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What Is The Difference Between A Porch And A Deck?

When you want to turn your outdoor space into a relaxing escapade, a few options are available. When browning for ideas for your outdoor living space, you will encounter a porch and deck as the available options. These two are ideal for setting up a cozy outdoor seating or al fresco dining area. But, what is the difference between a porch and a deck? This post explains all you need to know about this topic, so go through it! 

What is the difference between a porch and a deck?

A porch is a covered extension of your entryway, while a deck is a raised platform often uncovered. The porch is under a roof, mainly protected from weather elements. This space is ideal for welcoming guests, storage, and outdoor entertainment. On the other hand, a deck allows you to fully enjoy the outdoors due to the lack of cover. Therefore, the primary purpose of a deck is entertainment. The deck is ideal for setting up a hot tub, entertaining your family and friends, or having a BBQ Sunday. 

Another significant difference between the porch and the deck is the location. The porch is located at the front door in most cases. Therefore, it is also referred to as a front porch. The deck is located in the backyard mostly, as its primary purpose is entertainment. However, these popular outdoor features can merge into one. The porch that is wrapped around the house can lead to a deck in the backyard. To be more precise, a porch is a part of the house, while a deck is attached to the house exterior. 

What is a porch

A porch is a covered area that protects the guests when waiting to come in. It can be a small area or wrapped around the house. The roof is attached to the house, and the porch is a part of the house design. The columns in the front support the structure and can also be played for decorative purposes. 

The porch is a destination for seasonal decor, as it is visible to everyone. If large enough, you can fit a seating area and enjoy the view of your garden. In addition, a porch can be partially or entirely screened to provide additional protection from weather conditions.

Pros of porch

The porch adds extra usable space to your home. It provides a seamless transition to the interior while providing a covered area for welcoming your guests. The porch can also be used for storing shoes and coats if you don’t have enough space in your entryway. 

The roof provides shade and protection from wind and rain while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. The porch can be used for entertainment, coffee, or playing. 

A nicely designed porch enhances the curb appeal. Adding furniture and decor makes your home more appealing. During the winter holidays, homeowners like to bring magic to the front porch with Christmas decorations.

Cons of porch

Having a porch comes with disadvantages. One is the high cost of adding a porch to your home. An average porch sizing 200 sq f can cost anywhere between $4,600 and $22,000. And we are talking about an average porch that most homes have. If you wish to have a fancier porch, the costs can go more than $50,000.

Another con of having a porch is the maintenance costs. Being a homeowner comes with various costs to upkeep your house. The front porch is exposed to wind and extreme temperatures, so expect it to experience damage. The costs can vary between $810 and $5,200, depending on the size and material used.

Porch design ideas 

The porch design depends on the architectural style of the house. This example showcases a porch seamlessly integrated into the exterior. With the roof being part of the house, no posts would obstruct the views. Therefore the porch feels open to the outdoors. The space might be small, but it is enough to position two chairs for relaxation.

Porch design ideas 

Equipped with a fireplace, this porch is ready for hosting even during colder months. With an addition of an outdoor TV, homeowners created a great area for entertainment. 

Porch design ideas 

You can always make it work, no matter how big or small your porch is. Even though the design is compact, they could still fit a cozy seating area. The modern glass sliding doors provide shelter from wind and rain, and the small fireplace allows you to enjoy the outdoors even during chilly weather. The wooden beams, exposed bricks, and wood flooring create a cozy atmosphere that feels like an extension of the indoor living space.

Porch design ideas 

What is a deck

The deck usually doesn’t have a cover, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without obstructions. It can be attached to the house exterior in the backyard or be an independent feature. However, in most cases, it is made of wood. When it comes to purpose, a deck is used mainly for relaxation. A deck is a complementary feature for pools, jacuzzis, and a home spa. 

However, it doesn’t have to mean that the deck is constantly exposed to the sun. Some homeowners will add a parasol to provide shade and make the area more pleasant during the hot summer months. A pergola is another option to consider for shade if you like the aesthetic and can be attached to the house or be an independent structure. 

Pros of deck

A deck is a versatile feature that can be easily adapted to suit your needs, style, and space. You have complete freedom regarding design, so creating a customized solution is straightforward. A good quality deck can also raise your home’s value, as it is a highly desired feature in the eyes of potential buyers. 

A deck provides many opportunities for the ones who love outdoor entertainment. The extra space is enough for setting up a dining table, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit. Whether you love hosting bbq parties or enjoying in your hot tub, a deck can provide various amenities.

Cons of deck

A deck requires frequent maintenance. With wood being the most common choice, you need to be acknowledged with the maintenance practices. A deck isn’t covered, so it is exposed to weather conditions. The changing temperatures, rain, and sun rays can damage the deck. To keep the wood looking pristine and prevent moisture from penetrating, homeowners must apply sealant and stain their decks. And let’s not forget that power washing is an excellent way to keep your deck clean. If you plan to install additional features, such as a jacuzzi, you will need to reinforce the deck to be able to support the weight. 

The price of building a deck as a complementary feature to your backyard can get high. It will cost you $4,100 to $11,600 for an average deck. The final price depends on the size, materials, and labor. For high-end finishes, the price will go higher. 

Building a deck as an addition to your outdoor space requires obtaining a permit to ensure it meets the building codes. Getting a permit takes time, so it could potentially postpone your project. 

Deck design ideas

While a deck is an open structure, it doesn’t have to mean it lacks cover. This example shows how they managed to create different zones within one deck. The dining table allows guests to enjoy the stargazing and good food in the evenings. The seating area is covered with a pavilion for the hours of the day when the sun feels scorching hot. 

Deck design ideas

The gorgeous outdoor area features a cozy wood deck fenced for enhanced security for homes with children. The area is covered with a screen attached to the house to provide shade.

Deck design ideas

A wooden deck adds warmth to the outdoors, bringing a homey feel. This concept deck design incorporates benches in the walls and a modern screen for privacy. This design helps create a more intimate atmosphere within your backyard. 

a porch and a dec

With a few decorative touches, this deck is ready to host guests for the summer entertainment season. The recessed lighting highlights the steps for safety but also creates subtle radiance. The table is the main seating area, concealed with a trellis for privacy and style. One of the essential aspects to consider for your deck is the lighting. As you will be entertaining during the evenings, proper lighting is a must to make everyone feel more comfortable. With so many options available, you can always find the right fit for your needs and budget. Feel free to use string LED lights for an easy and affordable solution. These are available in battery-operated options if the power outlet is too far. We love how they used string lights to add a subtle glow while creating the effect of a starry sky. 

difference between a porch and a dec



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