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Minimalist Modern Boho Living Room ~ 23 Ideas For A Chic Lifestyle:

Minimalist Modern Boho Living Room ~ 23 Ideas For A Chic Lifestyle

Minimalist and boho are two far-off entities, but if you are clever enough to create a stylish merger of this pair, trust us, you will elevate your living room style game to the next level. Also, minimalist modern boho living room is the mixed-breed of clean lines in a sleek geometry of minimalist style, zesty colours with bold textures of bohemian chicness showed off with modern aesthetics. 

Envision a living room with the beeline furniture arrangement with a few statement pieces, a mellow yet defining colour palette infused with raw wooden textures and distinct woven accessories. Yes, we are talking about a modern space with minimalist boho aesthetics. Certainly, there isn’t a bottomless stream of ideas for this discrete style. In fact, we assure you that we have plenty of surprises for you in store to create the avant-garde living room of your dreams.  

What is a modern boho style called?

minimalist modern boho living room

A modern boho style also famous with the slang ‘urban boho’ is a literal representation of an urban living room highlighted by bohemian elements. Besides, For a minimalist modern bohemian living room, mix and match contemporary furniture with rustic woven ones and rough, untreated materials, such as barn woods with polished wood, glass and other modern architectural elements. 

1: A Modern Boho Cottage:

A Modern Boho Cottage

This living room has all the characteristics of the minimalist, modern and bohemian style. Besides, The most serene grey and beige colour palette defines the tone. Also, the layout is minimalist, with just a few chunky and contemporary furniture pieces, under an overpowering wood-clad ceiling and coordinated doors.

2: French Country Boho:

French Country Boho

Design a modern boho living room inspired by the  French country living room. So, place a sleek velvet couch and a contracting chair in pale pink velvet for modern minimalist vibes. Also, Enhance the boho mood with woven patterned rug, indoor plants and coordinated wall art. 

3: Zesty Hues And Raw Textures:

Zesty Hues And Raw Textures

Follow the lead of the super chic minimalist modern boho living room corner. Now, Usher in a zesty orange double-sided sofa, complemented by the sage green wall paint, numerous tall indoor plants, a pair of identical lounge chairs. Also, put the raw wood log as a coffee table.

4: Opt For A Neutral Colour Palette:

minimalist modern boho living room

It is not necessary to infuse colours to create boho chic. Look at this clean, minimalist living room in subdued earthy tones. The large patterned loose cushion with matching wall art, numerous rattan baskets and a large woven area rug are the dominant boho elements in this modern living room.

5: Place Oversized Patterned Rugs:

Place Oversized Patterned Rugs

Create the mood with an oversized, hand-woven, patterned area rug to bring in colours and bold textures. Coordinate an accent wall with any complementing colour of your large area rug to zest up the look.

6: A Minimalist Black And White Story:

A Minimalist Black And White Story

The black-and-white colour palette is the unspoken token of contemporary styling. Create a sleek minimalist look following the black-and-white theme, and generate the bohemian touch with a bunch of patterned cushions and a tiny ethnic side table.

7: Quintessential With The Modern Twist:

Quintessential With The Modern Twist

Take inspiration from this chic, classic bohemian living room. But what makes this boho living room distinct is the minimalist furniture layout, white walls and no fuss. 

8: Adorn With Digital Art:

Adorn With Digital Art

Look at this ultra-chic minimalist modern boho living room. The ruling white colour palette depicts modernity, and the particular furniture items bring forth the minimalist approach. The best part is the digital wall art that escorts the colours and patterns with a few matching loose cushion whiffing of the musty aroma of boho glam.   

9: Make It Cosy And Floral:

Make It Cosy And Floral minimalist modern boho living room

A living room fireplace encircled by a pair of sleek lounge sofas and various boho elements is a brilliant idea. Top the fireplace mantel with selective bohemian accessories while keeping the rest of the living room modern and stylish. 

