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Top Wall Art for Living Room : Stay Trendy

the Modern Living Room

Keeping up with the trends is always a good idea, especially when refreshing the walls of your interiors. Since a living room takes up the most valuable space of any home, consider putting inspiring & intriguing Wall Art to elevate the look of your space & home

From unconventional artwork & abstract galleries to large-scale paintings, it’s all about expressing the style that defines ‘You’ this year. That’s why we’ve aligned all the exciting wall art trends to help you design your contemporary living space with suitable prints, textures, & paintings. 

So, here’s a list of top wall art trends for your living room.

1. Install a Large Diptych or Triptych

a Large Diptych or Triptych

Large or oversized Diptych or Triptych wall paintings are the trendiest in town this year. These symmetrical masterpieces provide the perfect balance for your living room by optimizing the entire space of your walls. Whether it’s a painting of historical value or a picture of what you like, the diptych & triptych pieces will transform your modern space with the right hues & tones.

Moreover, if you have an artistic vision, you can pop up some creative & influential designs from renowned regional artists. It will help you build a great impression on your first-time visitors & even set the right mood for the whole day. 

2.Invigorate a Biophilic Design

a Biophilic Design

Botanical artwork is a fantastic way for all nature lovers to connect with nature. You can introduce textures, tones, & more biophilic elements to boost your room. For example, if you have a small living room, you can hang plant pots on your wall to spruce up your space. Moreover, you can consider aesthetic wall paintings related to nature if you have ample wall space.

Another way to enhance your living room is to display all the natural materials using the foyer. Also, if you love a bold look, you can incorporate a leafy plant or a series of flowers to fill the blank wall space.

3.Go Vintage with your Collection

Vintage with your Collection

It’s always fun to demonstrate your collection with a variety of vintage textures, patterns, & frames. If you haven’t got a collection, you can use your photography skills to make one or even add vintage frames of your preferred objects. For instance, if you love cars, adding vintage car frames is an ideal way to express your interests & hobbies. 

Not only this, you can style around with leather or vintage-themed colors for an ultra-elevated look. Additionally, you can also hang around stunning art light pieces to enhance your setup & living space. 

4.Try Resin Wall Art

Resin Wall Art

This unique trend of adding vibrant resin wall art is a dominant approach to styling your living room. If you want to explore the ocean’s depths with a hint of gold, you can try the Blue+Gold resin art piece, which is quite trendy nowadays. If not, you can go for other evoking colors based on your imagination & preferences. 

The best part is you can transform the overall look of your wall space with varied layers of resin art pieces. If you adore multi-colored artwork, this wall art adds a magical touch to your space with its exquisite stonework & sparkly essence. 

5.Visualize a 3D Mural

Visualize a 3D Mural

An intuitive wall art piece is all you need to strike the perfect balance between the real & digital world. For instance, incorporating illusion-based pieces with appropriate proportions & dimensionality can breathe new life into your living room. Further, you can add dramatic effects & colors to create custom three-dimensional wall art.

Although a visual 3D mural may seem easy, it’s challenging as it requires creating the right direction & movement that fits your room design. However, if done correctly, you’ll magnify the character of your room with an exceptional art piece. 

6.Portray Peace Within the Walls

Portray Peace Within the Walls

Nothing exudes elegance like peaceful en-vogue wall art for your living room. It’s a great idea to build a calm sanctuary-like space inside your home amidst the chaotic world outside. For instance, you can add neutral colors to your wall art or just paint it all blue to create a serene effect. 

If you love tranquillity, you can use abstract art pieces with natural light to make your mornings less noisy & relaxing. Furthermore, geometric art with different patterns & shapes is a must-have for your modern interiors as they complement the decor. 

7.Build a Gallery Wall

a Gallery Wall

The gallery walls are a never-ending trend as they are an all-rounder for your living space. Whether you’re going for a chic space or choosing a minimal setup, you can personalize a gallery wall according to your taste & preferences. It’s a unique way to build the character of your room & convey your personality & thoughts at their finest.

