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Why is patio furniture so expensive

Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

Creating an outdoor oasis is a priority for many homeowners. They will take advantage of the available patio space and create a cozy area for outdoor entertainment. Typically, you would head to your nearest store or look online to check the available options. However, you might be surprised by the price tag of outdoor furniture. Why is patio furniture so expensive? This post explains everything you need to know, so go through it!

patio furniture so expensive

Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

When shopping for patio furniture, you will notice that it comes with a hefty price tag. However, you shouldn’t compare it to your usual indoor furniture. Patio furniture is built using high-quality materials that will endure weather conditions. Your patio furniture is exposed to extreme temperatures, UV rays, humidity, and snow. Therefore, it is expected for outdoor furniture to last. If the manufacturers use cheap materials, your outdoor seating area won’t endure the weather conditions. After a while, the color will fade, and the surface will look worn out. The bottom line, you would want to invest in a high-quality set that will last for years to come. 

Quality materials

Why is patio furniture so expensive? The use of quality materials justifies the price tag. Manufacturers use proper materials that are known to endure extreme weather conditions and stay pristine. When exposed to wind, rain, and extreme temperature, cheap materials can experience damage. Therefore, manufacturers specializing in patio furniture will use wrought iron, aluminum, quality plastic, and wood to ensure durability. These materials are more expensive than those used in indoor furniture production. 

Metal patio furniture

Metal is one of the common materials used to produce patio furniture. With the prices for metal going up on the global market, no wonder we see patio furniture with a high price. Wrought iron, aluminum, and steel are the most commonly used materials for this purpose. The metal is coated with a protective layer to prevent rust. This step is a must, as outdoor furniture is exposed to humidity. With regular maintenance, your furniture will look as good as new. Your gorgeous metallic patio set won’t only look rustic and timeless, but you will be sure it will stay with you for years.

Metal patio furniture

Wooden patio furniture

Wood is another material used for building patio furniture sets. It is the ultimate choice if you’re going for the charming and rustic appeal. Nonetheless, not all types of wood would work for building furniture. Thanks to its many advantages, teakwood is the most popular wood for outdoor furniture. The wood naturally produces oils, which protect it from extreme weather conditions. Teak requires minimal maintenance to remain pristine and can last for more than 70 years. However, it is the most expensive choice for exotic woods. But if you’re going for the aesthetics and the fact this becomes a heritage passed down to the next generation, the cost may be justified.

Plastic patio furniture

When we mention plastic, those cheap furniture sets are the first thing that comes to your mind. Nevertheless, this does not have to be the case. Patio furniture made of high-quality plastic will stay in perfect condition for a long time. High-density polyethylene is used to craft furniture for outdoor use since it is resistant. This material is durable, and I want it to be brittle due to prolonged exposure to UV rays. It is covered with a protective layer that repels the UV rays and keeps the color looking the same. One of the best advantages of plastic is that it is low maintenance. You only need to power wash your plastic furniture set to prepare it for the outdoor entertainment season. 


The materials used aren’t the only factor that affects the price. You can have the most durable materials but still, produce cheap-looking furniture if you don’t apply the best building practices. The use of quality hardware also contributes to the price since cheap ones result in a less sturdy look. Quality furniture feels stable and sturdy, so you will be sure it doesn’t fall apart.


While the materials used shape a considerable part of the price, we shouldn’t forget about the design itself. Some like traditional patio furniture, so the outdoor entertainment area feels like an extension of the indoor living space. Others have a preference for minimalism and modern designs. With so many options available, everyone can find the perfect suit for their taste. 

 Patio furniture is made to last and has been used for years. Therefore homeowners will mind the design as well. A good design makes a perfect balance between form and functionality. The furniture should feel comfortable while matching your chosen style. Remember that professional designers work hard to develop a furniture design that satisfies all the conditions, which adds to the price.

Shipping costs

One of the less obvious reasons when discussing why patio furniture is so expensive is the transportation. We know that furniture is bulky, requires moving labor, and needs a bigger vehicle. The shipping cost for furniture is included in its price. The price can vary depending on the origin of the product and its size. Local shipments can go in price anywhere between $70 and $250, which adds up to the price you need to pay. 

The shipping cost is passed to the customer and included in the price. However, don’t forget that shipping across states can cost a lot more. Expect to pay more than $600 for transportation if you wish to work with a vendor in another state. 

Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive From 2020 To 2023?

When we ask why patio furniture is so expensive, we must consider the global situation dating from 2020. We already went through the main factors that determine the price. However, note that these are related to the manufacturer and their practices.

While the artisans will do their best to craft a high-quality furniture set, don’t forget that global economic conditions significantly impact the final price. These are the factors that the company itself does not have control over, so they need to adjust to them.

patio furniture


During 2020 the global economy experienced problems, leading to patio furniture scarcity. Due to the pandemic, the demand for some products increased. The lockdown forced people to stay in their homes. With no option to leave their homes, people wanted to enhance their outdoor space. This was the only option to enjoy the outdoors due to the strict restrictions. Therefore, more and more people are ordering patio furniture online.

While the demand for outdoor furniture was growing, the supply chain experienced problems and couldn’t support it. Many businesses were forced to close, so the global supply chain was strained. This situation led to a shortage of many goods, and patio furniture was also affected. 

This was a scarce product due to the growing demand and shortage of patio furniture. And we know how the basic economy works. When the need for the product is high, this will raise its price. With fewer furniture sets available when the consumers demanded them, the stores raised their prices. At some point, the stores were out of patio furniture for months. Thai fact speaks enough of the high demand for his product.

How to save on patio furniture

We already discussed why patio furniture is so expensive in detail. If you think the price tags don’t fit your budget, other options are still available. In this section, we will go through them so you can save money and still have your outdoor area ready for hosting.

When you want to spruce up your outdoor space with a new patio set, don’t head to the big-name retailer if you wish to save money. Instead, go for used furniture that still provides quality without the hefty price tag. Check the Facebook marketplace to see if there are reasonable offers. Also, go to your local thrift store and see what you can find there. Flea markets are another good option for checking for good furniture. You can quickly repair that cheap set you find if you have crafty skills. 

If the previous options don’t work, try DIYing your patio set. With so many options available, you can find the right fit for your needs. There are so many creative and unique ideas on Pinterest that don’t require spending much money. You can use the cheap wooden pallets to build an ample seating area. This is one of the most straightforward solutions and doesn’t require experience or skills. Make sure to work with gloves and sand down the surface to prevent splinters. Feel free to paint over the wooden pallets if you have a specific aesthetic in your mind.

Plastic patio furniture

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