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Modern coastal bedroom styles

Best Modern Coastal Bedroom Styles Inspirations For You

Looking for inspiration to create a bedroom we have only seen in the famous show Keeping Up With The Kardashian? Then you are at the right place. The coastal bedroom style is one trending style that looks contemporary and elegant. But Modern coastal bedroom styles is on the top of the list.

Since the style focuses on soothing color patterns, natural materials as decorative pieces, and clean, organized space, modern coastal bedrooms offer a chance to create beachy aesthetics in the middle of your house. 

Let’s explore some key elements of designing a coastal bedroom. You will learn everything from color palettes to furniture designs and decorative pieces for a perfect modern coastal bedroom.

Best Modern Coastal Bedroom Styles Inspirations For You

Best Coastal Bedroom Inspirations

The beauty of creating modern coastal bedroom styles is you can create a lot with limited articles only. From tropical to nautical styles, the choices are unlimited, and they all will make you feel fresh and relaxed any time of the day. 

So, let’s get started:

1. Combine the whites with the earthy tones

Bring in the natural textures and materials that will complement each other. A white duvet cover, pillows, and wooden furniture pieces, such as a dresser or a bedside table, are your best shots since they give an earthy and organic feel. 

Bring in some handmade jute vases or bottles to provide a touch of the natural world and create an aesthetic that will compliment the earthy tones. A dark brown rug will add a deeper shade of sand to the room decor for warmth and coziness.

Combine the whites with the earthy tones Modern coastal bedroom styles

2. Use tranquil blue hues of the tropics

One trending coastal tip for a modern space is to use the tranquil blue hues of the tropic for your bedroom space to create a space that promotes serenity and never-ending calmness. Infusing the subtle elements of tropical blue in your room will transport you to the cool beaches without leaving your room. 

The sight of beautiful tropical bedsheets and pillows reflects the serene blue waters of the ocean.

Add a darker shade of blue for a duvet cover to enhance the oceanic vibes and create a balanced and refreshing environment.

Use tranquil blue hues of the tropics

3. Add nautical decorative pieces

If you are a sea lover who dreams of being near the sea all the time, then it’s time to add some timeless nautical decorative pieces around the house. The possibilities are endless, from captain wheels as a centrepiece to rustic wooden ships and anchor-style lamps. A captain’s wheel as a centrepiece reflects the adventures the sea promises, and rustic wooden ships add vintage style to your space. You can also add a charm of the sea with the blue and white bed sheets and quilts over the bed. Following the appropriate coastal style guidelines will promise your room a serene, peaceful ambience.

Use tranquil blue hues of the tropics

4. Woven rattan room decor

Add a timeless and elegant touch to your bedroom decor with woven decor pieces. The pieces create a powerful presence and majestic charm in the atmosphere, from the woven rattan side table to the rustic pot holders or the intricately designed pendant lamps. Woven decor is versatile and can create the best modern coastal interior designs. The natural texture of rattan creates a warm, inviting atmosphere to unwind peacefully after a hectic day.

Woven rattan room decor Modern coastal bedroom styles

5. Give a subtle touch of navy blue

Instead of saturating the entire room with blue sprinkles, some aspects of navy blue around the space reflect the gushing blue waves of the ocean. The blue-striped pullover and the horizontal blue stripes on the cushion cover add just the right amount of blue to your room. 

Complement these accents with blue-hued artwork on the walls, a cool-toned light fixture on the ceiling, and a curtain of different blues to add coolness and sophistication to the room. The room has a clean, organized, and soothing ambiance to make anyone feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

By applying the calculated amount of blue to your room decor, you can create a space that promises the peace and tranquility of the ocean.

Give a subtle touch of navy blue Modern coastal bedroom styles

6. Nautical painted oars for decoration

It’s mesmerizing how you can repurpose something as mundane as oars into a stunning work of art! Have you ever thought hand-painted wooden oars could make a unique and eye-catching decorative piece for your bedroom wall? Well, I do not believe so. 

The deep blue hues of oars can effortlessly blend in with the printed cushions on your bed. To create a sense of harmony and balance in your room, consider adding deep blue cushions to complement the oars and create a cohesive color scheme.

Take coastal style trends to the next level and introduce blue and white striped bed sheets and oval pillows that will reflect your love for the sea and help tie in all the design elements of your room. 

With a bit of creativity, you can transform wooden oars into an eye-catching piece of art that is sophisticated and modern at the same time.

Nautical painted oars for decoration

7. Hanging bed idea

Who said you could not enjoy the happiness of swing in adulthood? Turn your dream into a reality with a coastal-style hanging bed. The rough Scandinavian luxury furniture style is the first thing you must try for your coastal-inspired beach home

The white brick wall and the brown wooden planks for the bed create a coastal setting we had only imagined in our dreams. 

The setting looks peaceful and comfortable for a great, cozy night’s sleep. The fur blanket with different soft color pillows looks welcoming and is the perfect epitome of comfort. 

Hanging bed idea

8. Single-color decorative wall

Choosing a bright blue color for the main wall might seem absurd, but we can assure you it can create the best possible outcome you have ever imagined. You can adorn the wall with interesting art pieces seamlessly blending with the unique color scheme. 

However, hanging a modern lamp as a main piece of decor in the room and the console table with beautiful vases create a sense of grandeur and elegance. 

As the eyes move around the room, different scattered plants artistically add a touch of nature and life to your bedroom and the living room, laundry room, and kitchen. The smartest thing about this type of bedroom is repurposing the wooden ladder for a towel hanging, which also looks functional, artistic, and creative. 

Besides, the striped pullover and the printed small sofa on the floor create a great combination with the gray rug that looks comfortable and cozy.

Single-color decorative wall

9. Keep your views open and clear

If your house is at sea view front, or even if not, and you aim to create a coastal style for your bedroom, it’s best to get the best use of your patio or windows. You can use flowing curtains to add a flowy atmosphere to the room. Besides, it also allows natural light during the day, making the room feel airy and heavenly. Similarly, an open environment with natural light flowing in removes the need for artificial lighting and fixtures. 

Keep your views open and clear

10. Add a Turquoise Effect

Printed Turquoise curtains let you enhance the overall personality of your room ten folds. If you want to add an element of uniqueness to your bedroom, this color can do wonders for you. Pair the curtains with the throw blanket on the bed and the little cushions.

The further striped pillows bring the exact balance of color and sophistication to the room. Also, this will be your perfect Modern coastal bedroom styles of all.

The coolness and calmness of the white and greens refresh the room and give your mornings a beautiful warm welcome.

Add a Turquoise Effect

Final Thoughts

After exploring different styles and settings for a modern coastal bedroom, I believe a coastal-style bedroom promises uniqueness. Exactly like, a refreshing sense and an artistic way of designing your room. Mixing the soft hues of blue, green, and beige with the natural textures of ropes, yarn, and jute, along with nautical elements, you can create a living space that is exceptionally appealing, contemporary, and sophisticated at the same time. 

So,  do not question your will to go for a visual style modern bedroom because the results you will get will be as mesmerizing as possible. 

Revamp your bedroom with Modern coastal bedroom styles for an inviting, cozy space you will cherish for years.


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