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will queen sheets fit a full bed

10 Different Ways to Make a Full-Size Bed Fit Queen Sheets (Trick Revealed!)

Will queen sheets fit a full bed? You might think a queen-size sheet will only fit on a similar-sized bed, causing it to bunch up or slide off. Don’t fret! Here are a few ways to make it happen. 

In this article, we’ll go over ten strategies for creating a queen-size sheet work on a full-sized bed.

1. Tuck in Any Loose Ends of the Fabric

Tuck in Any Loose Ends of the Fabric

Tucking in the extra fabric is the easiest way to use a queen-size sheet on a full-sized bed. This simple method can help you look neat and keep your sheet in place all night.

After spreading the sheet evenly on your full-size mattress and centering it, tuck in the excess fabric. Pull the sheet corners up and tuck them under the bed. Repeat with the other three corners. Tuck the fabric tightly to prevent wrinkles and bulges.

As with the other parts, tuck the sheet’s side under the mattress. Check that the sheet is wrinkle-free, smooth, and tucked in tight enough to stay tucked at night.

After tucking in the excess fabric, check to see if the sheet is still too big or loose. If so, adjust the tucks or add clips or fasteners. Any department or specialty store that sells housewares has clips and fasteners to keep your sheets in place while you sleep.

2. Use Sheet Suspenders

 Use Sheet Suspenders

If you have trouble tucking queen-size sheets on a full-sized bed, sheet suspenders can help. These inexpensive elastic bands prevent your sheet from shifting or bunching while you sleep.

Fitted sheets need four corner suspenders. Clip the elastic bands to both the sheet and mattress corners. Tension from the elastic bands keeps the sheet from moving or bunching.

Sheet suspenders can fit various bed sizes. They fit full, queen, and king-size mattresses. Overall, they are affordable and easy to find in online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and other places.

3. Put a Mattress Pad on the Top

Put a Mattress Pad on the Top will queen sheets fit a full bed

Mattress toppers are usually 1 to 4 inches tall, but they are made of different materials and densities. Because a queen bed is 5 inches wider and 6 inches longer than a full bed, a topper can make up the difference.

Before buying, consider the topper’s depth and material. Latex toppers are durable and supportive, while memory foam toppers conform to body contours. Feather and down toppers are soft and warm, while wool toppers are breathable. 

After putting the topper in place, place the fitted sheet on top of the mattress and tuck the edges under the mattress protector. Your queen-sized sheet can rest on a flat surface.

After that, place the queen-sized sheet on top and tuck it securely around all sides.

4. Invest in Deep-Pocketed Fitted Sheets

Invest in Deep-Pocketed Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets with deep pockets are one of the easiest and most effective ways to get queen-size sheets to fit a full-size bed. These sheets fit thicker mattresses like pillow tops and foam mattresses.

Deep-pocketed fitted sheets have elasticized edges that fit over mattress corners. The generous pockets let you neatly tuck away excess material for a wrinkle-free, comfortable sleeping surface. 

When shopping for deep-pocket fitted sheets, measure your full-size bed and mattress depth. If your full-size mattress is 10 inches deep, look for fitted sheets with pockets at least 12 inches deep to be able to tuck in excess fabric.

Consider sheet quality and durability. Buy sheets made of high-quality materials like 100% cotton or a cotton blend to ensure they stay soft and comfortable after many washes. For a silkier, more comfortable sleep, consider higher thread count sheets.

5. Use Safety Pins

Use Safety Pins

Safety pins can secure a queen-size sheet to a full-sized bed. This is a great alternative if you don’t have sheet suspenders.

Roll and tuck the mattress. Fold each sheet corner diagonally to meet the mattress corner. Before you safely pin the sheet to the mattress corner, make sure it’s wrinkle-free. 

Complete the sheet’s other three corners. After fastening the corners, tuck the fabric under the mattress. Safety pins keep the sheet in place so you can sleep without getting up.

Safety pins can tear sheets if used improperly. Luckily, big safety pins won’t tear the sheet. And, to avoid chafing while sleeping, put safety pins on the other side of the sheet.

