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The Most Creative Living Room Bookshelf Idea

The Most Creative Living Room Bookshelf Ideas

Even if we are living in a digital age, nothing beats the feeling of holding and even smelling a book in your hands. There are still a lot of us out there who want to display good books in our personal spaces at home. Living room bookshelf is one of them.

Libraries at home, whether it’s a tiny one in the nook or a spacious one in a separate room, are so much more private compared to university or public libraries, which are frequently large and opulent (but not any less gorgeous). 

However, the good thing about private libraries is that you can style them in any way you like it. Simply find a focal point like a cozy sitting area, a desk, or a fire pit to make the atmosphere as impressive as the books on your shelves. 

There is still a timeless appeal to bookcases these days, so it’s no surprise why there’s a wide selection of options to choose from in the market. Some of the most appreciated styles are modern and innovative bookshelves. They’re amazing pieces to add to your home to give it more of a unique look. 

If you’re interested in having that unique vibe in your space, we’ve compiled some of our most stunning home libraries to serve as an inspiration for your personal reading retreat. Learn how to build bookcases for your home library to feature your favorite titles in a well-lit and also well-designed room.

Choosing the Right Style and Materials

Choosing the Right Style and Materials

Before we start sharing living room bookshelf ideas to try for your living room, let’s discuss the best styles and materials to use first.

You have multiple choices to choose from. For modern bookcases, it’s ideal to use solid walnut or exotic woods like Teak or Sheesham or even go for bamboo. These are great picks for customization. For styles, you can go for ethnic, industrial, or vintage themes while using these wood choices and supplementing them with iron elements.

Let’s now check out some of the most creative bookshelf ideas and tips for you:

1. Express Your Personality with a Customized Design

Express Your Personality with a Customized Design

To be creative means to express yourself in authentic ways. Add a touch of your own personality by customizing your content. However, make sure that the customized style you’re going for still matches the theme and design of the overall space. To give you some examples, you can check out Henrique Steyer’s stunning ZigZag Bookshelf, an excellent addition that adds creativity to your space without separating from the overall feel of the house. 

This tip may overwhelm you, but if you narrow down what you like and match it with the style of your home, you can easily find options. You can check out ideas on bespoke shelves and see which styles catch your attention. This is the best route to take when you want to customize your living room bookshelf since bespoke shelves are excellent bases for you to express your creativity on. Add accessories, paint unique colors, and include a statement piece on your shelf, and you’ll have a bookshelf worthy of admiration. 

2. Squeeze Narrow Shelves in Tight Spots

One excellent way of maximizing tight spaces is to add narrow shelves for your bookcase. Awkward and unused spaces have their potential when you use them creatively. Simply add customized shelves to any space-tight space that you want to highlight and start designing. Most of the time, these are areas at the back of the sofa or in an awkward corner of the room.

The good news is that you can easily uplift a sad, useless space into something beautiful and eye-catching. You can do this by making as a display area too apart from it being a living room bookshelf. Include pottery, photos, and sentimental items to make it even more special. However, don’t forget to go for tonal hues to complement the area, and for a seamless look, you can paint your shelves with the same color are your walls. A pro tip when designing is to add first larger pieces of designs. After that, put smaller ornamental pieces at the front of the shelves and add pieces of artwork at the back to make the shelves look fuller and more interesting.

3. Opt for a Built-in Bookshelf

Opt for a Built-in Books

If your living room is oddly shaped, it may be difficult to find off-the-rack storage that would match your needs. By choosing custom shelving, you can create a piece of furniture that perfectly fits your needs and is created just for you. Try living room bookshelf!

A clean row of cubbyhole shelves will neatly fill a tiny space in a small living room. It will blend in better and give the room a greater appearance if you paint it the same color as the walls. Style shelves with brightly colored accents to fit your design, and position shelves so that they are just a little bit higher than the tallest object you’ll be storing there.

4. Go for Floating Shelves

Go for Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are one of the greatest ways to showcase your books while also saving space, making them ideal for a study or bedroom. Installing them closer to the ceiling will keep them out of the way and will reduce clutter.

You can even buy contemporary invisible floating bookshelves like the ones shown above from CLU Living. Their frames are typically light and non-bulky. Floating shelves are fairly common, and you can find them in the majority of significant hardware retailers, including Bunnings. Due to their simple installation, they make a great DIY project.

5. Consider a Wall Bookshelf with Easy-Grab-Holding Baskets

With lots of areas to store books, toys, and games, a row of open shelves is a terrific easy-access alternative for a family living room. Children’s items should be placed on lower shelves and adult items should be placed higher up so that small children may readily access them.

Fill wall space with tall and short shelving while leaving a showcase area open. In order to keep smaller items hidden and debris out of sight, add a few fabric tubs or woven storage baskets to open shelves to keep them tidy and organized.

6. Go the Spatial Way

Go the Spatial Way

The bookcase in the living area serves a much greater purpose than simply being an attractive addition. It may assist in storing everything that is extra and provides the ideal location to put the numerous books and periodicals you have scattered over the house. When used in conjunction with modular storage cabinets that gradually increase storage space, it can also serve as a clever room divider. The modest living room’s corner floating shelves provide lots of value without being visually distracting.

