we all love to gather around the warmth in the evening after a long day. 

Our thoughtfully curated list of modern living room ideas is to instantly add a zesty flavour to your lovely living room space. Whether you wish to create the rustic farmhouse mood or an elegant ultra-modern ambience, get ready to dive into the pool of some elegant living room fireplace ideas. 

What Is The Latest Trend For Fireplaces?

latest trend for fireplaces

Since being the most loved decorative feature among interior designers, the living room fireplace ideas keep evolving. From glamorous straight lines to exposed architectural materials, a living room fireplace depicts many chic personas. 

But the latest trend to follow is the double-sided fireplace or a sheer glass fireplace, which can be installed in between two rooms as a stylish divider. Design a modern geometric shape while mixing contemporary and classic architectural materials to add an eye-catching, artistic focal point in your living room. 

1: Escalate The Ambience:

living room fireplace ideas

Create a dazzling ambience in your living room with a black fireplace inserted into a white wall. Opt for a glass fireplace with a rocky bed and artificial logs, and to further enhance the look hang a charcoal black abstract painting above the fireplace. 

2: The Lofty Aesthetics:

living room fireplace ideas

Nothing can beat the glory of a tall, rustic-looking rough textured wall with a complementing smooth black marble fireplace, surrounded by a straight-line modern living room. 

3: Make An Statement With Golden Frames:

living room fireplace ideas

Placing wallpaper on the back wall of the fireplace is a brilliant idea. Go for a black and white patterned wallpaper and rim the fireplace with multi-layers of a metallic gold mantel.

4: Sixties Vibe:

Sixties Vibe

The glorious era of the stylish sixties never goes out of style. Place a black and white geometric patterned wallpaper at the back wall of a carved black fireplace, keeping the rest of the living room soft beige and off-white for a chic sixties-inspired living room.

5: Create The Magic With Black: 

Magic With Black

Black is the colour that always speaks for itself loud and clear. Create an all-black living room followed by a classic black fireplace with coals. Hang a stylish wall mirror above the fireplace to boost the zesty look.

6: The Stony Story: 

The Stony

Look at this super-chic country living room with a striking fireplace accompanying a stone hearth and a rustic wooden mantel. The protruding feature wall with the fireplace is sandwiched between ceiling-high book racks with oversized wall art. 

7: Opt For A Classic Mantel: 

Classic Mantel

Create French country living room vibes with this classic carved marble fireplace installed between the French-styled wall mouldings. Top off the classy look by hanging an oil painting above the fireplace mantel.

8: A Candy Pink Affair:

Candy Pink Affair

Bring some sparkle into your living room with an eye-catching pastel pink classic fireplace fixed against the black backdrop. Escort a matching wall mirror and make an overpowering statement by placing numerous accessories on the fireplace mantel. 

9: A Sleek, Tall Tower:

Sleek, Tall Tower

If you are lucky to have a double ceiling-height in your living room, use it to your advantage. Design a glamorous ceiling high feature wall in glossy black marble slabs with an integrated modern fireplace in black, for a dramatic chic look in your living room.

10: Beauty Of Quintessential Marbles:

Beauty Of Quintessential Marbles

This white marble fireplace is an epitome of high quality craftsmanship. Various steps of finally cut marble slabs, keeping the continuity of the pattern of the stone makes this fireplace a brilliant example of a modern living room fireplace, 

11: Keep It Mellow:

Keep It Mellow

In this super chic living room, the fireplace makes a mellow appearance in an all-white colour palette. Splashes of colours are added by a catchy wall art hung at the top of the fireplace, a throw blanket, and a few loose cushions.  

12: Bring-In The Country Vibes:

Bring-In The Country Vibes

The black and white geometric patterned tiled nook and the hearth against the teal wall provide the optimal backdrop for this black vintage fireplace. Also, a wall mounted-wood log topped with a dry leafy arrangement enhances the country living room vibes. 

13: Fabricate A Versatile Wall:

Fabricate A Versatile Wall

A multipurpose fashionable featured wall with a fireplace is all that your modern living room needs for an ultra-voguish look. In fact, placing a wall-mount TV above the fireplace is a brilliant idea to bring the focus towards the accent wall. 

14: Create A Melodramatic Corner:

Melodramatic Corner

Modern corner fireplaces with a clear glass front are among the rising trends in living room interiors. Place a floating solid wood border under the wall mounted-fireplace to add an oomph factor.

15: Closed-packed Yet Sung:

Closed-packed Yet Sung

Bring a small free-standing fireplace in black colour and glass front and sides, with a matching tiled hearth. Place a pair of comfy lounge chairs with throw blankets and an area rug, and a cosy corner is ready to rock in your living room. 

16: A Tasteful Union Of Fireplace and Settee:

Union Of Fireplace and Settee

This ceiling-high feature wall with glossy green tiles and a black fireplace makes a bold statement. The wooden base of the wall is extended as a settee with a cushioned top on one side and a decorative rack on the other.

17: Geometrical Shapes A Dramatic Lights:

In this ultra-modern living room, the slit-like black rectangular fireplace adds to the stylish black-and-white modern geometric drama. The whole autistic affair in this living room is further highlighted by a creative use of lighting. 

18: A Double-sided Fling:

Double-sided Fling

A double-sided glass fireplace which can also be used as a room separator is among the rising trends. Design an eye-catching marble dividing two rooms and mount your voguish fireplace. 

A Double-sided Fling

19: Stately Lines:

Stately Lines

Create a captivating display with tall, thin wooden planks like matchsticks, highlighting the black fireplace. Also, paint the living room in darker hues, keeping the spotlight on the fireplace wall.

20: Bring Outdoors Inside:

living room fireplace ideas

There are two high-lighting features in this glamorous living room. One is the big bare windows that bring nature inside, while the other is the quirky fireplace matching the outdoor ambience.

21: Put In Place An 80’s Inglenook: 

living room fireplace ideas

Opt for a vintage allure with a dazzling red boxed-shaped fireplace mounted against a white shiplap wall. Besides, stack a few extra logs underneath the fireplace to top off the look.

22: Build A Raised Platform:

living room fireplace ideas

Undoubtedly a stylish raised hearth in front of a classic nook of the fireplace, is a brilliant idea for placing a few decorative accessories around the fireplace.

23: Go For The Industrial Design:

living room fireplace ideas

Opt for industrial elegance in your living room, while wall mounting a black glass fireplace among concrete wall slabs. So, enhance the industrial style of the living room by adding a sleek floating wooden shelf highlighting the fireplace.

24: A Cute Boho Vibe:

living room fireplace ideas

Place in an endearing conical flask-shaped black fireplace while keeping the rest of the living room white. Hang a few bizarre bohemian artefacts to conclude the boho vibes of your living room.

25: Introduce A Bricky Border:

living room fireplace ideas

Here is the prettiest country living room with an accent fireplace. In fact, The brick border is applied in two different patterns around a period-looking black fireplace, and a classic mantelpiece makes this living room look cool.

After Thoughts:

A fireplace in the living room is one element that can transform the vibe of the whole room, so pick one that best matches the personality of your house. So, mix up some living room fireplace ideas and create one that matches you!


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