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Things To Decorate With Stickers ~ 20 Creative Home Decor Ideas  

Decorating things with stickers is a brand-spanking new concept of interior styling. Many of us may think that sticker decorations might turn out sleazy looking in the end, hence not worth giving a try. While in reality, vinyl peels or clear sticky panels are one of the glamorous and pocket-friendly concepts of our times. lets talk about things to decorate with stickers.

Stickers or peel-off sheets are not only bound to magnify the decorative elements, but they have also become an integral part of house renovations these days. High-quality vinyl peels are hard to distinguish between several of their counterpart construction materials. Waterproof and heat-resistant sticky tiles or panels are the ideal quick fixes for messy areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen. 

And apart from all the above-stated facts, stickers are the easiest to apply. Good quality stickers or vinyl peels consort uncomplicated sticking and peeling off qualities without damaging the actual surface. Sticky solutions also propose the chance to experiment with a voguish space without spending thousands of bucks and keep changing the decor often. So, lets dig into things to decorate with stickers.

How do you use home decor stickers? 

How do you use home decor stickers

There are plenty of dazzling ways to use stickers and sticky panels around the house. In general perception, stickers are for wall decorations only, which is not hundred percent true. Apart from a few specifically designed for the walls, stickers can be applied to almost every surface and area of the house. 

Following the cleaning of the surface and application instructions, one can use stickers to revamp the old furniture pieces and add specific decor styles to the doors and the windows. High-quality vinyl peel stickers designed for the kitchen and the bathroom are good choices to apply on top of the wall tiles and flooring.  

Sticker rolls are also a good idea to freshen up the look of old kitchen appliances, such as fridges or ovens. Home decor stickers come in various designs and sizes, making them easy to use almost everywhere in the house.  

1: Create A Stunning Fireplace Accent Wall:

Create A Stunning Fireplace Accent Wall

A living room fireplace escorted by an accent wall at the back is the prettiest thing to have in any modern house. Design a voguish accent wall with wall stickers in contrasting colours, such as a red sticker design with a silver and grey living room interior.  

2: Design The Cutest Nursery:

Design The Cutest Nursery

Assemble a collection of space theme wall stickers and design your very own space themes nursery wall. Add glowing star stickers to replace night lamps and for a unique zesty factor. 

3: Transform The Old Fridge:

Transform The Old Fridge

Vinyl peel sticker rolls are one of the most appealing additions to the latest trends in modern interiors. Pick out a catchy geometric patterned vinyl peel roll and transform your old and shabby fridge into a piece of contemporary art

4: A Pretty Vinyl Peel Bathroom Floor:

Pretty Vinyl Peel Bathroom Floor

The contemporary vinyl peel technology is not only limited to rolls it can also be available in tile-shaped patterns as well. Opt for the waterproof vinyl peel tiles and effortlessly stick them on your bathroom floor for an ultra-chic look in a budget-friendly technique. 

5: Hatch A Classic Door In No Time:

Hatch A Classic Door In No Time

Look at this unbelievably lovely door done by the stripes of dotted stickers. Recreate this classic door look in your french country living room with the simple hack of sticker decor. 

6: Embellish The Fireplace:

Embellish The Fireplace

Another brilliant idea to decorate your minimalist modern boho living room is sticking the patterned wall sticker between the fireplace and the mantelpiece. Paste a black-and-white geometric patterned sticker between the black fireplace and the matching mantelpiece, designing the rest of the room in complementing colours.  

7: Mark The Storage Boxes With Sticker Signs:

Mark The Storage Boxes With Sticker Signs

Here is the cutest idea for the kid’s room storage boxes, marked with stickers. Make yours and your kid’s life easy and clutter-free with these cute sticker signs on storage boxes.   

8: Opt For A Waterproof Self Adhesive backsplash: 

Opt For A Waterproof Self Adhesive backsplash

You can swap the entire look and the decor theme of your kitchen with a simple, easy-to-achieve trick. Pick out a pretty, waterproof vinyl peel sticker backsplash effortlessly available in the markets in various styles and colours, to transform your kitchen for a fresh look.  

