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modern coastal laundry room trends

Creating the Perfect Laundry Room: A Guide on Modern Coastal Laundry Room Trends

The term “laundry room” is often utilized to denote the washrooms placed in coastal dwellings such as cabinets, cottages, and lake houses. Dish towels, beach towels, soiled clothes, used bedding, and other linens around the house can all be cleaned. A laundry room or other designated cleaning space in your coastal house is necessary since sand particles will accumulate rapidly, notably after your beach visit. But modern coastal laundry room trends can make ordinary rooms fascinating.

The laundry area will most likely feature a washing machine and dryer that you must accommodate. To save room and take advantage of high ceilings, stack these on top of each other. Alternatively, you could put them next to one another to simplify accessibility.

Creating the Perfect Laundry Room: A Guide on Modern Coastal Laundry Room Trends

Importance of Coastal Laundry Rooms 

Designing an interior in a coastal design requires using a color palette and themes inspired by the coast. Everyone loves the “modern coastal” aesthetic, in which a house is designed to look classier and more up-to-date than a traditional seashore laundry room.

It’s fine to stick with more conventional furnishings if that makes you content. Rather than being busy and congested, today’s coastal interiors opt for a more minimalist and soothing aesthetic.

Contemporary coastal laundry room styles emphasize smooth airflow to create a breezy atmosphere. These beachfront accessories can turn your environment into a walking seaside paradise.

Seashells, blue glass bottles, and starfish decorations are perfect for beach-themed laundry rooms. Driftwood coat hooks give a casual coastal vibe. You can add jute laundry baskets, white cupboards, wicker towel holders, wooden shelving, and sea-themed decorations.

Sliding barn doors and animal-themed maritime barriers form a lovely seaside laundry room.

Blue-tinted walls, white sinks, oak cabinets, glass bottles, and patterned curtains can enrich your room. Depending on its layout, you can decorate your laundry room with modern coastal paintings and fixtures. Read here for modern coastal laundry room trends.

Let’s quickly check out some creative real-life examples of contemporary seaside laundry room designs and get your thoughts rolling.

1. Blue Cabinets

Decorating a coastal laundry room sometimes involves installing blue cupboards. In whatever hue you like, blue laundry cabinets will instantly infuse your space with a timeless coastal aesthetic. The blue cabinetry in the laundry room will look lovely against the white walls and the gorgeous curving blue pattern floor tile.

Blue Cabinets

2. Animated Ocean Waves

This one-of-a-kind wallpaper mimics the effect of ocean waves in a contemporary style. This oceanic wallpaper would be perfect for a laundry room accent wall. To soften the intensity of the space, a white table lamp and some white cabinets would do the trick. Put in some plants to counteract the dominance of blue.

Animated Ocean Waves

3. Coastline Rugs

Put an area rug in your laundry room to make it more comfortable to spend time there. It can help keep your feet dry after a trip to the beach and make the room feel cozier. Nonetheless, lovely seaside area rugs compact enough to fit in a laundry room are widely obtainable.

4. Apron-Front Sink

With adequate space, apron-front sinks are tremendously beneficial in coastal laundry rooms. If you’ve got some stains to get out before throwing your garments in the washer, you can do so here. Hand washing is also a possibility for any delicate items you possess.

Moreover, it’s profoundly convenient to have a washbasin in the washing room.

Apron-Front Sink

5. Blue Floor Pattern Tile

Installing lovely blue floor tiles is a phenomenal way to inject coastal flair into your laundry area. Because of its lack of prominence, this space would benefit from adding decorative floor tiles in a charming pattern. Also, experiment by incorporating some blank white into the design if you choose a floor tile with many patterns.

Blue Floor Pattern Tile

6. Patterned Tile Backsplash

The use of stripes in a coastal setting is a common theme. Using a square tile with a striped pattern would be a lovely way to adorn the backsplash in your laundry room. It is observed that the lovely nautical laundry room includes such a pattern.

7. Blue Door

Changing the color of the door to the laundry room is a relatively easy method to update the space. The room will look and feel completely different after just one easy alteration. Matching the door’s color with patterned floor tiles is another idea for the design. Among the many possible ways to decorate a coastal laundry room, this is one of the most effortless and distinctive.

8. Blue Grout Splashback

Using blue grout for the backsplash in the laundry room is yet another option to make a bold statement. Blue grout highlights the white chevron pattern on the tiles. Because of this minimal change, the laundry area will have so much personality and charm.

9. Storage Using Jute Baskets

Look for jute baskets to serve your needs for storing and organizing your laundry. These storage baskets come in various sizes and forms, giving the area a coastal aesthetic. Jute is a popular unifying element used in coastal interior design. They’re suitable for the top shelf or atop your washers and dryers.

Patterned Tile Backsplash

10. Fish Skin Tiles

Fish skin scale tile is undoubtedly an excellent ornament for a coastal-themed wall covering. The rounded tile, popularly known as “mermaid tile,” is so named because it resembles the scales of a fish or a mermaid. With its beachy undertones, it’s versatile for the laundry room. This lovely shade of blue is just right.

Fish Skin Tiles

11. Wall Plaques

Laundry rooms come in various designs, but they all share one thing: they can benefit from wall signs. A cursive “Laundry” sign or an old-fashioned blue metal “Laundry Room” sign are only two possible signs.

Wall Plaques

12. Make It Work for Multiple Purposes

One final suggestion for the coastal laundry room design is doubling the space as a home office. The built-in workstation and storage cabinets below make this laundry room suitable for use as a compact home office. The sea view front feel is complete with a rattan chair.

Make It Work for Multiple Purposes

Briefly Summarized

Since laundry is a regular household chore, a separate room for designing coastal laundry is a sensible choice. The area needed for the laundry room can also be minimized, allowing you to make it a more seamless part of your home.Choosing a design and layout for your laundry room is not a simple task. There’s a lot to think about rationally, and it’s natural to be overwhelmed by all the creative possibilities. The modern coastal laundry room trends presented here should make it easier to plan a laundry area in your home.


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