6. Buy A Queen-Size Sheet With a Smaller Depth

Buy A Queen-Size Sheet With a Smaller Depth will queen sheets fit a full bed

It’s annoying to keep searching for sheets that are just right because your bed isn’t a standard size. Thankfully, shallower queen-size sheets may work in this case. These sheets are ideal for full-size beds with thinner mattresses.

Full and king-size sheets are deeper than queen-size sheets. Their standard mattress depth is 8–12 inches. Select shallower sheets to avoid excess fabric and ensure a snug fit on your full-size bed.

Even with a reduced mattress depth, queen-size sheets on a full-sized bed may leave some fabric. Because queen beds are wider and longer than full beds. Selecting thinner sheets reduces excess fabric and creates a neater, cozier look.

Check the packaging or product description before buying queen-size sheets for a thinner mattress. Measure your full-size mattress to ensure the sheets fit.

7. Put on a Bed Skirt

Put on a Bed Skirt

A bed skirt is an excellent option for queen-size sheets on a full-sized bed. It can solve the problem of fabric hanging over the bed’s sides while also being decorative.

A bed skirt drapes elegantly from the bed’s base. It conceals under-bed storage, frames your bed, and enhances your bedroom. Ultimately, there are many bed skirts to match your sheets and comforter.

If you want to use a bed skirt to hide the queen-size sheets’ overhang, you must choose one that fits your full-size bed. Many bed skirts fit twin, full, queen, and king beds, just make sure your bed skirt covers all the extra fabric from your sheets and the mattress’s height.

YT Vid on how to put a bed skirt on:

8. Make a Half-Fold in the Sheet

Make a Half-Fold in the Sheet will queen sheets fit a full bed

Folding a queen-sized sheet in half and tucking it under the mattress works too. If you have smaller sheets or sheet suspenders, this is a great option.

First, place a queen-size flat sheet over a standard mattress. Fold the sheet vertically to half its size. Tuck the shorter end of the sheet under the mattress on one side for a snug fit. Spread the sheet so the larger side covers the opposite mattress side.

This method secures the sheet all night. Even so, this can make the bed uneven because one side will have twice as much fabric. This can make the sheet bunch up or move around at night, which is annoying. 

Fold your queen-size sheet in half to save space, but tuck it in tightly. Sheet shifting or bunching can interfere with sleep, so flat sheets are preferable because fitted sheets do not have enough fabric to do so.

9. The Duvet Cover

The Duvet Cover will queen sheets fit a full bed

A duvet cover can also help fit a queen-size sheet on a full-sized bed. A queen-sized duvet can replace a fitted sheet on a full-sized bed. Usually, they are laid flat on full-size mattresses with an opening at the foot. 

Check the duvet cover distribution. Turn the bed so the duvet’s edges are under the mattress on each side. If you don’t want your cover to slide or bunch up while you sleep, tuck it in tightly. For a flatbed, adjust the tucking.

After fastening the duvet cover, a duvet insert or comforter can be added for warmth and coziness. Duvet covers protect comforters and inserts from dirt and stains.

Overall, a queen-size duvet cover makes your bed more inviting. Make sure the duvet cover fits your mattress and tuck in the extra fabric so it doesn’t shift or bunch while you sleep.

10. Invest in a Queen-Size Flat Sheet and a Full-Sized Fitted Sheet

Invest in a Queen-Size Flat Sheet and a Full-Sized Fitted Sheet

A full or queen bed usually needs a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and one or two pillowcases. A queen-size flat sheet, therefore, lets you have extra material to tuck into the bed’s side rails for a snugger, more relaxed fit.

Place the fitted sheet on the mattress and tuck in the excess fabric. After installing the fitted sheet, place the queen-sized flat sheet on top. Tuck the flat sheet edges under on all sides to cover the mattress.

Consider buying a full-size sheet set with a queen-size flat sheet to avoid the hassle of finding a sheet that fits your entire bed. The larger flat sheet keeps the cold out. Moreover, take into account the material and thread count for soft, long-lasting sheets.

The Takeaway

Once again, will queen sheets fit a full bed? Although it may appear to be difficult, fitting a queen-size sheet onto a full-sized bed can actually be accomplished in a variety of inventive and straightforward ways. 

Without having to spend money on a new mattress or other bedding, anyone can get their sheets to fit their bed in a way that is not only comfortable but also secure by following the ten steps we discussed in this article.