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Zone your porch deck

Porch Deck Ideas To Prepare Your Space For Outdoor Entertainment

Many homeowners wish to tailor their outdoor space to their needs. Therefore, they will create a porch deck that serves various purposes. Whether you want a covered area for seasonal decor, a different spot for dining al fresco, or a place for enjoying your morning coffee, the porch deck is the right choice. We have helpful tips and ideas for you if you want to create a secluded area!

The purpose of a porch

A typical porch design includes a roof, open sides, and an entryway. The area provides a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Porch decks can come in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose the design that best flatters the curb appeal. The most important feature that distinguishes a porch is the roof. A roof can be attached to walls or secured with columns, providing a covered area to protect against weather conditions. The ones seated on a porch will enjoy the view while staying protected from rain and direct sun. 

Materials for porch deck 

The porch deck can become an extension of the indoor living space. Therefore, it is essential to choose suitable porch deck materials. Homeowners would go for wood since it adds warmth and makes the porch feel like home. With prep furniture and accessories, the outdoor area becomes the living space during the warmer months.

Quality woods like redwood and cedar are common choices for a porch deck. It is essential to apply a sealer so the wood stays pristine, knowing it gets exposed to weather conditions. If the wood isn’t properly sealed, it will deteriorate quickly and be susceptible to dirt.

Another important factor when choosing the material is the purpose of your porch deck. If you are using it to entertain family and friends, you need a durable material. The decking needs to endure frequent traffic and the furniture weight.

Composite decking is another available choice, made of wood and synthetic adhesives. The material looks like natural wood but does not require maintenance. Also, you don’t need to apply a sealant to protect your gorgeous flooring, making this a low-maintenance and feasible option. The composite decking is available in many colors and styles so that you can find the perfect fit. 

Zone your porch deck 

A porch deck can become the ultimate spot for family entertainment. You can enjoy al fresco dining during the evenings or relax in the lounging area and have a coffee. You don’t need a large porch deck to fit different areas. This example shows how to execute this in a small space. The two benches create a sleek seating area centred by unique coffee tables. The folding bistro table and chairs set create an intimate place for gatherings. Each area is anchored with a cute area rug, which visually separates the space and gives it purpose. 

porch deck

Double purpose

You can always fit a cute brunch area, no matter how small your space is. We love how they used the fence to create a bar table. The flat top is ideal for placing a few beer glasses and snacks. 

Double purpose

Reflect your interior style

A porch deck is an extension of your indoor living space. Therefore feel free to reflect your interior style and make it feel homier. This example shows how they created a cozy seating area in neutrals. Painting the wood deck to fit your color scheme is one of the options to create a stylish setting. The light gray deck is a base for layering neutrals to create a serene ambiance, mimicking the indoor wood floor for an authentic feel. 

interior style

Tile porch deck

If you wish to update your porch, you might want to consider tiles. This material is perfect for updating concrete or old wooden porches. Tiles are easy to install, so you can do this project yourself. Don’t forget that tiles don’t require any maintenance, so you won’t need to put effort and time into this. 

To remind you, wood flooring needs to be sealed to maintain quality. If you are busy and don’t have time for frequent maintenance, wood might not be an option for you. 

With different styles and options available, tiles might be the perfect fit for your project. We love how they used Moroccan tiles for this porch deck. The fantastic colors and intriguing patterns add visual interest to this porch design, becoming the ultimate decorative feature. The color scheme draws inspiration from the tile pattern for a cohesive look.

Another thing that is a massive advantage of tiles is their durability. Ceramic and stone tiles are durable and will stay pristine for years. They will endure the weight of your furniture and won’t scratch or chip due to high traffic. 

There is an option if you still can’t give up the natural look of wood grain texture. You can get tiles that depict the exact texture. The faux wood tiles look like wood while having all the advantages of tiles.

Tile porch deck

Make a statement

Your porch deck is a blank canvas to experiment with, so feel free to introduce bold features that define your style. A cozy porch swing becomes the ultimate focal point, providing a comfy spot for relaxation. Build around it with decorative accessories to create a stylish Instagram-worthy nook.

Make a statement

Tiny porch

 A small porch can still make a considerable impact if appropriately designed. This fantastic example shows you how to execute this in your home. The pergola provides shade while allowing you to feel the sun’s rays in the mornings. The cute bistro set is ideal for having a quick snack or a cup of coffee. The potted plants add a dose of character to this setting, making it feel closer to nature. Make sure to paint your front door in vivid color for a finishing touch. 

Tiny porch

Build your own

If your home doesn’t come with a porch, you can build it yourself. The ones with crafty skills won’t hesitate to turn this into a fun DIY project. Even a tiny porch will make a massive difference in terms of curb appeal. With a few planters and a compact beach, the porch becomes a cute addition. Before you proceed, check with your municipality if you need to obtain a permit for building one. 

Build your own

Narrow porch ideas

Some houses come with a narrow porch that seems impossible to work with. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you can create your outdoor retreat. You can still turn your porch into an outdoor living room with the right furniture. This gorgeous setting pairs a compact outdoor sofa and a swing. We love how they used curtains to make the seating area feel more intimate and protect it from the sun during the hot summer days. Curtains are easy to install and an affordable alternative to a screen porch. 

Narrow porch ideas

Black and white combination

If you love refined modern styles, wood tones might not be ideal for your space. In such cases, you will always go right with the black-and-white color combo. The gorgeous contrast makes a remarkable statement, creating a pleasant area that perfectly reflects your style. 

Black and white combination

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a porch and a deck?

A porch is a covered structure, while the deck is more exposed to the sky. The porch can be totally or partially covered, depending on the preference.

Which are the advantages of having a porch?

A porch wraps around the house, enhancing the curb appeal. On the other hand, it provides a covered area for outdoor entertainment. 

What is a porch?

A porch is a covered area located by the front door, opened by the sides. It can be wrapped around the house or located in one corner only. A porch protects against weather elements, so it is ideal for welcoming guests or spending time outdoors. 

What are the types of porches?

Depending on the design, there are a few types of porches: portico, rain porch, lanai, loggia, sunroom, and wraparound porch. 

Which materials are used for building a porch deck?

The most commonly used materials for building porch decks are exotic woods, composite lumber, concrete, tiles, and bricks. The final choice depends on the durability you expect, your budget, and the style you are after. 

Do I need a permit to build a porch?

You need to obtain a permit if you want to build a porch to ensure the work is done according to the building codes. Most municipalities will ask for a permit to ensure safety. However, a permit isn’t required for porch maintenance such as painting or washing. 

What is the cheapest material for building a porch?

Concrete is the most affordable solution for building a porch. It is a study material that doesn’t require maintenance. With proper finishing, your concrete floor can look stylish and sleek. 


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