10: A Modern Bohemian Tale:

minimalist modern boho living room

Here is a glamorous living room corner, giving significant design inspiration. The modern furniture, highlighted by voguish accessories in a minimal layout, set the tone of straight-line minimalism. And an eye-catching patterned wallpaper, a large woven pouffe, and the coordinated patterned loose cushion are enough to originate strong boho vibes.

11: Follow The Minimalist Geometric Lines:

minimalist modern boho living room

Pick out a few furniture pieces encouraged by the mid-century living room design aesthetics and style them with boho glam. Keep the overall room minimalist and modern while keeping the focus on your unique furniture. 

12: Create The Crisp Country Air:

Create The Crisp Country Air

Opt for the electric blue and white colour scheme to fabricate the fresh country living room aura infused with the modern bohemian feel. In this beautiful living room, the blue patterned loose cushions, escorted by an oversized matching area, rug set the boho tone. And the tall cacti plant with the matching wall art and a raw wooden coffee table are the cherries at the top.

13: Oh So Boho:

minimalist modern boho living room

Design a modern boho living room with contemporary furniture keeping white as a dominating color with bold splashes of numerous warm and bright colors and patterns around the living room. 

14: Warm And Monochromatic:

Warm And Monochromatic

Design a living room fireplace infusing modern and boho aesthetics with a plain white mantel and rough bricks for the hearth. Now design the rest of the living room facing the fireplace in minimalist attire with a fusion of modern and ethnic furniture. 

15: The Japanese Sway With Modern Boho :

The Japanese Sway With Modern Boho

Take inspiration from Japanese interior aesthetics and combine it with boho elements for a mouthwatering, elegant space. Some of the eminent Boho elements are the plants, woven rugs, rattan baskets, use of wood and handmade stuff.

16: Paint The Door Verdant:

Paint The Door Verdant

Plan a living room place inspired by a hipster theme while keeping the boho chicness intact. In this prettiest living room, the focal point is the green door and the rest of the room is the complementing story of this green door. 

17: Brin In The Greens:

 Brin In The Greens

Plants are one of the ruling features of boho styling. Design a modern living room with deep blue walls and minimalist straight-line furniture and decorate with tall indoor plants all around the living room. 

18: Make A Statement With Patterns:

Make A Statement With Patterns

Ethnic patterns represent boho. Keep the furniture layout straightforward and minimalist while making the statement with layers of loose cushions in various patterns.

19: Stye With The Woven Coffee Table:

Stye With The Woven Coffee Table minimalist modern boho living room

This round cane coffee table is the highlight of this airy living room corner. Top it with round glass or leave it as it is to enhance the rustic boho feel in your modern living room.

20:Make It Artistic:

minimalist modern boho living room

Say you love colours and can’t imagine your modern minimalist boho living room with vibrant colours. Follow the lead of this beautiful boho living room and bring in the colours artistically through fabrics and artwork. 

21: Create Serene Corners:

minimalist modern boho living room

A little boho corner in a minimalist modern living room is another brilliant idea to combine two decor styles. Place a contemporary rocking chair and style it with various boho elements. For example patterned throw blankets and pillows, kilim rugs, plans and macrame wall hangings.

22: Expedite The Colour Game:

minimalist modern boho living room

Here is one more charming modern living room with a heavy dose of colours. The chunky straight-line furniture depicts the minimalist modern styling. Also, the contrasting colours speak loud and clear for the boho aesthetics.

23: A Power Play Of Floral And Geometric Prints:

A Power Play Of Floral And Geometric Prints minimalist modern boho living room

Floral and geometric patterns are the visual representations of boho styling. Fashion a cosy corner infusing the layer of contrasting patterns in complementing colours. Also, try keeping the design approach modern and minimalist. 

After Thoughts: 

So here ends the most fun and delicious roller coaster ride of minimalist modern boho living room ideas. Relish upon these carefully selected interior design ideas for you and fabricate an awe-inspiring living room space. 


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