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Modern Living Room Shelf Decor Ideas To Personalize Your Space

Shelves are a desired design feature for any home. The living room shelving is a versatile element that helps you personalize the space according to your wishes. With being versatile enough, it can fit various interior styles. Whether you prefer modern, traditional, or rustic, you can always find the way that works for your home. If you want your living room shelf decor to look like a professional did it, we have some Modern living room shelf decor ideas. Make sure to go through practical tips and tricks and curate your shelves like a pro decorator!

Define the color scheme

Displaying decor on your shelves will add personality to the living room. However, it has to be a down reply to stand out. Otherwise, your shelving will look cluttered and messy. To ensure you do the right thing, look at our examples. What can you spot in them? The mutual thing about the curated living room shelf decor you see on Pinterest is the cohesive colors. Decorators like to choose a few colors for their decor and stick to them. With this, the decor looks cohesive and intentional. 

Modern living room shelf decor ideas

Carefully chosen items

When talking about living room shelf decor, it is essential to remember one crucial rule. Only the carefully chosen items get to be displayed. Some items need to add sentimental value to your decor, whether it is your precious keepsakes or souvenirs that remind you of your travels. 

Play with the sizes

The crucial thing for creating living room shelf decor is using items of varying heights and sizes. This is one of the secret tricks interior designers won’t tell you. When choosing the things you want to display, make sure to go with different sizes. The large items will go in the back. You can fill the space with smaller items as you build up around. With this, you create a sense of dimension, which results in the professional look you are after. Modern living room shelf decor ideas basically starts from here!

Play with the sizes

Layered look 

Another important thing for creating elegant living room shelf decor is layering. As you can see from our examples, every shelf is curated to perfection thanks to positioning objects at various levels. Place a large object in the background to make the decor look fuller. Then, set the medium-sized things in front. With this, you achieve the desired look, and your shelving looks stylish. 

Add leaning frames

Choosing the items to display can be tricky. But you can stick with a few essential things and build up around them. Leaning frames can be a great way to start your curated living room shelf decor. Whether you want to display art, prints, or personal photos, it is an excellent way to add your touch to the decor. As mentioned, adding something that means to you brings character to your space. Add one large and one smaller frame next to each other, ensuring they are overlapping. With this trick, you achieve the layered look we already talked about. Feel free to change the frames whenever you want to switch the decor. 

Add leaning frames

Mix various textures

When choosing the items you want to display, mind the textures. Introducing items with varying finishes creates the designer’s look without much effort. Feel free to implement something rough, shiny, and natural to achieve the desired effect. How can you make a tasteful mix of textures for your living room shelf decor? Wicker baskets bring an organic vibe to your decor. Glass vases oppose the rough texture with the shiny surface and are pretty versatile. Next, you can add a wooden set for the unfinished look. The different finishes are vital to avoiding the decor looking flat and dull. 

Mix various textures

Introduce greenery

Another great way to enhance your living room shelf decor is to use greenery. If you are a house plant enthusiast, this is a great chance to show off your collection. Feel free to display your green babies and let them become the main focal point. However, there is one thing to keep in mind. The amount of light the plants get can vary, so be sure to get the right plant for the specific position. Some like to add a few planters with their favorite succulents, as these don’t require much sunlight to thrive. Another great option is to enhance your shelf decor with cactuses. Others will step forward and add climbing plants spread over the shelving. This achieves the effect of a green jungle, perfect for greenery lovers.

Introduce greenery Modern living room shelf decor ideas

Add storage boxes

Adding decorative storage boxes is a great way to break down the look. This option is excellent if your living room shelf decor has too many details. You will tone down the look and provide extra storage space for concealing your clutter. 

Candles decor

Candles are another universal decor item to add to your curated decor. Why are decor enthusiasts obsessed with candles? Firstly, they are available in a wide range of colors and shapes. Therefore you can easily find the right fit for that empty spot on your shelf. Next, they smell lovely. Even if you don’t light the aromatic candles, they will spread a subtle smell through the space. Lastly, they are very affordable. To introduce visual interest, go for candles with different shapes. 

Candles decor Modern living room shelf decor ideas


Books are versatile decor item that suits any style. Adding books to enhance your living room shelf decor is very easy. I like to group my books in stacks of three or five. According to professional decorators, the odd numbers look appealing to the eye. Add book stacks on a few spots to create visual balance. You can play with the stacks and position some horizontally for variance. 

Another essential thing to consider when decorating with books is the color scheme. You should carefully pick your books so they match your style and colors. If your home is traditional or rustic, old books will ideally complement the vibe. But if your home is modern, you will discover that worn-out books can look outdated. In such cases, feel free to update the covers with wrapping paper. This is a simple and inexpensive project to tackle, even if you don’t have the experience. 

Books Modern living room shelf decor ideas


Adding repetitive elements through your living room shelf decor is a great way to make it look appealing. One of the secrets I learned from professional decorators is that repetitive objects look appealing to the eye. But how to execute this? You can visually divide the shelving into parts. Fill every part individually, and make sure to repeat them. For example, you can add a book stack on the top and bottom shelf. Or, add a round object in two spots. Develop a pattern and repeat it through your shelving to create symmetrical decor that looks like a pro has done it.

Modern living room shelf decor ideas

Seasonal living room shelf decor

I explained how to mix and match the different decor to create your living room shelf decor. The year-round decor is basic and suits your style. But sometimes, you want to give it a quick update. If you are a decor lover like I am, you certainly decorate your home for the holidays. The living room shelf is a primary point of interest, so I like to dress it up in the holiday spirit. 

When you have essential decor items such as candles, books, and decorative boxes, you have a plain background to start with. The classic decor suits every season; you don’t need to remove it. Instead, I add a few finishing touches to bring the festive spirit. For spring, add bunny decorations and flower arrangements. Feel free to introduce color to freshen your home and get the spring vibes.

When I want to update the decor for the summer season, sea motifs are a must. Feel free to add the sea shells you collected on your last vacation. Also, add framed prints with beach or anything else that reminds you of summer. When the summer ends, it is time for these to go into deep storage. In fall, it is all about earthy colors and pumpkins. Add a few items to customize the shelf decor and update it to the season. Adding a few things is simple when you have an introductory decor vignette. 

When you think you need something new, switch the items. Find a new pattern using the same things, giving your living room an updated look. Or feel free to switch with new decor. Check your local thrift store and see for Modern living room shelf decor ideas. You can find a unique set to update your shelfie there.


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