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cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

What Are Some Cheap Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

What good is a house well-decorated from the inside, but the front lawn is barren and old and no one even wants to step into the place? Do you know that you can update the home’s curb appeal and the front yard with just a little creativity and low-cost landscaping ideas? We will tell you what the steps for revamping the front yard are and give you 10 cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas.

What are some steps to revamp the front yard landscape?

The front yard is an introduction to your home; here are some steps that will take you in the right direction:

1. Eliminate the unfitting elements

The first step towards beautifying the front yard is not to start adding more elements but to remove the unwanted ones. To install some cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas, you have to get rid of anything that you feel is taking away the charm of your yard. This will provide more space to decorate and add beautiful things to the front yard. Survey your garden at different times of the day and decide which items are making it less attractive.

2. Set your budget

This is a very basic step and you need to know exactly how much you want to spend on landscaping ideas. Having a fixed budget and doing things accordingly ensures that you don’t end up spending too much and still having an unfinished lawn.

Here are some factors you should consider while setting the budget:

  • Things you must install now
  • Things you would like to install now
  • Things you can leave for installation later
  • Things you may install someday when you have enough resources

Seeing your budget, you should be able to get the first items and some of the items in the second list. If your budget is short, then the third and fourth lists of items could be skipped for later.

3. Try to stick to natural materials than the artificial ones

You may like to install artificial turf instead of getting natural grass and plants, but installing the turf can be a challenging process, and it can never replace the natural feel of grass.

  • You can use a mulch to frame walkways, flower beds, fountains, and other prominent elements in your front yard.
  • Rocks can be used as cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas.
  • You can grow ornamental grasses if you wish to give your yard a special look.
 materials than the artificial ones

4. Have some unique garden décor

Have some unique garden décor

You can add some attractive, cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas to curb the appeal of your home. You can consider placing any of these in your yard:

  • Wind chimes
  • Garden stakes
  • Rain chimes
  • statues

5. Install a fishpond

Install a fishpond

A beautiful addition to the outdoor space is installing a bird bath without spending a lot of time and money on it. If you place it in the correct place, then the birds can also become part of the yard landscape and have a sweet bird charm.

6. Introduce lighting elements

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

You can give your landscaping a new life by installing outdoor lighting. You can find solar-powered lighting for your yard, some of the cheap décor ideas for lights are:

  • Path lights: These help to light up the driveway and create a sophisticated look. You can also put lights in grass, stone, mulch, or wherever you find them good to place.
  • String lights: String lights are cheap and always in style. You can wrap these lights around a tree top, loosely hang them from the front porch rafters, or string them between trees to create a warm and inviting look. 

What are 10 cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas?

Here are 10 ten ideas from that are tried and tested and will prove to be great cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas to décor the front yard:

1. Build a stone pathway

You can construct a stepping-stone walkway as part of the front yard landscape. You just need to buy the stones and slabs and for the installation. They are easy to install and you can fix them yourself. You can be creative with installing the stepping stone pathway; the most common is getting stones or slabs and placing them simply on the ground without any pattern or design. Another possible idea is to dig holes in the ground where you wish to build the pathway and fill these holes with cement.

2. Have a front yard tree

If you are looking for attractive and cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas, then planting a tree can be the thing you are looking for. This idea works particularly well for small front yards having limited space as the eyes go straight towards the single tree planted in the small yard.

You can improve the home’s curb appeal by investing in a mature tree and you can even start growing it from a seedling.

3. Do some Xeriscaping

This is a landscaping idea that involves planting plants that use less water and making a landscape tolerant to droughts and helping the soil to preserve moisture by covering the plant bed with gravel. This technique comes from places having arid and hot climates, but other people are also adopting it because of its low cost and simplicity.

The yards with xeriscaping give a minimal look that works well with most modern homes. The best thing is that you don’t need much time on planting and maintaining the plants as there are only a few plants.

4. Border around with boxwood

Boxwood is a low-maintenance and fast-growing evergreen shrub that has been used for decades to give outdoor spaces a beautiful look by creating borders for parts of the front yard. You can create an edge from the driveway to the front door as a great way to incorporate boxwood borders. This is one of the cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas that look pretty as the boxwood has a striking green color and you can contrast it against black mulch.

