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Two piece coffee table

Ultimate Guide For Choosing Coffee Table For Small Living Room

The coffee table is a central point in the seating area. It provides space for dropping off your cup or book. But at the same time, the coffee table strengthens the decor style. Choosing a coffee table for a small living room can be challenging, as you don’t want to overwhelm the space. We have professional tips and tricks to help you choose the best coffee table!

choosing coffee table for small living room

The best coffee table for small living room

With so many different coffee table designs on the market, you might think about which one to get. The variety of choices overwhelms you, and the final decision is complex. The best coffee table for a small living room is rectangular or oval. They provide enough surface to accommodate everyone seated. On the other hand, these shapes can look incredibly stylish. For homes with children, you are advised to go with an oval coffee table. The round edges are ideal if you are concerned about your kids getting injured from the sharp edges.

Coffee table with integrated storage

When choosing a coffee table for a small living room, you can go for a double purpose. Since the space is small, you might need some extra room for storage. In such cases, a coffee table with storage is a great solution. You will have where to store the belongings or conceal the clutter to achieve the clean look you constantly desire. With so many different designs available, you can always find the ideal fit for your small living room.

Lift top coffee table

Small homes bring various challenges for homeowners. Therefore, they would prefer multi-functional furniture pieces. A coffee table with a top that lifts is an excellent solution in such cases. Depending on the design, the piece converts to a dining table or a desk. Therefore you have two items in one. 

Lift top coffee table

Two-piece coffee table

If you want a modern look in your living room, go for a two-piece coffee table. Despite looking stylish and sophisticated, they are incredibly functional. Usually, the design consists of a larger coffee table and a smaller one that fits underneath it. You can tuck the small table in when you need more free space. Place guests next to each other to provide an ample surface if you have guests. Or, you can use one of the tables as a side table and display your decor. Either way, this design trick serves its purpose but also looks elegant. 

Two-piece coffee table

Mid-century hairpin leg coffee table

The thin legs look light and don’t add visual weight to the design. Remember that furniture legs determine how your furniture looks. The massive thick legs add volume to the space, making a small living room look cramped. Therefore, opt for coffee tables with slender legs and a sleek silhouette. The hairpin legs are a huge trend in interior design. Their subtle look is ideal if you’re looking for the ultimate coffee table for a small living room. Complemented with a dark wood table top, they bring a mid-century modern vibe to your space.

Industrial nesting tables

The sleek nesting tables in two tones add a modern touch to the living room. At the same time, they only take up a little of your precious space. The combination of metal and wood grain texture adds visual interest to your living room. 

Acrylic coffee table

Transparent acrylic furniture used to be a huge trend. Even though it doesn’t have its moment now, it has a few advantages. The transparent material makes the coffee table look light and subtle. In addition, its thin structure doesn’t overwhelm the space with the volume. Therefore, you might consider placing a sleek and minimalist acrylic coffee table to complement a small living room. 

Acrylic coffee table

Rectangular coffee table

A sleek coffee table with a rectangular design is a perfect fit for a small living room. The baskets under the table provide extra storage space for keeping the area neat. Feel free to add a wicker basket to a coffee table with metal legs to introduce a variety of textures. 

Metal basket coffee table

A coffee table whose structure resembles a metal basket is perfect for a small living room. It has a sleek appearance that is compatible with different styles. But the best thing is that the coffee table doubles as a storage basket. You can tuck them in whenever you want to store your throw pillows and blankets for aesthetic appeal. 

Glass top coffee table

A coffee table with a glass top and metal structure is an elegant addition to your living room. It fits various styles thanks to its versatile design. The slender legs won’t bring visual weight, and the transparent top feels barely there. 

Tiered coffee table

A coffee table with a flat bottom is ideal for storage. If you need extra space to organize your magazines, books, or remote control, this is a great design. A wooden table adds an organic vibe to the living room with its natural texture. 

Unique design

A small living room might not leave plenty of space for decorating. But this doesn’t have to mean that you should sacrifice style. Going fancy with the furniture is one of the ways to bring a modern vibe. Therefore, you should make sure to choose a stylish coffee table to make a statement. Go for a design that looks unique and adds style to the space. An asymmetrical shape can add visual interest to an otherwise plain living room. 

Unique design

Experiment with textures

We already explained how you should keep the design simple and slender. However, this does not have to mean that your living room will look dull. Feel free to experiment with different textures to find the look that works for your living room. 

 A simple wicker coffee table is an excellent addition to a simple living room. It brings a relaxed boho vibe while adding organic texture. This aesthetic also flatters other styles, so feel free to add it if you like wicker. 

If you love modern styles and want to bring sophistication to your living room, opt for a marble coffee table. The subtle texture brings a high-end look to the space. However, the elegant look doesn’t have to cost you much. If the marble tables are too expensive for your tight budget, choose the faux options. It is all about the subtle marble pattern with light gray veining that adds a luxury feel to the space. 

Choosing the right coffee table

Having a small living room doesn’t have to scare you. It is all about choosing the right furniture and planning the layout. The coffee table is one essential aspect of planning your design. If you’re looking for extra storage, go for designs that implement it. A coffee table with built-in storage provides additional space for your items. In addition, a metal basket table is perfect for storing your throws. If these coffee tables appear too expensive for your budget, you can always make them yourself. A simple coffee table design will work; you can add a wicker basket underneath for storage. 

If you want a double purpose, go for the lift-top table. This furniture piece can be easily transformed into a desk or a dining table. Perfect if you don’t have enough space to add these features to your home. 

Coffee table designs to avoid for a small living room

We already explained what type of coffee tables work for a small space. But which coffee tables should you avoid for a small living room? When designing around a small area, you must have two things in your mind. The first one is choosing a coffee table size that looks proportional. You don’t want to go overboard with the size in small spaces. The coffee table will look odd when it is too big for the space. In addition, it will take up so much of your precious space and leave less room for traffic. 

The rectangular or oval coffee tables work best for your small space. Remember that round and square designs work better with large living rooms with ample seating. They might disrupt the living room layout and result in odd traffic flow. However, this depends mainly on your furniture placement. You can go with a square design if it suits your living room.

If we discuss the design, you will find that specific ones work better with small spaces. The first thing to have in mind is to avoid excess volume. Massive coffee tables with thick legs and extra details tend to look visually heavy. Leave them for the large spaces and get slender coffee tables instead. Go for minimalist designs without too much detail. The transparent materials make the coffee table look less visually heavy. Therefore, feel free to go for acrylic or glass if possible. 


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