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From Bold to Subtle: Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Reflect Your Style

From Bold to Subtle: Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Reflect Your Style

Home is the best place to be, and surrounding yourself with paint colors that reflect your style can make you feel more relaxed. It is also believed that color can inhibit our moods, whether we are at home or working. We are talking about some Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Reflect Your Style.

Unfortunately, there are different types of colors to choose from, which can be a bit overwhelming.

Well, do not fuss. I have created the ultimate painting guide to help you choose the perfect colors.

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors Based on Style Preferences

There are a lot of considerations that go into choosing the right color for a room and a house. The following are some tips you can use when choosing the perfect color for painting:

Check the Lighting

Check the Lighting Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Reflect Your Style

Lighting is essential when it comes to choosing the right paint for your wall. This is because powerful colors may appear brighter when used on a wall that is exposed to a lot of sunlight. On the other hand, powerful colors will be more prominent under indirect sunlight.

It is also advised to make use of paint swatches because painting an entire room the same color can prevent you from optimizing natural light. Simply look at how sunlight affects each area and then use that to your advantage.

Get the Help of a Paint Color App

Get the Help of a Paint Color App

The best thing about today’s life is that technology can help you accomplish anything you cannot by yourself. So, to help you make a better decision, here are some of the most popular apps to try: One of the Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Reflect Your Style:

Paint Tester

This app is very popular because it allows you to simply take a picture of your wall, upload it, and choose your favorite paint color. Paint testers also have the painter’s tape function that prevents the chosen paint color from spilling on areas that do not need to be painted with the same color.

The Home Depot Project Color

This app allows you to match the paint color of your wall to that of existing pieces like furniture, fabrics, and artwork. It is particularly useful for helping you in creating a more modern home with unified decor.


For this app, you do not need to capture and upload photos. All you need is to apply augmented reality to see real-time colors for a specific wall.

Home Harmony

This app is similar to Paint Tester, but with fewer knick knacks. Simply upload a photo of your wall then scroll through their products, and choose the color of your liking.

Use Color Inspiration

Use Color Inspiration

The inspiration can come from a piece of art, your favorite photo, and more. You can also find more inspiration from the internet using various social media platforms like Instagram, Dribble, Pinterest, and more.

Catalogs and magazines also contain pages of inspiration in interior design, so this could also be a good spot for you.

An important point to note is that you should not go for random color inspirations but instead opt for a palette that suits your taste and surrounding.

Select a Color Scheme

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Reflect Your Style

For this part, you just need a color wheel to understand how different colors are connected. You will then need to take into consideration the darkness or lightness of a certain color. 

Remember that every paint color can affect the atmosphere based on where the light lands. For instance, a room that faces east will feel warm in the morning and chilly in the afternoon due to the movement of the sun. Therefore, using warm paint colors is recommended.

In addition, you can choose light or dark paint colors depending on the kind of feeling you want your room to evoke. To be precise, dark hues tend to make your room feel smaller while light hues will make it spacious.

Apart from all this, you can also use a color wheel to find out which colors complement each other perfectly, that is if you want a combination of different colors. A color wheel will also allow you to figure out which colors will provide a warm or cold atmosphere to a room. One of the best Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Reflect Your Style.

Choose Appropriate Decorative Pieces

Choose Appropriate Decorative Pieces

Painting your dream home is never complete until your decorative pieces can complement the overall décor. This includes fabrics, artwork, nature, and more. You can incorporate all these colors either in an extreme burst or a subtle way depending on tastes.

To include texture and pattern in a particular space, you can incorporate colors from window covers, pillows, rugs, and blankets. Moreover, color glazes and reflective metals like copper, mica, silver, pewter, gold, and bronze can add a decorative depth to any room.

Use Different Colors in Every Room

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Reflect Your Style

Every room can exhibit different emotions based on the color you use. For more understanding, check out the explanation below:

  • The Living Room
    This is where most families spend their time together. For this reason, you should choose colors that promote tranquility like gray and green, coziness like blue, or a sophisticated environment like beige.
  • The Kitchen
    Here, you can use a mixture of colors like gray and yellow, natural tones and white, white and green, black and metallic, as well as pastel and patterns.
  • The Bathroom
    Bathrooms often have small spaces and not many accessories are needed. Therefore, you can opt for blue, gray, black, pink, or white hues.
  • The Bedroom
    You can use different colors to express different emotions such as calmness, romance, coziness, and more. Also, try out color combinations such as purple and blue, coral and apricot, yellow and red, green and brown, and gray and pastel.


Because home color preferences are highly subjective, there is no right or wrong way to choose a color palette for your space. Finding a color scheme that feels right to you is the most essential consideration.

Whether you want to hire an expert or go DIY painting, it becomes simpler once you understand how to pick the right one and how it’s going to impact your home.

Before you begin, consider the colors that are already present in your home. The house color scheme guidelines provided above should assist you in filling rooms with tones that wonderfully reflect your personal style. So, these Tips for Choosing Paint Colors That Reflect Your Style will make yours too!


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