5. Put big stones in the yard

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

Placing large rocks in the front yard is a cheap idea as you can create a bespoke modern look by adding just a few rocks. If you live in a mountainous place, then you can even get some free large rocks and put them in your front yard, while you can also buy some pretty rocks from a garden center, landscaping retailer, or a local home improvement store. Even an inexperienced gardener can give their front yard a sculpted and tiered look easily. Just dig the ground a bit to keep the rocks in place.

6. Hang some creative planters

If you have some planters, then why not paint them and hang them in an appropriate place in the front yard? You can also hang some terra cotta pots with bulbs and add some colorful flowers to them. This is one of the cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas. You can match the colors of the planters to match the exterior of your home and use spray paint for this purpose.

7. Make a pathway with gravel

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

An inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home is to put together gravel and form a pathway. If a stone pathway doesn’t suit your home, then a gravel pathway would look good. Plus, you can use gravel to fill the flower beds in your front yard and gravel is a lot cheaper than stone when using it to give a more appealing look.

The best thing about this idea is that you don’t need anyone’s help to make a gravel pathway and it is an easy DIY project for beginners.

8. Install a white picket fence

cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

Even though a white picket fence is a traditional front yard landscaping idea. Also, it still looks great and will never go out of fashion. You can use the fence to give your home a suburban and soft look without spending a lot of money. The good thing about white picket fences is that they are very vibrant. Besides, you won’t need any other landscaping ideas to use with them. Just have a nice lawn and grow some neat flowers to complement the fence.

9. Edge around your garden

Edge around your garden

You can finish a garden bed by incorporating edging in the most creative way. One kind of edging is steel edging which is easy to install and comes cheap and stays for many years.

One benefit of edging is that it makes a clear distinction between the different areas of the garden, the planted areas, and the other ones; it also ensures that the flowers stay in their plot and don’t get into the other areas. You can also use pavers or bricks to make the garden edging. You just need to dig around your plant bed and put the bricks in these holes in the ground.

10. Hang a planter on your name post

A way to personalize a wooden post is to add your address number to it and improve the curb appeal by hanging a basket holder to it. You can plant seasonal plants and flowers in the basket to make it look attractive all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some affordable materials I can use for front yard landscaping?

There are several affordable materials you can use for front yard landscaping, such as mulch, gravel, and recycled materials like old bricks or concrete blocks. These materials can be used to create pathways, borders, and other decorative features in your front yard. Additionally, using native plants and grasses can help reduce costs, as they are typically easier to maintain and require less watering and fertilizing.

How can I create a focal point in my front yard without spending a lot of money?

Creating a focal point in your front yard doesn’t have to be expensive. One option is to create a simple garden bed around a tree or large rock, and add some colorful flowers or plants for contrast. You can also use inexpensive items like statues, bird baths, or garden ornaments to create a focal point. Another option is to paint your front door a bright color or add a wreath or other decoration to draw the eye.

How can I create a sense of privacy in my front yard without installing a fence?

There are several inexpensive ways to create a sense of privacy in your front yard without installing a fence. One option is to plant tall, dense shrubs or bushes along the perimeter of your yard. You can also create a living privacy screen by planting bamboo or other fast-growing plants in containers. Another option is to use lattice or trellises to create a natural barrier, and plant climbing vines or flowers to cover them.

How can I incorporate lighting into my front yard landscaping without breaking the bank?

Incorporating lighting into your front yard landscaping can add both safety and aesthetic appeal, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. One option is to use solar-powered lights, which are affordable and easy to install. You can also use inexpensive string lights or lanterns to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Additionally, using uplights to highlight trees or other features in your yard can add a dramatic effect without costing a lot of money.

How can I incorporate edibles into my front yard landscaping without sacrificing aesthetics?

Incorporating edibles into your front yard landscaping can be both practical and beautiful. One option is to use herbs and small vegetables as border plants or to fill in gaps between other plants. You can also create a small raised garden bed for herbs or vegetables, and add decorative elements like a trellis or garden art to enhance the aesthetic appeal. Additionally, fruit trees or berry bushes can provide both shade and a source of fresh produce, while also adding visual interest to your front yard.


We have told you about cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas from using string lights to placing inexpensive plants. Upgrading your yard isn’t a very difficult or impossible task, you just need some creativity and motivation and you will be halfway there. The next half is the ideas and the elements you need to buy and installing them is the most interesting part of the job. You can create your style and display your aesthetic sense through the way you style and décor your front yard.