9: Remodel Those Boring Stairsteps:

things to decorate with stickers

Say you are bored of your not-so-stylish stairsteps. Patterned wall stickers are the best solution. Bring a catchy design in complementing colours to your wooden steps, and say goodbye to the dull steps for good. 

10: What A Lovely Wardrobe? 

things to decorate with stickers

Have you ever seen a wardrobe as stylish as this one? We can bet a no. This rustic country-style bedroom wardrobe is rocking the vinyl peel jungle-themed stickers awe-inspiringly. 

11: Peek A Boo Door For Your Little One:

Peek A Boo Door For Your Little One

Mark the territory of your little ones by adding a welcome sticker accompanied by an animal cartoon theme large sticker on the door. Kids love to personalise their rooms, and stickers are the most fun way to do the task. 

12: Sketch Your Personalized Study Chair:

Sketch Your Personalized Study Chair

Encourage your youngsters to be creative. Instead of pasting their collection of stickers at random places, encourage your kids to customise their room furniture like this super adorable study chair. 

13: Revamp The Cabinet Fronts:

Revamp The Cabinet Fronts

It is not always necessary to tear apart the whole place and reconstruct it wholly for a fresh look. You can change the face of your cabinets with plain vinyl peel sheets in solid colours. Take inspiration from these ultra-chic navy blue cabinets with sticky panels and metallic handles.  

14: A Black And White Sticker Story:

Black And White Sticker Story

One more clever way of decorating with stickers is to add character to the kids’ room. Here is a superb idea to stick space-themed stickers in black colour on a white toy cupboard. 

15: Create The Illusion Of Stained Glass Windows:

Create The Illusion Of Stained Glass Windows

Fabricate a minimalist mid-century modern living room by applying these glamorous glass stickers on your window glass panels. These stickers give the illusion of stained glass window panels. They are a great source of colours in a sombre modern living room

16: Recycle The Old Furniture:

things to decorate with stickers

Let us introduce a genius way to recycle old furniture. Here is an example of the vinyl furniture roll effortlessly available in various designs and colours. Easy to apply on flat surfaces. Pick out a voguish geometric pattern in complementing colours to your room’s interior. Also, paste it onto an old piece of furniture to transform it into a crisp new-looking piece. 

17: Put Clear Stickers On The Mirror:

things to decorate with stickers

Clear stickers in geometric shapes are a beautiful way to decorate mirror panels. Then, Look at these chic mirror front cabinets. Also, Clear stickers in spiral patterns have taken the embellishment of this straightforward wardrobe to the next level. 

18: Put Up An Inspiring Wall Art Sticker: 

things to decorate with stickers

Decorating with inspirational quotes is the latest trend of 2023. Choose a catchy motivational quote sticker alongside a pretty illustration and personify your space. Stick it behind the study desk or any other part of the room. 

19: Bring In The Country Vibe:

things to decorate with stickers

Say you adore the country living room ideas. But not daring enough to have a whole country-looking living room or the house. Also, add a rustic barn door-inspired vinyl peel sticker to your flat door to bring an instant and straightforward country look to your room.  

20: Become An Artist:

things to decorate with stickers

Last but not least, unleash that sleeping artist inside you. Also, Bring out all those charming things to decorate with stickers you have been collecting all the time. Transform them into captivating artwork. Frame it, hang it or just put it in a stylish personalised corner.  

Before you go …

At first, the idea of decorating things to decorate with stickers might sound childish. But with the ever-growing design industry, sticker and vinyl peels sticky panels have become an integral part of modern interior designing. Either you are looking for Moroccan sticky tile stickers for your kitchen’s backsplash or modern geometric shapes to add glamour to your living room. Types of vinyl peel tiles and rolls, clear or tinted glass stickers and even rustic barn wood textured stickers, are the way to go.


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