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Mirror Wall Decor For Living Room [Tips To Make It Visually Larger]

If your living room appears dull and visually heavy, it is time to update it with a mirror. Mirrors are an understated decor element that can do wonders for the space. The reflective surface disperses the light through the space, making it appear visually larger. On the other hand, a nice frame strengthens the decor theme. Being quite versatile, the mirror wall decor for the living room can fit any style. This post reveals professional decor tips on how to make your living room airy and bright with the help of a mirror. Once you go through them, you will know how to implement this in your home. Let’s get started!

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Benefits of mirror wall decor for living room

A good mirror can work wonders for your living space. Firstly, mirrors have the power to transform space. The mirror’s reflective surface helps disperse the natural light through the area. This makes your home look light and airy, bringing positive vibes.

Another significant aspect of mirror wall decor for the living room is the spacious feel. Mirrors have the power to make the room look visually larger. Therefore, they are ideal for making your small living room appear more spacious. 

Mirrors are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Therefore you can always find the right fit for your style. A good mirror will flatter a modern farmhouse living room. Its sleek aesthetics will match contemporary styles. But also, mirrors can find their way into traditional and rustic styles. Simply said, any interior style will benefit from a stylish mirror. 

Mirrors can make a remarkable statement in your living room. Think of adding a bold design that becomes the main focal point. This simple decor item transforms the space, whether it is an intriguing shape or a detailed frame.

Decor enthusiasts like you appreciate that mirrors are affordable and easy to get. Whether you want to get a cheap mirror for an instant update or want to invest in a high-end option, you can always find the right fit for your needs. If you are lucky enough, you might find an excellent second-hand treasure. If You love antiques, check the Facebook marketplace or local thrift store to find any interesting pieces for cheap. 

Modern mirror wall decor for living room

The empty space above the sofa is excellent for adding a mirror. This spot is usually reserved for artwork, but you can step away from the traditional rules for a unique look. Despite adding depth to the space, a mirror looks modern and sophisticated. 

Modern mirror wall decor for living room

Full-length mirror

A full-length mirror is ideal for enhancing the awkward corner of your living room. For the ultimate visual touch, use the leaning method instead of hanging. The mirror doesn’t take much of your precious space but still adds the elegant look you’re going for. 

Emphasize the space

Even a simple mirror will do wonders for your small living room. It can trick the eye into seeing the room as bigger than it is. The reflection makes the space feel continuous, so designers often use this trick when working with small spaces. 

Mantel mirror decor

The fireplace is the natural focal point in the space. If you leave the area empty, it looks odd. Hanging a framed mirror above the mantel helps create visual balance and abs light to the room. A gorgeous square mirror with a golden frame adds elegance to your living room. 

The mirror wall decor for the living room is an excellent alternative for hanging art. Most of you usually go for wall art to fill the blank spot. However, the wall art can look too busy in some cases. If your mantel already has decorative details, add a mirror to let them be the main statement. 

Mirror Wall Decor For Living Room

Mirror gallery wall

Using a cluster of mirrors helps make a bold statement that becomes the main point of interest. For a simple and subtle choice, go for a set of three rattan mirrors. This setting is ideal for casual interior styles that appreciate a little dose of organic textures.

You can get a set of three-round mirrors to play it safe. They usually come in circular shapes and different sizes for visual appeal. But if you’re confident enough in your crafty skills, feel free to curate your gallery wall with mirrors. This is an excellent chance to show off your skills and make a remarkable statement in your living room. Use different mirrors to create a stunning collection that reflects your bold personality. However, make sure to keep a mutual point between them. You can use different types of frames but stick with the same shape. Or, you can go with different mirror shapes but keep the same frame style. Experiment with the shapes and sizes to find the ideal display for your space. 

Affordable mirror wall decor for living room

 If you have browsed for mirrors online, you might be surprised by the price tags. Yes, oversized mirrors often come with a high price tag. But this doesn’t have to mean that you should splurge on a new mirror. There is one helpful trick to create the large mirror you always wanted without spending a fortune. The small mirrors available at Ikea allow you to cover a large surface with mirrors. They are inexpensive and easy to install since all you need to do is stick them to the wall using adhesive tape. This helpful hack went viral all over social media as people were looking for an affordable way to do mirror wall decor. 

Affordable mirror wall decor for living room

Arched mirror 

Arched mirrors have taken the decor world by storm. Many decor enthusiasts and bloggers will place gorgeous arched mirrors in their living rooms. The new interior design trends revolve around adding flowy lines and soft silhouettes. Therefore, the curvy shape of this mirror is an ideal way to update your living space. 

Mirror wall decor for living room

Antique mirror frame 

A large mirror with a detailed frame adds timeless elegance to your interior. The antique frames are rich in detail, becoming a main focal point in your living room. To get an authentic piece, check the thrift stores and flea markets. You can find some great mirror frames for cheap there. 

Round mirror

A round mirror conveys luxury and sophistication to the space. The flowy shape perfectly contrasts the clean lines in a contemporary room. Add a round mirror over the fireplace for a stylish touch and elegance. Or, go for a mid-century modern round mirror above the console table. 

A good mirror with a round shape is ideal for a board and batten wall. The sleek round shape helps balance the harsh lines. 

Mirror wall decor for living room

Put it in the spotlight

A mirror has the power to put a specific object in the spotlight. It can reflect an appealing object and highlight its beauty. Therefore, find the perfect position that accentuates an exciting piece. It can be placed next to a fancy armchair. Or, you can place a mirror on the wall opposite your favorite piece of artwork. However, a mirror can be used to reflect the outdoors. A good mirror hanging next to the window will reflect the lush greenery. The perfect way to bring the outdoors inside for a while. Either way, you get the point that a mirror can be an accent way to highlight your lovely decor or landscape.

Tinted mirror

When choosing mirror wall decor for the living room, you can make it stand out. A tinted mirror helps you define your interior style and a distinctive look. A gray tint is ideal for modern spaces that convey luxury. Rose gold is another excellent choice for making your mirror stand out.  

Fake window

A mirror that imitates a window is a charming wall decor piece. The fake window is ideal for traditional styles that crave a dose of charm. The gorgeous framed mirrors behind the armchairs add a finishing touch to this living room design. 

Mirror wall decor for living room

Where to place a mirror in your living room?

The position of a mirror in your living room depends on the room and its design. You would want to position the mirror so that it reflects the light. Or, you can place it in a spot that feels empty. Step back and take a look at your living room. The space above the sofa, the mantel, or any awkward wall is ideal for adding a mirror. You can also achieve a gallery wall effect by mixing and matching different mirrors to cover a big wall. 


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