7. Try the Hidden Door Bookshelf Design

Try the Hidden Door Bookshelf Design

Okay, this one might resemble something from Scooby Doo more than it does a real-world residence. But give it a shot—entertaining, it’s different, and can infuse your home with a sense of mystery that will keep all of your visitors spellbound. Additionally, it’s a terrific way to conserve space since you won’t need to cram a large bookcase into the space. Unsurprisingly, such a door is rather pricey.

8. Put the Area under Your Staircase Into Good Use

Put the Area under Your Staircase Into Good Use

A good approach to transforming the small, empty space beneath your stairs into a gorgeous showcase is by adding a bookcase with storage. The one in this image appears to be a hidden entrance to paradise. This bookshelf provides plenty of room for storing your books as well as organizing other items. This pattern further breaks up the room’s monochromatic color scheme, giving it an exceedingly elegant appearance. If you don’t have a designated study or you’re a little space-constrained, think about this bookshelf concept.

9. Display a Wall Bookshelf

An affordable yet fashionable alternative for living room shelving ideas is easy-up floating shelves. Stack longline floating shelves across one wall’s width to create a whole wall of storage.

Set up your first shelf at around tabletop height to begin. When placed next to a sofa or armchair, it serves as both a display surface and a place to rest a lamp or cup of tea.

Include a few lidded boxes and baskets among your display pieces to maintain order on open shelves. To prevent surfaces from seeming unkempt or acting as a dust magnet, use them to contain little amounts of clutter.

10. Double Your TV Area as a Bookshelf

Double Your TV Area as a Bookshelf

Most living rooms must have TV storage, but doing it properly can be challenging. Modern flat-screen TVs are frequently rather huge, and if you’re not careful, they may take over the entire room.

Create a whole wall of living room bookshelves and media storage to include the TV in your design plan. The TV is less obtrusive and overwhelming when set against a dark background because it merges in with the decor. A combination of open and closed shelving provides room for display as well as a place to stow the less-than-appealing items.

11. Find a Symmetrical Arrangement within Cubies

It’s noteworthy to notice that bookshelves don’t necessarily need to be stocked with books. Many of these pieces serve as curio shelves, and when combined with thick, rich books, they produce a striking scene.

This room’s cubbies include accessories that are carefully put and all centered, giving the home office a classy appearance. The muted color scheme is carried within the shelves as well; neither the books nor the trinkets add any additional color punch. The aesthetic is homogeneous and well-coordinated overall.

12. Style with Aesthetics in Mind

Style with Aesthetics in Mind

Make sure the bookshelf you select enhances the living room’s overall design and appeal. Make sure your bookcase is constructed utilizing the same hardwood tones if your home is primarily covered in wood. Smart, modular solutions that feel much more urbane are available for those who desire a more refined appearance. The bookshelf can make a big impact when used properly, whether the decor is current industrial style or shabby chic.

13. Switch Things up with an Odd Formation

Humans are naturally drawn to symmetry, therefore anything that is asymmetrical immediately catches their attention. When you want to make a statement with decor, this idea works beautifully. In the corner of the living room, place a bookshelf and stock it with three vases: one tall, one medium, and one round. Alternatively, obtain three items with the same hue but various textures. Another method is to group the objects and stagger them so they appear to be overlapping one another.

Additionally, arrange the books on the shelf off-center. This will also spark interest and persuade visitors to look at your choice.

14. Incorporate a Gilded Bookshelf

Incorporate a Gilded Bookshelf

With marble contact paper and gold spray paint, you can transform a plain IKEA bookshelf into this lovely piece. Stacks of books and feminine accents will finish off your display.

15. Use a Ladder to Create a Library-Like Bookshelf

. Use a Ladder to Create a Library-Like Bookshelf

When you see libraries, you probably picture tall shelves, units that are packed to the gills, the aroma of ancient books, and of course ladders.

A wooden bookcase that reaches the ceiling will not only give your living room a modern rustic feel but will also provide additional storage for objects that are typically scattered throughout the house. Add a polished wood ladder that will serve as both decor and useful support for your indoor library after painting it a striking color.

16. Introduce a Bookshelf in Your Alcove

Built-in shelving will be necessary instead of store-bought alcoves that are not standard in size. If you’re a skilled do-it-yourselfer, building shelves is a fairly simple project. If you want custom shelving, you might consider hiring a carpenter or fitted furniture company.

A chimney breast’s alcoves on either side are a great place to add some more shelving. Floating shelves that are off-the-shelf and available in white or a natural wood finish are an affordable solution if the alcoves are a typical size, such as 80 cm or 100 cm in width.

For a rustic, country-inspired look, go for hefty shelves in a natural wood finish, or choose traditional white shelves, which will go with most room designs. Consider painting shelves in a bright tone or soft neutral to complement the color of the walls for a custom look.

What is the Best Way to Arrange Books on Your Bookshelf?

Introduce a Bookshelf in Your Alcove

By selecting a lovely background for it, you may start decorating your bookshelf in a wonderful way. You might use wallpaper or even paint. To create an eye-catching effect, arrange books and other small items in horizontal and vertical piles, alternating. Be mindful not to overfill while doing so. This living room storage will have an anxious effect if there are too many goods maintained inside a unit.

You can even organize your volumes according to themes, colors or authors. The latter is particularly helpful if you enjoy going back over your collection or making references in your work. Antique vases, ceramics, silverware, and marble decor should all be used to complete the look. For a truly distinctive appearance, think about adding art to the living room bookshelf or even adorning the unit itself.


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