For instance, you can add a series of historical items or even put your favorite celebrities or TV show characters in the spotlight on your gallery wall. Another innovative way is to use your family photos by adding them to your gallery wall & bring sentimental value to your space. 

8.Add a Weaving Effect

a Weaving Effect

Woven textures add a deep sense of interest & warmth to your living room. They are versatile & functional at the same time. For instance, you can use a woven tapestry as a wall hanging to modernize your chic space. They offer numerous exciting patterns & help you modify the personality of your room. 

You can use colorful or earthy tones for your weaving wall art to cover a small or large area of your room. If you want a playful combination, go for yellows & oranges for your empty walls. But if you need a subtle layer or texture, you can go for a natural color palette for your spacious interiors. One more creative way is to hang woven baskets on your living room walls to fill your blank wall space.

9.Do a Mix & Match

wall art for living room

A little mix & match of various art pieces provides the best-curated look for your living room space. For instance, you can blend a touch of all mediums together with a variety of dynamic elements, such as adding framed textiles or patterned drawings together. In addition, you can add interesting visual elements like a collage or even paintings from your favorite artists to redefine your space. 

Further, these mixing mediums can add a significant effect to your overall living space with the perfect light installation. The secret to creating a magical space in your home is to invoke multiple textures and stimulate varied artwork around your walls.

10.Include Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Whether you want to keep your books in the bright spot or showcase your collection on the wall, adding floating shelves can help you achieve it. They give a more clear & organized look to your living room with a customizable option to fill your space the way you want. 

Also, you can choose between two options to locate your floating shelves on the wall. The first option is to hang them diagonally & the other option is to stack them over each other. So this way, you can style your room & optimize your shelf space with stunning art pieces & photos. 

11.Apply Shadow Light Artwork

wall art for living room

Another latest wall trend- the shadow light artwork is an enthralling concept to give your walls a charming boost. If you’re looking for ideas where the antique meets modern standards, try your luck with this alluring piece of art. For instance, you can incorporate shadow art on your wall illuminated with an LED bulb. The light creates a significant shadow effect & a creative ambience in your room.

Depending on your needs, you can use a soft lighting effect on your shadow art or an ordinary LED bulb to highlight its flowing creativity. The best part is that it comes in different shapes & sizes, so you can choose the one that matches your living room’s personality. 

12.Hang a Faux Neon Sign Art

a Faux Neon Sign Art

Make your walls talk with funky-looking neon signs & artwork combined with handmade light & styles. These awesome custom art pieces elevate your mood & help you speak what’s on your mind through captivating wordplay. For instance, you can put neon-engrossed sculptures, such as a thunder or a heart-shaped sign or use catchphrases like ‘Hello Summer’ to summarize your mood. 

Faux neon wall art is relatively cheaper & more impactful than other contemporary artworks for your living room. You can either order them directly from any local store or get a customized one for your room. 

13. Use Iridescent Mirrors

wall art for living room

The addition of iridescent mirrors for your contemporary living rooms is a lovely way to welcome light & grace. Whether you need a round-shaped mirror or a groovy one, these magnificent art pieces demonstrate colorful accents throughout your living space. 

Further, you can use them to make your small space appear more prominent or add them as a statement-making piece on your walls. Further, you can surround them with plants or even incorporate these mirrors into a mural.

14.DIY Polaroid Wall Decor

wall art for living room

Polaroid pictures are a beautiful way to make memories count & are one of the most effortless handmade wall art. You can use a magnetic or foam board on your wall to stick polaroids with a pin or magnetic clips.

If you want to save time, you can order a DIY polaroid decor kit that includes everything you need to decorate the walls of your room. Moreover, you’ll need to learn more ways to display your polaroid photos if you’re making one on your own. 

Upgrade your Living Room with These Wall Art Pieces Now! 

If you’ve got an outdated design, it’s time to revamp your living room with the best wall art designs. Depending on your budget & space needs, you are free to choose a suitable wall decor style from the list & embrace change for the better. 


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