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Top Bath Remodeling Ideas That Sell Your Home

When planning your bathroom remodeling, consider a few things that are popular on the market. I would start with the importance of repairing rather than styling. Inspect your bathroom for leaks, rust, mold, or damaged tiles. Addressing such issues is more important than aesthetic upgrades. Keep in mind that even inexpensive fixes can make a significant difference in terms of resale value. Replacing or repairing damaged items such as hardware or faucets won’t harm your budget. In addition, focus on curating a neutral color scheme that looks appealing to any taste. 

Top bath remodeling ideas that sell your home

Add a new bathroom

No matter how big or small, an additional bathroom is always beneficial for your home. You don’t necessarily need to invest in a full bath since even a half bath will increase resale value. We already talked about guest bathroom remodeling; you can keep up with the post here. 

An extra bathroom is a convenient feature for prominent families, no matter their size. An additional bathroom can increase the house’s price up to 8.7%, which is more than other upgrades. However, remember that adding a new bathroom is one of the costly remodeling ideas. The tiling, plumbing, and bathroom features will quickly add up. However, the benefit is increased ROI and enhanced functionality. The cost of a bathroom depends on the features, size, and location. Adding a new bathroom costs between $15,000 to $50,000. 

Where can you place a new bathroom in your home? Some homeowners would overlook this remodeling option because they believe fitting a bathroom somewhere in their homes is impossible. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Adding a bathroom in the hallway is possible if the design favors it. Another viable option is that extra closet you don’t use. You can create a powder room in that useless closet space. 

Another excellent option for adding a bathroom is a large bedroom. To be honest, the extra bedroom space isn’t entirely functional. To make the most of it, part a chunk of the bedroom and dedicate it to a new bathroom. If you’re worried that the toilet is too small, there are always ways to maximize the space. The first thing you need to do is implement a sliding door. It doesn’t take up any of your precious space, so you have plenty of room for bathroom features. 

If you have an extra large bathroom, it would be better to divide it into two smaller ones. Some homeowners will decide to get two functional spaces instead of one for this upgrade. Since the plumbing is already there, you might spend less on this. 

bathroom remodeling


The damaged flooring and outdated tile colors won’t leave the best impression on potential buyers. Therefore, updating the flooring as part of your bath remodeling is important. I would like to highlight the importance of refurbishing your existing materials. However, this does not have to mean you should go overboard and invest in high-end materials. Affordable alternatives to natural materials look exquisite while not hammering your budget. Wooden flooring in the bathroom is a luxury feature, but this doesn’t have to mean it will increase your resale value. Instead, switch with tiles or vinyl flooring that resemble the wood texture. They look outstanding and bring the warmth you wish for without costing much. 

Go for sleek porcelain or ceramic tiles to give your bathroom a brand-new look. While bold patterns make remarkable statements in a neutral space like a bathroom, I would advise you to avoid them when designing a space that appeals to potential buyers. You would want to create a space neutral enough to feel like a blank canvas so that the new homeowners can customize it to their liking. If you wish to go a step forward, installing floor heating is a smart move. The cold tile flooring can be unpleasant, so floor heating makes the shower routine more enjoyable. Therefore this is a feature that most potential buyers won’t overlook.

Some bathrooms already have wooden flooring for the luxury feel. In such cases, I would advise you to keep the gorgeous flooring and do remodeling in terms of resealing it. Applying a sealant creates a  barrier between the wood and water, preventing the humidity from penetrating it. Refer to your manufacturer’s instructions about wood flooring maintenance for this.

Flooring bathroom remodeling


It is time to update the countertops to a more modern look. When searching for materials, you might want to go for luxury ones. But as I already mentioned going overboard with the design choices won’t do much in favor of resale value. Quartz and laminate resemble the look of natural stone, so you won’t need to spend much. They are available in various patterns and colors so that you can choose the ideal fit for your needs. 


The old pedestal sink is outdated, so it is time for more sophisticated choices. A double sink is convenient for family homes, so don’t overlook this feature. When it comes to sink design, there are various options available. A countertop sink paired with a nicely designed faucet brings a refined feel to the space. Minimalist designs with crisp lines and concealed drainage are modern choices that recreate the upscale spa experience. 

Sink bathroom remodeling


The old bathroom cabinets won’t do much in favor of aesthetics. Make sure to replace them with new ones that feel sturdy and durable. Custom-made cabinets that suit your space will provide enough storage, a highly appreciated feature. Wall-mounted cabinets with refined design bring the updated look. If you have invested a lot in your cabinets and they look good, I suggest you repaint them or change the hardware. 

Updating the countertop is another significant improvement that leaves a great impression. Go for quality options like granite, which gives a luxury and quality feel. 


Walk in shower

Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to soak in a bath. Even though a freestanding tub offers luxury vibes, homeowners won’t find it practical. Therefore, swapping the shower and tub combo with a spacious walk-in shower in a second bathroom would be better. Don’t eliminate this choice, as families with children prefer a bath. If you have only one bathroom, a large walk-in shower with a tub inside would also work. 

If you wish to install a new shower, I would advise youtube to go for the pre-fabricated ones. Having a custom-made shower will cost you a lot more. 

If you want to go for an affordable remodeling project, it would be better to refinish the tub and shower instead of removing them. The tub often has issues of cosmetic nature, such as yellow stains and cracks. In such cases, you can use a particular product to fill the gaps and bring a modernized look. Therefore refinishing a tub or a shower with touch-up products is a cost-savvy option. 

Walk in shower

Storage options

Adding storage options is beneficial, as I mentioned when discussing the cabinets. Potential homeowners prefer a bathroom with plenty of storage options to keep clean and tidy. Use the available space to provide additional storage options that complement the style. Add a medicine cabinet with a mirror to keep the toiletries neat and your countertops clutter-free. Use every inch of the space available and add floating shelving to provide extra storage space.

Storage options bathroom remodeling


Replace the old rusty fixtures to save money and bring a modern look. The leaky faucets increase your water bills, so replacing them is a wise investment. And don’t forget that this is an easy fix you can do yourself. All you need to do is order your faucet and install it yourself. There is no need to call the plumber to install a tap so that you can save on labor costs. 

Updating the shower area with new fixtures is also important. A rainfall showerhead is a trending bathroom update to consider for your remodeling. Moreover, these are simple updates that will make a massive difference in resale value. 

Fixtures bathroom remodeling

Final thoughts

When you want to remodel your home to sell it,  it is essential to consider the market trends. Remember that some home upgrades, such as a sunroom, pool, or garage conversions, won’t do anything regarding resale value. Don’t waste your money on upgrades that don’t add value if you plan to sell your home. 

I would like to highlight the importance of avoiding anything that is over-upgrading. Luxury finishes are a massive no unless you live in an upscale neighborhood where this is the standard for houses. Adding a hot tub or a home theater are other examples of splurging. Please don’t take me wrong on this; everyone would like to customize their home to their preferences. If this is your long-term home where you settled with your family, feel free to go for any updates that make you happy. However, things take another direction if you plan to move in the upcoming years. So, make your bathroom remodeling work worthy.


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