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Maximise Kitchen Space With Top Of Refrigerator For Decoration Ideas In 2023

Do you ever dream of upgrading your small kitchen to a large one that would not only be designed to your taste but would also maximize enough space in your kitchen?  Sounds out of reach and expensive, doesn’t it? The good news is, your kitchen doesn’t need any major renovation for this. All you need to know is how to maximize your kitchen space with some handy tips. for example, what to put on top of refrigerator for decoration or not to.
A well-appointed kitchen can make all the difference to a homeowner, and so, you need every last inch and make it effective — including the often-forgotten space above the refrigerator.

Maximize your kitchen space by trying out these helpful tips and ideas for utilizing and decorating the top area of your fridge.

1. Glass Food Storage Container

What To Put On Top Of Refrigerator For Decoration

A lot of homes have a pantry next to the fridge or somewhere else in the kitchen, but if yours isn’t one of them you have to strategically use your cabinet and drawer space to store your dishes and all of your food. 

In this case, get some nice glass food storage jars like these and set them on top of the fridge. Simply moving the food from its packaging (which likely has blinding colors and labels all over it) into a glass container elevates the look tremendously and gives your kitchen a much cleaner and more organized appearance. 

2. Cookbook Storage Over Refrigerator

What To Put On Top Of Refrigerator For Decoration

In 2023, kitchen trends are making the most of compact interiors. If you’re an avid cookbook user, then storing them away either on top of your fridge, like in this picture, or stacked in a cabinet is a great way to utilize the space over your fridge while still having easy access to your cookbooks.
If you decide to leave them out in the open, keep the display looking neat with them sitting straight up like in this photo, or stack them and put something decorative on top to give it a bookshelf look.

3. Fridge Top Décor with White and Wood

Fridge Top Décor with White and Wood

This is always hard to find What to put on top of refrigerator for decoration with a black-white combination. One important point to ponder while decorating the top area of the fridge is to make sure all the accessories you place should be coherent with the rest of the kitchen theme. You can take inspiration from professionally designed kitchens, like this above modern farmhouse-themed kitchen design. White cabinets surround a stainless steel refrigerator with fridge top décor consisting of white teapots and jars with wood accent pieces. Additional wood décor rests upon the top of the cabinets paired with white jars, creating an overall appealing look.

4. Cabinets Above the Fridge

Cabinets above the fridge

The kitchen can be made much more functional and look much neater by installing cabinets over there by utilizing the empty space above the fridge. In case you want to exhibit the minimalist style in your kitchen, white paint must be at the top of the list, especially if your kitchen is not too large, just like the above kitchen design.

With its white background, it blends flawlessly with the white feature in the kitchen, highlighting the minimalist style to the fullest.

5. Apply Some Wallpaper

Apply some wallpaper

Like this above kitchen design, you can also fill the dead space over the refrigerator by hanging some nature-themed illustrated kitchen wallpaper.  Make sure to select the wallpaper that complements your kitchen backsplash tiles. This will create a layer of visual interest in your kitchen design and the narrow space between the top of the fridge/cabinets, without making it look cluttered. To go one step further, you can always add some wall art to spruce up the design.

6. Use an Assortment of Items

What To Put On Top Of Refrigerator For Decoration

If you are blessed with a big kitchen and there is ample storage space in it, then probably you don’t need the space over the fridge to maximize the kitchen space. Here displaying your range of decor items over the fridge is a great idea. Whether you’re supplementing with new items or starting from scratch, decide on the color palette which will compliment your kitchen’s color palette and stick with it. Pick items with varying shapes, sizes, and textures to keep things interesting to look at.
You can create this area as a focal point of your kitchen by accentuating your decor items with warm lightings, like this above kitchen design.

7. Pull out Cabinets

What To Put On Top Of Refrigerator For Decoration

Here, of all the above fridge cabinet ideas, this one is the most practical idea. On the other hand, grabbing things from the cabinets over the fridge is not that easy for a normal-height person, one would need any chair or stool to ease the lifting, right? Therefore, you can use cabinet space over the fridge easily by installing pull-out cabinets. Therefore, it will look more of a functional space.  You just need to swing out the contents and get to them easily.

8. Add Some Plants

What To Put On Top Of Refrigerator For Decoration

Whenever in doubt about Ideas to decorate the top of your fridge,  add some greenery to a space to give it a clean, appealing look. Put a plant in your kitchen if there’s enough light. If it’s a little dim, you might use artificial plants instead. In a smaller room, a big, low-light plant like a fern may assist in filling the space out, while in a larger room, a narrow vase with a few branches of eucalyptus or palm tree leaves can serve as a practical accent.

9. Keep It Practical

Keep it Practical

Before planning what to put on top of refrigerator for decoration, think practically. This open kitchen design mixes upper cabinetry and open shelving connected to the fridge top area accommodate overall space. The cabinetry top is treated as an extension of the open shelving, housing a pair of simple bowls that makes the corner space look cohesive and keeps everything visible and accessible.

10. Colourful Storage

Colourful Storage

One of the more creative ideas for the space above the refrigerator is to find storage baskets and glassware in different colors to give the spot a fun look, without being messy. If you go this direction, consider mismatching your storage baskets a little bit so that they’re not only colorful but also have variety in size and texture. While it may sound chaotic, it will actually give it a more curated look.


Now, guess you have a concept of What To Put On Top Of Refrigerator For Decoration. You may have to get a little creative to the most out of that awkward space above the refrigerator. But it is certainly possible, and it can be done in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Remember, try to move food into glass containers and anything with a label should be stowed away in a storage basket rather than sitting out in the open.


1. What to put on top of refrigerator for decoration?

You can place plants and baskets for storage. Or build one long open shelf over the fridge and connect it to your kitchen pantry to place food jars.

2. Can I install cabinets over the fridge area?

Yes, you can install cabinets over the fridge to add extra storage in your kitchen but their installation should be in a way that they blend well into the rest of the kitchen space. One thing to keep in mind is that these high cabinets are difficult to reach, so these can be used to store items that are not used on daily basis.

3. How can I use cabinets above the fridge?

With open cabinets above the fridge, you can add colorful and decorative baskets for extra storage. Also, you can add dividers or show off your beloved cookbooks. Tray dividers are very useful for this space, to store baking sheets and items. Therefore, you can use them frequently.

4. What can we call the cabinets above the fridged?

A fridge panel is a piece of wood that is placed over an exposed area of the refrigerator to create a built-in appearance. Fridge panels are available through many appliance manufacturers, but they can also be custom ordered.

5. What if something is blocking the space over my fridge?

Yes, you could have a wood beam or soffit that runs through your kitchen ceiling, which will give you room for a small cabinet above your fridge; your cabinet maker or a carpenter can add trim and crown molding to finish the space as if it has always been there.

6. What you should not put on the top of the fridge?

Even if you don’t often use your ceramic serving trays or tea kettle, don’t keep them on the top of the fridge. Whether they’re made of glass, porcelain, ceramic, or some other breakable material, keeping these rarely used pieces on top of the fridge is not a great idea.


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