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Corner shower shelf tile idea

2023 Bathroom Design Trend: Shower Shelf Tile Ideas for a Spa-Like Feel

Do you want to update your bathroom with a modern feature? The shower shelf is here for aesthetics but also supports your bathroom functionality. The tasteful design makes a beautiful statement in the shower while providing storage space for your necessities. The shower shelf is ideal for storing soap, shampoo, and conditioner for those with plenty of bathing products. But also, the shelf is perfect for displaying decor and adding shower shelf tile ideas to your bathroom.

Don’t know how to execute trend in your bathroom? Make sure to go through our shower shelf tile ideas and pick your favorite option!

Corner shower shelf tile ideas

Corner shower shelf tile

Consider the cute corner shelves if you need extra storage space in your bathroom. With their help, you can easily organize your shampoo and conditioner. The shelf is available in different materials, so you can choose the one that best fits your style. The elegant marble corner shelves stand out nicely against the hexagon tiles.

Subway shower shelf tile ideas

Subway shower shelf tile

The white subway tile is a classic choice for any bathroom style. The crisp white and intriguing tile pattern are a combo that never goes out of style. If you wish to add visual interest, play with the inside of the shelf. The mosaic tile adds depth to your shower design, becoming the ultimate decorative touch.

Shower ledge

Shower ledge

The shower ledge is a shelf that corns naturally due to the wall design. It is seamlessly blended into the shower design, becoming part of it. The designers used the same tile choice for this feature to be more subtle, which fits this shower’s minimalist vibe.

Decor tip: For a decorative statement, make sure to get a good set of glass shampoo bottles. Stacking your shampoos in their original plastic package will create a cluttered look. Instead, you want to opt for a stylish setting that fits your bathroom style.  

Triple shower niche

Triple shower niche

If you wish extra storage space to fit your toiletry collection, go for a couple of smaller built-in shelves. One is enough for shampoo and conditioner, and the second is ideal for perfume and cologne. The third small shelf is perfect for displaying decorative candles. This setting looks tasteful as the designer’s minded proportion. The subtle marble and gray herringbone tile convey high-end vibes to this bathroom design. 

Gray shower shelf tile ideas

Gray shower shelf tile

If you’re looking for shower shelf tile ideas to fit your modern bathroom, this example reveals the decor tricks. The light gray tiles add a contemporary vibe to this shower design. The geometric tile outlines the shelves, making them stand out. A perfect way to make a statement in a simple design without crowding the space with too much detail.

2023 Bathroom Design Trend: Shower Shelf Tile Ideas for a Spa-Like Feel

Herringbone and hexagon tile

Herringbone and hexagon tile

If you’re looking for bold shower shelf tile ideas, feel free to mix a few different types. Herringbone and hexagon tiles are some of the trending options to pick. Try both if you aren’t sure which would be a better fit. We love how the designers create a bold yet sophisticated combination in this example. The gray herringbone tile for the wall adds a contemporary feel to the shower design. The crisp white hexagon tiles stand out with their gorgeous shape, outlined with a black edge.

Moroccan bathroom design

Moroccan bathroom

If you wish to add personality to your bathroom design, play with detailed tiles. Moroccan tiles make a bold statement with their exquisite patterns. The intricate pattern inside the built-in shelf adds dimension, while the blue tiles outline it. The result is a tasteful design full of character.

Shower niche with glass shelves

Shower niche with glass

If fitting a shower shelf seems awkward for your space, go for a long rectangular design. Introduce glass shelves to maximize the storage space and add elegance to the design. The tile choice is kept consistent for a simple yet sophisticated look. Feel free to play with plants that tolerate high humidity for a touch of visual interest. 

Modern farmhouse design

Modern farmhouse

This is the one to consider if you’re looking for shower shelf tile ideas for your modern farmhouse bathroom design. The built-in shower niche extends to the end of the walls for a sleek look. The barely there shelf is seamlessly incorporated into the design and does not disrupt the crisp beauty of subway tile while providing storage space. 

Marble shower shelf tile ideas

Marble shower shelf tile

Marble is a classic that adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom design. We love how they created amazing marble shelves inside. The trick is to use a single marble tile to achieve the desired effect. The cool-toned white tiles and subtle marble pattern create a timeless display.

Mosaic tile shower shelf

Mosaic tile shower

To make a remarkable statement, introduce mosaic tiles to your shower niche. Go for a vivid color that stands out for a dramatic look. The gorgeous teal tiles stand out against the white tile, adding a pop of color to this shower design. 

Built-in lighting

Built-in lighting

If you’re going for a high-end look, then consider our helpful trick. Installing recessed lighting and aligning the corners of your bathroom shelving achieves a beautiful effect. Since the light highlights the objects on your shelves, you would want to display only the best. Again, a stylish set of bottles is highly required for this. But you can also use decorative accessories such as elegant storage jars and wooden brushes. 

Floating shelf

Floating shelf

If you can’t execute built-in shelves, it doesn’t have to mean you should give up the idea. A thin floating frame in the shower won’t disrupt the refined aesthetics you are after. Go for a bold tile pattern and choose a subtle material for your shelf. 

Hexagon shower shelf tile ideas

Hexagon shower shelf

If you are so much in love with the hexagon tile, like many decor enthusiasts, consider this outstanding design. The classic white subway tile is best for primary wall tile choice. The small hexagon tiles are used for the built-ins but extend to the walls. The simple design makes the walls visually wider, and the shower feels roomier. 

Sleek shelving

Sleek shelving

A walk-in shower feels refined, thanks to the lack of details. To follow this vibe, introduce sleek shelving that follows the same style. The tall vertical shelf with built-ins is an elegant choice that complements contemporary styles.

Arched shower shelf

Arched shower shelf

When you need unique shower shelf tile ideas to become the main focal point in the bathroom, consider the latest trend. A built-in arched shelf is an appealing feature that becomes the main point of attention. The curvy shape adds visual interest to the design, and the wooden shelve introduces a touch of warmth. The feature is ideal for placing outside the shower, as it can serve as extra storage space for fresh towels. 

A touch of blue

A touch of blue

Blue is the perfect choice for a bathroom as it adds serenity. The elegant tiles stand out against the marble wall tiles with their gorgeous color and texture. Choosing a statement color is perfect if you wish to spice up the design. For a cohesive approach, make sure to add blue accents throughout the space. You can use the same tiles for other design features in your bathroom. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a shower shelf called?

A built-in shelf in your shower is called a shower niche. It is a recessed shelf built into the wall for a sleek and refined look. The shelf can be there for pure aesthetics or as extra space for storing shampoo bottles.

Can you pair different tiles for your shower shelf?

You can play with different tile choices for a bold and intriguing look. Choose a subtle pattern as a base for the wall tiles. Then you can introduce a busier pattern to highlight the built-in shelves and add depth.

Is a shower shelf a good idea?

Shower shelves are an excellent feature for modern bathrooms. You can certainly use them to design for a sophisticated look. The shelf provides enough space for your toiletries, so you don’t need to install bulky shower storage options. The built-in shelf is perfect for modern and minimalist styles that focus on displaying fewer details.

Should the shower shelf be a different tile?

The shower shelf tile choice depends on your taste. Some like to choose the same wall tile for a uniform look. Others prefer to keep it playful and introduce a bold tile choice for the built-in shelf. No matter which option you choose, be sure that the shower shelf will make a bold statement. 

What is the shower shelf called?

The shower shelf is referred to as a shower niche or a recess. It is a recessed part in the wall covered with tiles used for extra storage. 


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